World Cup Series 2015

The last major championships in the Quadrathlon World Cup Series took place in Lake Balaton in Hungary at the end of August 2015. The temperature soared into the 40°C mark giving organizer Adam Schmuck and his team lots of work to keep the competitors cool and the race as hot as is ever required for a sprint distance race. We certainly haven’t had any conditions as warm as that at any of our races this year ….. but you never know we still have 2 races left in our British Trophy Series!

We’ve had 2 World Cup Races as part of the WQF Series, The Brigg Bomber, and Box End a Big Thank You to ‘Lincsquad’, Dave Hinch and his Club and to ‘Quadrac Racing’ Mark Pryor and his Team for putting on these races for us. The BQA affiliate to the WQF, but in addition to that these clubs pay an ‘extra fee’ to enable them to add their races to the World Cup Circuit, we are very grateful to them as it gives our British Athletes a chance to get WQF points on the World Circuit.

The WQF Series has now been finalized and we have some British Winners. 1st wins a Crystal Globe and a  Gold Medal and 2nd and 3rds Silver and Bronze medals.

Congratulations to
Mary White 1st F60
Margaret Huyton 3rd F60
John Kavanagh 1st M60
Julie Dimaline 2nd F50
Jean Ashley 3rd F50
Phil Holden 2nd M40
Isabella Jenkins 3rd FU23

Full Results – Full 2015 WQF Results

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