Brigg Sprint 2023

Big Thanks to LincsQuad Quadrathlon Club for hosting the race, and to the ‘Small but amazing Team’ of organizers and Marshalls who work timelessly to make this event possible! The race consisted of a 750m river swim, followed by a 19km road cycle, then a 4km Kayak and finishing with a 5km run. The course is flat, fast and ideal for both experienced quadrathletes and those wanting to race the shorter distance. There was a good turnout of 22 athletes, a lot of them looking for those vital National Trophy Points, as it was the final trophy Race of the Season!

Overall Winner Nick Farnell with his fishing accessories!

The weather was kind, warm with no wind and it stayed dry, so a great morning for racing. The air temperature and river temperature were almost the same, so everyone enjoyed the swim and came out smiling!

The rain stayed away and despite the roads being wet the bike leg was ok, though Wayne Smith did have an incident but thankfully carried on the finish strongly.

The kayak went smoothly for everyone, though Nicolas Farnell did do a bit of fishing on the way back home, thankfully it didn’t  slow him down too much as he went on to take the win!                       

The run is out and back, a lovely run back along the river fast and flat and always gives the athletes chance to encourage, and see everyone in the race!

Tristan Mannix from USA

Well done to all the athletes racing, some newcomers, and off course our ‘year in year out’ BQA Quadrathletes who are the back bone of our sport, constantly supporting all our races each year! We even had an International competitor ‘Tristan Mannix’ from the  USA, he had a great time, smiled all the way despite his difficult kayak leg, if he comes back next year, we promise we will find him a kayak that only goes in a straight line! He loved the event and has gone home with lots of ‘BQA and Lincsquad Stash’ so he’ll certainly be spreading the Quad News back in the USA!

So Congratulations to Overall Winners, Nick Farnell and Natalie Abbott plus all the Quadrathletes that raced, it was so good to see the enthusiasm and commitment as you all embraced this great Sprint Event! Well done to everyone who crossed that finish line and to all the Prize Winners and BQA Trophy Winners too!

Ladies Winner Natalie Abbott

As always we must say a big Thank you to Lincsquad for organizing their 2nd Quadrathlon of the year! It gets harder and harder each year especially with rising costs, finding enough people to commit to helping out, its a difficult task each year, but you all certainly did an amazing job and you put so many smiles on all those athletes faces!
So again its a Big Thank you from the BQA and it’s members, Be Proud you all help keep our small sport moving forwards 🙏 #smallsportbigheart 💜

Congratulations to the Overall Winners and Age Group Winners! As always Thanks to our BQA Members, its your Support and Membership Fees that help keep our sport ALIVE!! 

Overall Winners Jason, Nick, Lance
Overall Winners Nick, Jason, Lance

1st Nicholas Farnell 1:40:47 (Vet60) BQA
2nd Jason Frary 1:41:37 (Vet50)
3rd Lance Ball 1:44:25 (Vet50) BQA
4th Philippe Jumeau 1:45:00 (Vet60) BQA
5th Jeff Chappill 1:50:50 (Vet50) BQA
6th Wayne Smith 1:50:58 (Vet50) BQA





Overall Winners Natalie, Gillian, Hermione

1st Natalie Abbott 1:53:17 (Vet60) BQA
2nd Gilian Melia 1:55:24 (Vet50) BQA
3rd Hermione Ball 1:57:43 (Under20) BQA
4th Clare Addy 2:05:16 (Vet40)
5th Donna Chappill 2:08:12 (Vet50) BQA
6th Emma Mitchall 2:09:12
7th Caroline Jones 2:27:20 BQA

FULL RESULTS Sprint Quad Results



Team ‘Swim Bike Cake’

Well done also to Team Winners ‘Swim Bike Cake’ 1:51:48 The team stared 2 supportive BQA members Pete Tindle and Lizzie Angood getting back into things after a new addition to their family … Congratulations! 

It was also the Final BQA Trophy Race of the Season, its always a great pleasure to present these Trophies and Age Group Prizes each year, along with our Eric Hatliff Trophy Winners. Congratulations also to our Overall Winners: Nick Farnell and Gillian Melia, and our Age Group Winners: Lance Ball (Vet50) Donna Chappill (Vet50) and Philippe Jumeau (Vet60) they have all produced some fabulous results this season!

The truly deserved Winners of the Eric Hatliff Trophy are Daivd and Caroline Jones, who not only race but also give so much back, coaching, motivating and organizing races at Manvers Lake!  We have great depth in strength and experience in our athletes they are all great ambassadors of our sport and we are very proud to have them in our BQA Quadrathlon Family! Well Done to you all!

Full Trophy Standings 2023 BQA British Trophy 2023 RESULTS


Trophy Winners
Eric Hatliff Winners










Thank you to Lance Ball for his Race Report, and Congratulations to him on his brilliant race season, and to his daughter Hermione who continues to improve from strength to strength!

I have been participating in Quadrathlons for over 10 years. However this race at Brigg was going to be particularly special for me. I raced together with my daughter Hermione Ball as a pair just a couple of weeks ago at the Awesome Foursome in Bude where we had a fantastic race. Hermione has previously raced in other quadrathlons, but this event at Brigg was to be our first ever father and daughter race where we would be competing in the same event against each other.

As always, we started off by getting into the river Ancholme to acclimatize. Hermione entered well before myself. It was a little chilly so a couple of minutes acclimatizing was plenty enough for my liking. After a brief countdown we were off and without any intention I found myself swimming right alongside Hermione as we proceeded along the river. The last time I swam with my daughter must have been a few years ago when she was much slower. I don’t know when she improved so much, but here she wasn’t just keeping up with me, but started to pull away. I decided that the best option was to tuck in behind and just stay on her feet.

As we approached the turn around point I was still right on Hermione’s feet and Hermione was right behind someone else. This did cause a little dilemma of what to do at the turn with no buoy to go around. As the person turned in front of Hermione, Hermione stopped where she was and I stopped behind Hermione. Now stationary, should we turn in front of each other, around each other, try and follow some sort of arc that the person in front has done? I probably only hesitated for a couple of seconds, but it felt like I confused myself for ages. I looked across to the bank to see Pete Chappill waving at me to start swimming back towards the leisure centre, so I took this as a sign to stop messing about and to just start swimming in the opposite direction. Approaching the pontoon, Hermione was still in front of me, but I tactically swam to the left immediately behind someone else, which sneakily blocked Hermione out to the right. As a result we were absolutely neck and neck as we clambered out of the water and headed off to transition.

T1 was the second time I became a little confused, since I’m used to getting into transition to find many more spaces where bikes had previously been racked. I’m sure what exaggerated the feeling was that the triathlon competitors swimming inside the leisure centre had yet to come out, so there was a whole sea of bikes in transition, giving the impression that no bike had left. I inquired with my fellow quadrathletes who confirmed that we definitely were cycling next and not kayaking, so I duly set off as anticipated with a bike in hand.

I’ve completed several long distance cycling challenges recently, so I was more than happy to be out on the bike course, enjoying every minute of it.
Approaching the halfway point, I caught up with 2 competitors that were both keeping towards the left, all the way around the roundabout. I took the racing line around the roundabout and managed to overtake both in the process before accelerating with a tailwind back towards Brigg.

Not long after leaving the roundabout I noticed my Masters 50 rivals, Wayne Smith and Jeff Chappill approaching in the opposite direction. I had hoped that I’d have created more of a gap, since I knew that they were better runners than myself. I was particularly pleased to see Hermione approaching sooner than I expected and knew that she must be having a good race,
Unfortunately I had no idea how many had passed me in the opposite direction when I was heading out, so I had no idea what my current position was. Halfway back to Brigg, one of the competitors that I’d been so pleased to overtake at the roundabout, came past me and just carried on pulling away. I’m not certain who they were, but I’m sure they were from the relay team, so presume that they didn’t need to save any energy for the kayak and could just go all out for their last few bike miles.

There were no dramas for T2, except that when placing our kayaks, I had started a second row for Hermione and mine, expecting others to have been in theirs before we needed ours. However not many had been moved, so it cost me a few extra seconds whilst I carried my kayak from a little further away.

Once under way in the kayak, I could see Philippe Jumeau about 30 seconds ahead of me.
I could just about tell that I was closing, but only very slightly. After passing the moored boats and heading out towards the red bridge I could see Nicholas Farnell and Jason Frary battling it out in the distance. I couldn’t see anyone else, so concluded to my own amazement that I must be in 4th position. Approaching the bridge I could see Philippe turning and appearing to take longer to do so than I should, since he was clearly paddling a kayak that was much more unstable than mine. I thought that this was my big chance to catch up. Unfortunately the turn wasn’t one of my best, having intended to turn under the bridge I ended up drifting beyond the bridge, turning later than I needed to. I still managed to make up a few seconds and that helped with the incentive to push on hard. Halfway back to the leisure centre and I was close enough to start feeling the assistance from being behind Philippe. Once there it was reasonably quick to catch up and begin the overtake. Somewhere near the moored boats I managed to complete the overtake but knew that I wasn’t going to be able to pull much ahead, if at all. However getting to the pontoon ahead was likely to be beneficial in receiving the first help in exiting the water. I’m sure it was as Mark Pryor encouraged me to run on as he took care of my kayak.

A quick T3 transition meant that I headed out onto the run probably 20 to 30 seconds ahead of Philippe which I doubted would be enough.

At the ‘run’ halfway point, there wasn’t anyone close in front of me. I saw the turn around marked on the floor, but decided to continue running past this point and instead ran around the marshall standing slightly further along the path, just to make sure that I’d gone far enough! Much to the bewilderment of the marshall. Heading back I saw Phillippe wasn’t far behind and that it would be a hard fought last few kilometers. My tactic to try and stay ahead was to sing AC/DC songs in my head.

It was again good to see all of my fellow quadrathletes as we passed each other out and back on the run. Weighing up how well each of our races must be going we still offered each other encouragement to push on. Natalie Abbott was having a great run as the leading female. Hermione was still going strong, continuing to have a really great race.

As I approached the leisure centre I was still feeling good, looked around and couldn’t see any of my rivals. Nicholas Farnell had already finished first a few minutes earlier, closely followed by Jason Frary. I crossed the line in 3rd place to claim my first ever individual podium finish.
Philippe crossed the line about 30 seconds later and immediately came over to congratulate me.

Natalie Abbott continued with a very fast run to become first female finisher, followed in by Gill Melia. I was particularly looking out for Hermione and was so thrilled when she came across the line after Gill to claim 3rd female.

For our first race competing against each other, both Hermione and I absolutely loved the event. Not just because we both had great races, but because of the friendly atmosphere amongst all of the athletes taking part that are just too many to name here. Most of all though, we are so grateful to Lincsquad, the marshalls and all of the volunteers that enabled this race to take place, providing a great friendly atmosphere and giving us encouragement all the way around.

Thank you so much everyone, we look forward to seeing you all again next year.
Regards, Lance and Hermione.


Bude’s Awesome Foursome Quadrathlon 2023

‘On behalf of the BQA’ A Big thanks to Simon and his great team ‘Shoreline Extreme Sports’ for organizing another Bude’s Awesome Foursome Quadrathlon, blessed with fabulous weather this has got to be one of our most scenic Quadrathlons on the circuit. Sadly the numbers were on the low side, but a great time was had by all and we really must try hard to get more athletes down at this event wonderful event next September.

Shoreline Extreme Sports Report:

With a great field of quadrathlon athletes from all over Britain, Bude once again hosted the Awesome Foursome Quadrathlon in close to perfect conditions. At the end of the Individual race winner Mark Turner from Barnstaple was asked what he thought of the race. His reply was “Every bit of it is hard but at the same time enjoyable! The open sea swim was brilliant, calm conditions and a great temperature, the cycle ride has some of the worst hills I’ve ever been on, the kayak leg was smooth, the Bude canal is perfect for this and the cross country run with the coastal hills sapped everything I had left!” When asked would he come back and do it again, his reply was “Of course, it was brilliant!”

Mark Turner Winner

The Awesome Foursome Quadrathlon held annually in Bude combines the four disciplines of Swimming, Cycling, Kayaking and Running into one long endurance race. Athletes enter either as relay teams of four, as a pair or as individuals completing the whole event by themselves. The race makes the most of Bude’s wonderful environment and builds on the very popular Shoreline Triathlon which was run earlier in the year. The swim course, approximately 1000m, takes place at high tide within Summerleaze Bay. The 30 km cycle takes athletes out of Bude along the spectacular coastal roads to Widemouth, Wanson Mouth and the notorious 30% hill at Millook before returning the competitors back to the Bude and its historic canal. Next comes 10 km of kayak racing up and down the Bude Canal before the final 10 km run stage following the towpath to Helebridge, fields to Widemouth and coastal path back to the finish in Bude’s lower canal wharf area.

Race organiser Simon Hammond and his team at Shoreline Extreme Sports have been running this race for the last 20 years. and would like to say a ‘Huge Thanks’ to our sponsors Penbode Vets, The Crooklets Beach Cafe and Finn Solicitors and to all the many people that support us including the 26 local volunteers who brilliantly marshaled the course. “Its a really nice end of season event” Simon explained “We get lots of great local support both in terms of people volunteering to marshal and also plenty of local competitors. There are lots of races going on within the race. This year it was the local youngsters relay team of Zack Davis, Max Rodriguez-Emery, Drew Bardsley and Saul Barraclough that got everyone excited. They stormed off from the start and never looked like being caught, finishing first in the Relay category miles ahead of any other team!

BQA Members Lance and Hermione Ball

Its a tough race if you do the whole thing on your own but so many of this years entries were either Pairs or Relay Teams where the experience is shared! Local Adventure business Adventure Bude put in a strong team and the oldest competitor Nick Cole who had his 80th birthday on the day of the event was in the the second placed relay team aptly name “The Birthday Party.”

With a late start this year at 2 pm, due to the tides, competitors were blessed with near perfect weather conditions, warm but with a little cloud cover to keep things safe! The fastest competitors were finishing in just under 3 hours, having completed the swim in around 20 minutes and then the cycle, kayak and run all taking around 50 minutes each.


So the fastest time of the day was set by Relay Team: ‘Class of 23’ (Bude) 2:49:35 
Individual Men
1st Mark Turner 2:50::26 (1st Senior)
2nd James Thornton 2:53:20 (2nd Senior)
3rd Steve King 2:55:15 (1st Vet 50)
Individual Woman
1st Rebecca Newson 3:10:11
Pair: Jon and Summer Gatrell (Bude SLSC) in 3:21:29
with BQA Members Hermione & Lance Ball in 2nd 3:24:30

Congratulations to all our BQA Members, as always thanks for flying the flag!

Nigel Unwin 2.59.26 (2nd Vet 50)
Peter Chappill 3.37.16 (2nd Vet 60)
Phillip Jumeau 3.44.54 (3rd Vet 60)
David Browning 3:47:26 (4th Vet 60)
Nicola Hamerton 3.42.32 (1st Vet 60)
Donna Chappill 4.29.40 (2nd Vet 50)
Full Results Below Quadrathlon Results 2023

Thanks to Lincsquad’s Donna Chappill for her recollection of her race! Well yesterday I completed one of the toughest challenges yet, the Awesome Foursome Quadrathlon. I’ve been wanting to do this for years, having watched Pete, Jean, Jac and other BQA members, but never had the courage to enter. However, this year I decided that I would and I am so pleased that I conquered my fears and entered (probably drunk at the time).

With the help support and encouragement, I was so scared, of my darling husband Jeff, my brother-in-law Pete and sister-in-law Dawn, I got to the start line and off I went. The sea swim was 800mtrs but they moved the buoy due to a neap tide so swarm just over 1100mtrs. This was followed by 30km of one of the most heart breaking hilly cycle courses which includes Millock, the never-ending hill apparently it’s a 1 in 3! Then for a nice sit down to paddle 10km in Bude canal, couldn’t help but say hi to people and a quick natter with the fishermen,  two low bridges, 5 turns and done. Finally a 10km mixed terrain canal/coastal path run, with an aching back and some great support from Jeff and the marshals, I actually completed this undulating course…..and then I was done….totally and utterly exhausted but so chuffed with myself….would I do it again oh yes, despite aches and pains where I didn’t know could ache.
Oh and I got this too in fact four of us all BQA received a trophy this year! 

Congratulations Donna … we are very proud for you! 

This leaves the BQA Trophy Series wide open and will depend on the results from the final race in the Series ‘Brigg Sprint’. Trophies are awarded each year, provided each winner has done 3 races in the series, and must be a current BQA Member. (In the event of a tie the 4th race points will count to decide the winner).

THANK YOU as always to John Kavanagh for his time and effort for putting together the Latest BQA Trophy Standings: BQA British Trophy 2023.4

Overall Winners Perpetual Trophy for Male and Female. BQA Kit vouchers for winners Male and Female in each age category, Juniors (u23), Seniors, V40+ V50+ V60+ Vet 70+
Eric Hatliff Memorial Trophy & BQA Kit Voucher awarded each year ‘For Endeavor’ given to an athlete(s) showing his/her enthusiasm and commitment to the sport of Quadrathlon.
These Awards will be presented at Brigg Sprint 1st October 2023

Dearne Valley Quad 2023

Our Host ‘Mark Benton’

It’s been a fabulous day at Manvers Lake today for the 2nd Race in the BQA Series. Congratulations to everyone who raced today in the ‘tropical’ conditions, it was certainly a hot one!

The BQA would like to say a Huge Thank -You to Mark Benton and his Manvers Team for organising this great race, you are a wonderful ‘Team’ of people thank you for your enthusiasm and for inspiring so many to take to the water and embrace the challenge, you have put so many smiles on peoples faces today. Without a doubt it’s such a fabulous feel good event, enjoyed by everyone, from seasoned athletes to first timers it was so good to see everyone just loving the day!

Thanks also to ‘David and Caz Jones’ who have been organizing Quad Training Days throughout the year and encouraging newcomers to our sport, they do a fantastic job to introducing people into our sport!

We started the morning at 8.30 with the QuadKidz Tri and Quad race a huge well done to them, they were all amazing all finished their races in fantastic style , most certainly our stars of the future!

The main race started at 9.30 the water was a balmy 22 degrees so wetsuits optional. It was 2 400m laps in the swim, Steve King was first out and looking strong as he went onto the bike, with Clare Addy first lady, followed closely by Gillian Melia.


Steve has been away from Quads for a year or two, but he’d certainly not forgotten how to push hard! He was well clear after the bike, and pulled away in the kayak leg, despite having to stop to adjust his seat, he ran well and went on to take the win comfortably. Newcomer to Quadrathlon was Stuart Jolly he looked strong through out, paddled very well and came in 2nd. Nick Farnell had a good race, and came in just a couple of minuits behind Stuart taking 3rd place.

In the Ladies race, Gill had a strong bike and soon went into the lead, she paddled well and went into the run well ahead of Helen Adams and Clare. Helen moved into 2nd place after the bike, she had a good kayak, but by now the sun was very hot and everyone found the run tough. Clare came in smiling excitably to take 3rd!

A huge well done to all competitors, and especially the lovely first timers to Quadrathlon, they all really enjoyed themselves and were very proud of what they had achieved, lets hope we see them again.  There was a great turnout from our BQA Athletes, all racing well as always thank-you for flying the BQA Flag, our small sport needs you! The Quadrathlon Family was at its Best, so much love, encouragement and support; you all inspire each other keep sharing the passion and happy a safe training until the next time.

I’ll keep spreading the ‘Fairy Dust’ … Jean your Fairy Quadmother, who hopefully will be back racing again soon.

Full Results Dearne-Valley__-Quadrathlon-Dearne-Valley-Quadrathlon-25-06-2023-1

BQA Trophy listings after 2 Races BQA British Trophy 2023.2

Steve King

Stuart Jolly









1st Steve King – 1:38:13
2nd Stuart Jolly – 1:43:11
3rd Nick Farnell (BQA) – 1:45:48

Gillian Melia

Helen Adams









1st Gilliam Melia (BQA) – 1:54:05
2nd Helen Adams (BQA) – 1:58:50
3rd Clare Addy – 2:07:44

Great Racing from all our BQA MEMBERS
Phillipe Jumeau – 1:50:27
Wayne Smith -1:52:08
Peter Chappill -1:52:34
Lance Ball – 1:52:58
Blake Mawson Burren -1:58:00
Russel Breyer – 2:02:00
Jeff Chappill – 2:01:32
Andrew Lawson -2:03:32
John Redmond -2:08:47
Donna Chappill – 2:17:12
Caz Jones – 2:31:27

Helen Ricchia (Did the Triathlon due to shoulder injury) Get better soon Helen!

Lots more photos on our BQA Facebook Page

Big Thanks for the Race Report from our Ladies Winner Gillian Melia

It was looking like it was going to be a perfect event; and it was! Thanks to Mark Benton and the Manvers Team and all their efforts in preparations from emails and pre race info, course recce on Saturday and on the day fun and support. The Manvers lake looked brilliant with the BQA flags flying in front of the transitions area …..Amazing!

Its an ideal spot to hold a Watersports Quadrathlon event not only a wonderful lake but with great facilities on site. There’s even a little bit of overnight camping for this event if yourself contained.

The weather was set to be hot, although predicted to be slightly cooler than the Saturday but it didn’t feel like it by the time I was on the run.

2019 was the last time I competed at this event and it was nice to be back. Manver’s host the Triathlon and Quadrathlon together and the swim is a mass start for both. The water was warm and we had already been given the choice of a non wetsuit swim. What do you do, what are others doing? I decided to stick with what I was used to.

The race kicked off just after 9.30 and swim conditions were good. Somebody entered the water and forgot their hat, easily done as it was already warm, you don’t want to put it on to early! A bit more time to get into position, I was determined not to get hemmed in as I had at the 1st race at Brigg, which was a river swim so much narrower and more weeds, Manvers was pretty much weed free. I set my self up near the front of the group, and apart from the first 100 meters I pretty much had clear sight on the 2 lap swim. Breathing was good and I was into my swim rhythm. You have no idea who’s who on the swim all you can see are the coloured swim hats, and arms and feet. I knew Clare Addy would be leading the way then Helen Adams and I following usually neck and neck, but who knows, it all part of the excitement to see who’s around when you get to transition 1.

At Manvers the Bike leg is 2nd, and after a quick strip of the wetsuit, shoes and helmet on and some vital hydration unrack the bike and run to the mount line. I had not got far and I couldn’t clip my shoes shoe in, what was wrong, and after trying a couple of time I decided to stop and check out the problem. I had not removed my cleat covers! New lesson learnt, and covers removed I was back on my way, that’s one for the check list next time.

The bike and run course are both trail and a combination of surfaces; mainly gravel with a section of tarmac. There are a few obstacles along the way from bike gates and boulder sections to slow you down, and some tight narrow corners under the bridges, plus some bumpy sections of old tree roots to get you out of the saddle. I was using a cyclocross which was perfect for this race. The heat was rising and there was little breeze as you were riding along, bikers in front and behind for both Tri. and Quad., only the athlete numbers giving away which event they are in. It’s and out and back bike route and you get to see your fellow athletes along the way and there is lots of encouragement being shared, its really great to see this happening plus there were a few new athletes on the course. Don’t forget to smile for the photographer as well!

Back in to transition 2, bike kit off and paddle kit on, I decided to put my little feet covers on to run the 25 meter gravel section to the beach and collect my boat, I remember this from 2019. Dave and Dave were there as launch assist and its much appreciated so you don’t detach your rudder or fall in at the first hurdle. Back out onto the lake for the 5 laps. It was pretty hot now at 28 degrees. One athlete was completing the paddle section on a Stand Up Paddleboard, she had kindly lent her Kayak to a friend to try in this same race, amazing stuff, I’ll stick to the Kayak thanks. I realised I was in front in the ladies race, its a good feeling but I still had the run ahead of me and I’m not keen on running the heat so wanting maintain the lead I had, Helen would be hot on my rudder.

Kayak complete and last transition , take on more fluids, a little gel for some energy and I was off. Just out of the transition area there was a water station I nearly passed it by but the Marshalls said “WATER” I said I’ve just had some” she said have some more, and I was so pleased I did as it was hot out there at 30 + degrees. So thank you Marshall for the prompt.

Its 5km around the Manvers lake; there is a little bit of shade at the beginning then after that you’re exposed for the remainder, its flat and gravel all the way. Lance Ball came along side me on the run then passed and drifted off not the distance, I’d have like to have tried to stay with him but the humidity had sapped my energy. Over half way and not much further, I said keep running, 3km 4km and then I could see the boat house, last 1km and it was all over, 1 hour 54mins. I’d have like to have been a quicker on the run, but on reflection I was pleased with my efforts.

Thanks again to “EVERYBODY” for a great day, loads of friendly faces and smiles, great team work and a brilliant fun event.

Good luck to all fellow Quadrathletes for the remainder of the series and see you next time.

Lastly I would also like to say a big thank you to Mark Pryor for all his support this year with my training and making me “go do it” when its raining and cold, to the cleaning and maintenance of my bike and more .


Next Quad Race of the Season Dearne Valley Sprint Quad & QuadKidz 2023

BQA National Trophy RACE 2 – 25th June – Dearne Valley Sprint Quad & QuadKidz – This race takes place around the Manvers Waterpark and its surrounding area, all the racing takes place within this lovely venue. The aim is to deliver, a Quadrathon where people from all walks of life can participate. Mark Benton (organizer) quotes ‘All that we ask is that you enjoy your training towards it and feel a great sense of achievement afterwards’.

The Junior Quadrathlon will run along side the sprint event, the first ‘QuadKidz’ race of the season, with various distances for the 3 age groups … it will be time for our Quadkidz to Shine! 

​Team Manvers are offering training sessions through 2023 at the lake please see details below ‘Introduction to Quadrathlon – Training Days. If you are worried about any part of the event then please join us on one or more of these training days.

Sprint Quadrathon – Swim, Bike, Paddle and Run

Sprint 800m Swim, 15k Bike, 4k Paddle, 5k Run – Start Time 9.30am Price £15
Quadkidz (ages 9-12): 100m Swim, 2k Bike, 400m Paddle, 2k Run – Start Time 8.30 Price £5
Quadkidz (ages 13-15): 200m Swim, 4k Bike, 800m paddle, 2k – Run – Start Time 8.30 Price £5
Quadkidz (ages 16-18): 800m Swim 15k Bike 4k paddle, 5k Run – Start Time 9.30am Price £5

​Showers, changing rooms available, on site café. Commemorative medal to all finishers. Limited number of kayaks available to use/hire

Enter Race – ENTER Dearne-valley-triathlon-quadrathon-2023


Introduction to Quadrathlon – Training Days

There are 10 Introduction to Quadrathlon Days through out the year – No experience is needed, and they are suitable for all standards. Come along and try Quadrathlon, we have plenty of  Helpers and Coaches who are very motivating and will be available to give you advice.

Summer (May to October) – Swim 8am, Ergo 9am, Paddle 10am, Bike 11.30am Run 12.30am

Winter (November to April) -Ergo 9am, Paddle 10am, Bike 11.30am Run 12.30am

Non Members Welcome – £5 Adults £3 Children – to include use of kayak, BA, Paddle and swim wetsuit. You will need to bring a gravel, hybrid or mountain bike (we may be able to loan you a bike) and running shoes, change of clothes etc. Open to all – suitable for all ages. Hot showers and cafe on site. Suitable for aspiring Quadkidz.

You will need to book a Space on the Training Day follow link below                                             Introduction-to-quadrathlon-new-and-nervous


Manvers Waterfront Boat Club are ready to Welcome you!
The Lake was created in the 1990’s as part of the remediation works following the closure of the Wath Main & Manvers Main colliery complex and associated railway yards. In addition to its amenity & recreational value, the lake also serves a functional purpose as a balancing lake forming part of a sustainable urban drainage scheme for the surrounding residential and industrial developments.

Manvers Waterfront Boat Club was formed in 2011 and is based at Manvers Lake near Wath-upon-Dearne, South Yorkshire. The club has the use of a purpose built boathouse which is owned and operated by Manvers Lake & Dearne Valley Trust Ltd, a charitable company formed in 2011 to look after the lake and surrounding area.

Since its formation the club has grown rapidly to its current size of over 600 members participating in a wide range of activities. The club currently has sections dedicated to paddlesports (canoeing and kayaking), triathlon, running, angling, open water swimming, windsurfing and model boating. The lake is also regularly used by our partners such as Dearne Valley College and other affiliated organisations.

Brigg Bomber European Championships 2023!

A great day was had by all in Brigg at the World European Championships, we were blessed with warm sunshine though quite a brisk breeze on the bike course. The numbers were on the low side but it was good too see Quadrathletes coming over from Hungary, Spain and Belgium!

Lincsquad organized the race in great style, the course was very well signed, with plenty of encouraging marshals along the way, considering they are a small Club these days they really did us Proud so a big thanks must go to them for hosting the Championships, and giving our Quadrathletes a fabulous day out!

The standard of racing was excellent, and with the Team from Belgium in the mix it made it very exciting to watch. Ferenc Csima(HUN), Nick Verduyckt(B), Team Belgium, Mat Stephenson(GB), William Peters(B) were all fairly close after the swim and bike, with Francisco Jose Lopes Perez(ESP) and our top GB athletes, Nigel Unwin, Oli Fairbairn, Jules Taylor and back after a long break Keith Longney were not far behind. The kayak leg certainly sorted the mix out with Ferenc taking a good lead, the Belgiums were all paddling fast with Francisco catching and Mat going into the run just slightly behind . As they moved onto the run the top 5 had sorted themselves out. But there was a battle further down the field between our other top age groupers, Nigel came in 2nd GB athlete, with Oli in 3rd overtaking Jules in 4th and Keith in 5th. There were plenty of other great results further down the field with our BQA Members certainly doing us proud!

The Belgium Team did the fastest time of the day 02:32:01, but with only 48 seconds to spare … a superb effort from our European Champion Ferenc!


Sadly there were only 5 ladies racing (injuries had stopped a few of our regular athletes from racing). However Gilian Melia put up a good fight to stay in contention, but Helen was going well and managed to hold her off she had a comfortable win in the end. Liz Dawson worked hard throughout to take 3rd. New to our sport was Grace Bird, she did very well, as she is new to kayaking. Our lovely BQA member Caz Jones certainly had the biggest smile of the day as she came over the finish line. It was the longest race she’d ever done, and a fantastic personnel achievement for her, we were all so proud cheer her over the finish line!


MENS Results (TOP 10)
1st Ferenc Csima(HUN) 02:32:49 1st Masters 50
2nd Nick Verduyckt(B) 02:35:24 1st Elite
3rd Francisco Jose Lopes Perez(ESP) 02:42:12 1st Masters 40

4th Mat Stephenson 02: 44:09 2nd Masters 50
5th William Peters 02:49:01 2nd Elite
6th Nigel Unwin 02:54:08 3rd Masters 50 (BQA)
7th Oli Fairbairn 02:54:27 3rd Elite (BQA)
8th Julian Taylor 02:54:58 1st Masters 60 (BQA)
9th Keith Longney 03:00:29 2nd Masters 60 (BQA)
10th Andrew Phillips 03:00:29 4th Masters 50

FEMALE Results
1st Helen Russell 03:10:05 1st Masters 40 (BQA)
2nd Gillian Mellia 03:18:48 1st Masters 50 (BQA)
3rd Liz Dawson 03:38:27 1st Masters 60 (BQA)
4th Grace Bird 03:46:09 1st Elite
5th Caroline Jones 04:32:06 2nd Masters 50 (BQA)

Well done to everyone that raced and a special ‘Well Done’ to all our BQA members that took part in the European Championships! Nick Farnell, Philippe Jumeau, Lance Ball, Wayne Smith, John McAdam, Peter Chappill, David Browning and John Redmond, thank you for flying the BQA Flag!

There was also a Sprint Quad that took place, so well done and a great effort from those 5 too!
1st Paul Connolly 01:40:04
2nd Ryan Birkitt 02:02:36
3rd Andrew Lawson 02:05:40 (BQA)
1st FEMALE Hermione Ball 02:07:24 (BQA)
4th David Jones 02:24:23 (BQA)

Brigg Bomber RESULTS

National Trophy Points BQA British Trophy 2023. RACE 1

World Cup Results after 2 Races World Cup 2023. RACE 2

Lots of Photos on FB PAGE  facebook PHOTOS Lincsquaduk

Thank you to all that made this race happen, it was also great to see some of our ‘top athletes from the past, coming back to race again’ we certainly enjoyed reminiscing about the good old days back in the Czech Republic, the post race parties were wild in those days … though we did enjoyed the banter and celebrating in ‘Wetherspoons’ post race too, once again the Belgium Team were on TOP form, and we had a super evening! 

Once again a Huge Thank you must go to the Race organizers ‘Lincsquad’ in particular Team Leaders ‘Jeff and Donna Chappill’ and all the marshals for all their hard work. It’s a big effort to organize races for our small sport and as Quadrathletes we really do appreciate the time that goes into putting on these races … So on behalf the BQA  ‘THANK YOU’ See you again soon …

Your ‘Fairy Quadmother’ Jean x  

Thank you for this RACE REPORT from Jules Taylor Vet 60 European Champion!

I’d been looking forward to the first race of the season for a long time ….and was incredibly nervous as such, my training in general had been good , but not consistent which had been my own fault.

The swim start did nothing to calm me down and I was really not looking forward to getting in with so many others in close proximity, I do all my swim training in a pool , so I’d not enough experience with cold water and other swimmers .The first 10 minutes was exactly as stressful as I expected, but once we all spread out, it settled down and I had a decent swim after all .

T1 went well, and easing into the bike I started to close in and pass quite a few others. A lot warmer than last year , no issues , and back in for T2 .

Having switched last years surfski for a decent K1, I felt confident and was soon moving well.

Keith ( Longney ) Vet 60 had swam and biked well and was a minute ahead , and Oli Fairburn got on the water alongside me .

I last raced against Keith at the World Championships in Sedlcany nearly 20 years ago , so it was brilliant to be up against each other again….I had a score to try and settle as twice previously Keith had beaten me!

Within 10 minutes  I’d caught and passed Keith, and coming up to the turn point could check accurately where I was,  if I could keep Keith at bay I knew was in with a good chance of top V60. Pacing in the kayak went well alongside Oli , we stayed close for the whole discipline and came out with a couple of seconds between us .

T3 went swiftly and out on the run. It was a hot, mentally a hard run out and back , but once legs had recovered from the kayak I started to move well. Oli and I stayed quite close , swapping leads a few times , and in the last kilometer youth won over and Oli eased ahead. 

At the turn point I noted the time when Keith passed, he gave me a 4 minute buffer for the last 5km, I felt comfortable and knew I could hold him off . I finished with not very much left in the tank and it was awesome to be V60 European Champion .

A fantastic competitive race which for me got better and better as it went on. Looking at the results it had been a really close one between Nigel, Oli, and myself….only 50 seconds covered us all after close to 3 hours racing, all of us losing and gaining depending on the discipline…’s a brilliant sport!  Congratulations to everyone who took part, I had beaten Keith at long last, he was GB’s leading Quadrathlete for many years an excellent competitor, and I’m sure he’ll be back to challenge me before too long!  

See you all at Manvers …. Jules



Entries Open for Keyo Brigg Bomber Middle Distance Quad 2023 plus a Sprint Distance option too!


Keyo Brigg Bomber Quadrathlon –28th May 2023

Middle Distance its also be Crowned the WQF EUROPEAN Quadrathlon Championships!            Running along side there is also a Sprint Distance Quad too.

A superb race to start the season, extremely well organized by our Top Quadrathlon Club ‘Lincsquad’ a fast flat safe course, which consists of a 1500m river swim, 30k bike, 7k kayak & 10k run. It has ‘European Championship Status’ and is part of the ‘WQF World Cup Race Series for 2023 so certainly not one to be missed! Lincsquad will certainly pull out all the stops to make this a brilliant day!

The MIDDLE DISTANCE RACE is part of the BQA National Trophy Series and part of the World Quadrathlon Federation World Cup Series WQF Rules will apply.

Your result will score points towards the BQA National Trophy Series and WQF Race Series – (overall trophies male or female and age group). Your best three results will be totaled to decide the trophy winners. Full details can be found at To receive an award, you need to complete three races. Updated results will appear as soon as possible after the race. BQA Membership is required to be entitled to Win trophies/prizes for the BQA National Trophy Series … please support your Governing Body and Fly the GB Quadrathlon Flag!

The Keyo Brigg Bomber SPRINT DISTANCE Quadrathlon this consists of a 750m swim in the river Ancholme followed by a 4km Kayak, 19km road cycle and finishing with a 5km road run. The course is flat, fast and ideal for both experienced quadrathletes and those wanting to race the shorter distance. It is not a Championship Race, but will be a BQA National Trophy Race later in the season when it returns on 1st October.

Previously the Brigg Bomber has hosted the British Quadrathlon Championships, the European Quadrathlon Championships, World Cup rounds and the 2014 & 2019 World Championships.

Entries are available as;
a Solo competitor, or as a Team (2, 3 or 4 team members),
Minimum age for this event is 17 years as of the 31 Dec 2023, parental consent is required for under 18 years.
For further detailed event information see here: brigg-bomber Information

Link to enter below

May – Keyo Brigg Bomber Middle Distance Quad 2023



2023 Race Season Its Ready for YOU!!

Happy New Year Everyone! I hope you’ve all had a good recovery and your ready to kick start your 2023! Hears a few reasons why you should get these dates in your Race Calender ….. get your entries in and have a reason to start training, having a goal does wonders for your motivation, so start your training right now!

I am so pleased to announce the ‘The Brigg Bomber’ will be hosting the EUROPEAN Championships, and Shrewsbury Sprint will also be a WQR Race! Our Fabulous Race in gorgeous Bude , Cornwal  ‘The Awesome Foursome’ will be our NATIONAL Championships! 

Here is a Run Down of whats ahead!

BQA National Trophy Events for 2023

RACE 1 – 28th May – Brigg Bomber Quad – WORLD CUP & European Championships  1500m river swim/8km river kayak/40km road bike/10km road run.

A superb race to start the season, extremely well organized by our Top Quadrathlon Club ‘Lincsquad’ a fast flat and safe course, its the European Championships so certainly not to be missed, Lincsquad will certainly pull out all the stops to make this a brilliant day!

RACE 2 – 25th June – Dearne Valley Sprint Quad and QuadKidz – 800m lake swim/4.4km lake kayak/13.2km X/MT bike/5km trail run.

This race takes place around the Manvers Waterpark and its surrounding area, all the racing takes place within this lovely venue, this race gets better each year! The aim is to deliver, a Quadrathon where people from all walks of life can participate. Mark Benton (organizer) quotes ‘All that we ask is that you enjoy your training towards it and feel a great sense of achievement afterwards’. The Junior Quadrathlon will run along side the sprint event, with various distances for the 3 age groups … it will be time for our Quadkidz to Shine!

RACE 3 – 3rd September – Shrewsbury Sprint Quad WORLD CUP – 500m river swim/4km river kayak/23 road bike/5km run.

This race just keeps getting stronger and stronger, and is well worthy of its World Cup Status! An excellent fast, flat sprint race, running on the back of a very popular Triathlon. A great day out with a superb race atmosphere, with lots of support especially on the 3 lap run course around the Showground! A real ‘feel good friendly race’ instigated and organized by one of our very passionate quadrathletes along with SYTri … one not to be missed!

RACE 4– 9th September – Awesome Foursome Quad  National Championships – 800m sea swim/30km road bike/10km canal kayak/10km road run.

This is one of our longest running established Quadrathlons, in beautiful Cornwall in the surfing town of Bude. It never ceases to amaze me, I have raced it in all weathers …. it is always a brilliant exciting and challenging race and a great end the race season! Swimming in the sea, there’s plenty of hills on the bike, a historic canal for the kayak and amazing coastal views on the run! It’s one of those addictive races that keeps drawing you back. The race is on a Saturday so plenty of time for sun, sand and surf too!

RACE 5 – 1st September – Keyo Lincs Sprint Quad – 750m river swim/4km river kayak/19km road bike/5km road run.

Big Thanks to Lincsquad for adding this New Quadrathlon to our calendar last year! The course is flat, fast and ideal for both experienced quadrathletes and those wanting to race the shorter distance. It’s the final Trophy Race of the Season so lots of point to be had and a great way to finish the season.

All links to these races are on our ‘events’ page. I hope I have tempted you …. keep you eye on the events page as some race organizers may offer early bird race discounts!

You must be a BQA member to race for the ‘GB TEAM’ at the World Championships or in a World Cup race, and also to qualify for all BQA prizes in the National Trophy Series. We do need your memberships to help fund our sport. Money goes towards various areas within the organization, one being our website, where we keep you updated with the latest news and events. Our biggest annual outlay is insurance, which we use to cover the races on the British Quad Calendar, without this insurance many of our races wouldn’t take place. We also affiliate to the World Quadrathlon Association ‘WQF’ so our athletes can race at World Cup Races the World and European Championships. The future of British Quadrathlon is in our hands, so please support the BQA and you will be helping to keep our small sport alive! BQA 2023 Membership Google Doc

BQA 2023 Trophy Series
28th May – Brigg Bomber
25th June – Dearne Valley Sprint & QuadKidz
3rd Sept – Shrewsbury Sprint Quad
9th Sept – Awesome Foursome Quad                                                                                                      1st Keyo Lincs Sprint Quad

Races supported by BQA (not Trophy Races)
20th May – Montgomery Canal Triathlon (Charity Event)
10th June – Norfolk SuperHeroes Quad
16th July – Deva Divas Ladies only Quad


18 March – Terceira – Sprint (POR)
28 May Brigg – Middle (GBR) Middle European Championships
3 June – Hannover – Sprint (GER) Sprint European Championships
17 June – Kasposvar – Sprint (HUN)
24 June – Tyn – Sprint (CZE)
8 July – Bydgoszcz – Sprint (POL)
5 Aug – Nagyatád Gyékényes – Long (HUN) Long World Championships
26 Aug – Bohinj – Middle (SLO) (MTB)
2 Sept – Ratscher – Sprint (GER) Sprint World Championships
3 Sept – Shrewsbury – Sprint (GBR)
10 Sept – Tiszafüred – Middle (HUN) Middle World Championships
10 Sept – Cazalegas – Sprint (ESP)

More details on our EVENTS PAGE


Keyo Brigg Sprint

Big Thanks to Lincsquad for adding this New Quadrathlon to our calendar this year!  The Keyo Brigg Sprint distance Quadrathlon was organised by our wonderful ‘LincsQuad’ and consisted of a 750m pool swim, followed by a 4km Kayak, 19km road cycle and finishing with a 5km road run. The course is flat, fast and ideal for both experienced quadrathletes and those wanting to race the shorter distance. There was a great turnout of 22 athletes, a lot of them looking for National Trophy Points, as it was the final trophy Race of the Season!

The weather was kind, though a little chilly but no wind so a great morning for racing. Sadly due to the green weed in the river the race had to be changed to a pool swim, nobody seamed to mind this though counting the lengths did cause a few problems, but all were resolved in the final results. Well Done to all the athletes racing, great to see old faces coming back, plus some newcomers, and off course our ‘year in year out’ quadrathletes who are the back bone of our sport, constantly supporting all our races each year!

Jules, Mat, Nicholas

A Big thanks must go to The Lincsquad Team, the instigators of the race, the sponsors ‘Keyo’ and all the marshals that give up their time to enable us athletes to do what we love! It is all very much appreciated by the BQA and all its members ….. Thank -You!

Congratulations to the Overall Winners and all the age groupers!           Full results Brigg Keyo Sprint

1st Mat Stephenson 1.23.05 – Vet 50
2nd Jules Taylor 1.29.52 – Vet 60
3rd Nicholas Farnell 1.34.49 – Vet 60


Winner Mat Stephenson

2nd Jules Taylor

3rd Nicholas Farnell






1st Helen Adams 1.41.47 – Vet 50
2nd Gilian Melia 1.42.15 – Vet 50
3rd Alison Stephenson 1.42.28 – Vet 50

Winner Helen Adams

2nd Gillian Melia

3rd Alison Stephenson






John McLeod

Mary White




A special mention must go to our Vet 70 Winners Congratulations Mary White 1.51.08 and John McLeod 1.58.55 they just get better with age!

Lance Ball

I just had to share this story with you all – A mention must go to Lance Ball who’s loyalty and honesty blew away Lincsquad’s organizers following his actions after the sprint event! At the prize giving Lance was given the Vet 50 Prize, he was driving home in the car, after an hour of re-living his race and thinking about his times he convinced himself he’d done 2 laps short in the swim! So he drove back another hour back up to Brigg got into the swimming pool, redid his swim and transition … and like he had suspected it confirmed he’d not done enough laps! So he left his Trophy at the Leisure Centre so it could be given to the true Vet 50 Winner Wayne Smith! He then spoke to Jeff Chappill to say he should be disqualified from the race for not completing the correct swim!

In true Quad Style Jeff (race director) confirmed that the correct action should be a calculated adjusted time with a small addition,  so Wayne finished 5th overall 1.39.20 and Lance 6th 1.39.37! A true testimony to Lance’s character and his love for his Quad Family … Thank-you Lance!

A Full BQA National Trophy Series Report and Results will follow soon, once we have the official Standings! But in the mean time Congratulations to Overall Winners Jules Taylor and Helen Adams who have both written us their race reports… thank you!

Jules Taylor  Race Report

The weeks always seem to go really slowly leading up to a race , then suddenly its here. The new Lincsquad Sprint Quadrathlon , and the last in the Trophy Series. An easy but long drive up from Bristol after work on Saturday evening , and a few early competitors already parked up . Rumours that the river had been replaced with a pool swim were confirmed as I went down and had a look by the torch on my phone….a swathe of weeds covering the whole surface, not too upset by that to be honest as all my swim training had been pool based this year!
It was a cold but clear morning and very soon many others were filling the car park up …a Sprint Triathlon was also running alongside the Quad, lots of fit looking athletes around.
Kit all sorted , race briefing done , and on to the poolside. With wave starts you’re never sure exactly whats unfolding race wise ….so the best thing to do is just cane it from the start! The swim went well, the lane was never crowded , I was soon out, into transition and out to the river. I was happy and looking forward to a strong kayak and hopefully put some time between myself and the other Trophy contenders , Wayne Smith , John McAdam , and Nicholas Farnell who I had been having a great time racing against for the V60 win in the other races.
But all too soon I could feel the weeds clogging up my rudder, I had managed to get a smaller one fitted , but it was still bigger than most on the K1s, and it was not good. I had to paddle as strong as I could , it was so hard and at every turn , the rudder would move but completely ineffective surrounded by all the vegetation. Each turn was rubbish , each turn other paddlers got closer , and closer , and on the final turn basically came to a halt desperately trying to bring the ski around, some passed me and I was getting really stressed about it. Finally pointing in the right direction and suddenly all the weeds seemed to have gone so it was a mad sprint to the landing , and run to transition… idea where anyone else was , I was just so glad to get on the bike.

This was not going to be remotely comfortable, it was cold , legs not moving too well and breathing far to hard so trying to settle down , spinning rather than pushing too strong , after about a third of the way finally into a rhythm so I could start to hunt some of the others down. Around the end roundabout , it was not what I wanted to see as many of the Quad riders were way closer than I expected , argh….got to push harder and harder , spin as much as possible , and just stay down on the bars all the way , heart rate way too high. At last I knew where everyone else was pretty much , so as long as no one passed me , I reckoned I could hold them off on the run …my favorite bit.

Transition went easily , and out on the run with cold numb feet but moving well, there had been only one other bike on the racking ….the eventual overall winner Mat Stephenson, so I just had to run strong and all would be ok.
Within 10 minutes or so I was moving well , running hard but felt really in control . Picking others off as they came into sight , it was shortly before the turn around and Mat ran past heading for home looking strong.
At the turn around, I upped the pace to have a good last section to the finish line ….that was hard work but I was extremely happy with my 2nd place overall, and 1st Vet 60!

It was amazing to end up as BQA Trophy Series Mens Champion….not even remotely thinking about such an outcome when I lined up in May for my first Quad for years.
Congratulations to Helen Adams winning the BQA Womens Trophy, and to all the other winners plus all the competitors who have raced this year…so good to see Quadrathlon alive and kicking in the UK.

What a fantastic job Lincsquad did this weekend, and for a first running of this Sprint Quadrathlon I have to say , it was faultless….you all put on a great event that went as smooth as any athlete could ever wish for . Thanks to everyone involved.

Its been a brilliant year , I’ve had some good results , and its definitely got me fired up for racing again . Hope everyone has a great winters training , and look forward to doing it all again in 2023. Cheers! Jules Taylor

Helen Adams Race Report

Having completed three qualifying races for the BQA Championship (Brigg Bomber, Manvers and Shrewsbury Sprint) and this being the last race of the BQA season points mattered! Working out from the BQA results, to win the championship I had to come 2nd overall … no pressure!

The Swim was changed to a pool swim, apparently the sluice gate that operates the water flow of the canal had broken in the shut position meaning no water flow resulting in green duckweed covering the water, it was OK to kayak (unless you capsize) but definitely a no go for swimmers.
After my swim there was a long(ish) run into to transition to pick up my race belt which had the timing chip attached and out to collect kayak, paddle and buoyancy aid. Due to the competitors being set off in waves I had no idea who was where in the big scheme of things, so it was very much a matter of race against the clock and do what I could. A good two lap paddle of the 4km course cutting a trail through the carpet of green with interesting turns under the bridges. Two of us trying the same manoeuvre is tricky so took it steady – now was not the time to go swimming in duck weed. Back to the landing stage timing it well to miss a bunch of paddlers getting out.

Exiting the kayak, the legs felt good – bonus as in past races my legs have cramped up. Having no kit to dump it was helmet on, bike shoes on, pick up bike and out. It did feel a little chilly and I was worried the feet would freeze but there being little to no wind this was not the case – another bonus.

Legs starting to feel like legs do after a bike ride it was onto the run. Surprisingly the run also went well and with the legs holding up the race was complete.

It was now a waiting game as to who came where etc.
… and the results – 1st female out of a field of 9 in a time of 01:41:47 (Overall – 08/22, Age Cat. Masters 50-59 – 01/05)
This race counted towards BQA Championship points, I am now BQA National Ladies Champion for 2022!

LincsQuad Quadrathlon Club – Thank you to the organisers, race directors, marshals, and sponsors for putting on a new event. Without the support and hard work of the club and its members these events would not happen, and hopefully it will be included on next year’s BQA Race calendar.

British Quadrathlon Association – Well Done to all who took part in the races throughout the season, it’s been great racing with fantastic support, advice and encouragement which is what the Quadrathlon family do best! Helen Adams

Jeff and Donna

Also presented at the Event was The Eric Hatliff Memorial Trophy ‘For Endeavor’ 2022 Congratulations the Chappills –  Donna, Jeff and Peter – They have ALL shown Enthusiasm & Commitment to Our Sport and have been involved with our Quadrathlon Family for many years showing true dedication!

They have been involved in organizing races and have encouraged many Athletes into our sport, you are all great supporters of The BQA. On behalf of the BQA we wish to say A BIG THANK-YOU for your Time and Effort it is very much appreciated!

Once again THANK YOU Lincsquad, you gave us another a great race and a ‘Perfect End’ to our Quadrathlon Season, we hope to see you all again in 2023!

Jean Ashley




Brigg Bomber 2022

Big Thanks to Lincsquad for hosting the first World Cup race of the year, as always brilliantly organized and supported by the best marshals competitors could wish for!

Congratulations to the Prize Winners and to all the competitors that took part, lots of WQF points and BQA Trophy Points awarded, well done everyone! Photo shows Overall Winner Ferenc Csima (Hungary) – Fabulous Result! 15 mins ahead of his nearest rival!

Overall Winners Male

1st Ferenc Csima 2.50.16 – 1st Vet 50

2nd Steve Clark 3.05.55 – Elite

3rd Kyle Campbell 3.13.19 – Vet 50

4th Peter Connolly 3.18.28 – Vet 50

5th Jules Taylor 3.25.54 – 1st Vet 60

14th Pete Tindall 3.55.45 – 1st Vet 40



1st Liz Dawson 3.53.45 – 1st Vet 50

2nd Helen Adams 3.56.35 – Vet 50

3rd Siobhan Henn – 4.14.04 – Elite



Team Event – A great effort from The Fantastic Four 3.52.01

Full Results and World Cup Points

2022 Brigg Bomber Results

World Cup 2022 1.2


For those of you who have been a Quadrathlete for more than 20 years you may well recognize the name ‘Jules Taylor’, he was one of the athletes that welcomed me into the sport over 25 years ago, after a long lay off from the sport Im glad to say ‘hes back’!! Thanks for his race report below, see you soon Jules …. Jean

After nearly 20 years, and a poor attempt at being an ultra runner for a few of those , I felt it was time to get back to multi-sport events as I really enjoy them .
Entered Awesome Foursome …but with just three weeks to go before the Brigg Bomber found myself with that weekend off, so I had to enter! A few good sessions under my belt, I was sort of ready, feeling really nervous, and it was to be my first open water swim for many many years.

I don’t remember much about the swim, though it wasn’t too cold, desperately trying to find clear water, and to get into a rhythm, it went ok .
Running into transition, I couldn’t get my wet suit off. Left sleeve stuck on my watch and I ended up with both arms with sleeves half off unable to do anything, total numpty. Panicked and thrashed about eventually freed myself …felt so embarrassed as I must have looked a bit funny
Bike went surprisingly well as I had barely any training done …luckily I had been doing a fair bit if BMX racing with my daughter, so 40 second bursts of power ok, but not ready for a hard 40km! It was Really windy, no tri bars, but kept spinning and it was over fairly quickly.

Back in for the kayak but couldn’t feel my hands or feet …colder than I thought it had been on the bike. Jumping onto my Carbonology Flash ski, in my comfort zone now, just cruise through the course, again all good except for the tight turn after the first lap. No issues, you could see pretty much the whole course, and all went good! Little commando roll onto the pontoon, and it was back to transition for the run. Arghh….really struggling putting my trainers on with wet feet, but out I went and settled down.

Looked forward to the run as it was all I had been doing recently, all the same, checking everyone else and asking who was in which age group as we passed, realized I was in with a chance. The run it was actually nice as you could break it up into defined sections, and focus on one bit at a time. I Figured out Nicolas another Vet 60 was just behind me, it was a big effort, running scared, and finally a relief to finish strongly in 1st V60.

The whole of the Brigg Bomber was a great course, really well organized by Lincsquad, and brilliant supportive Marshalls as always, thank you to you all.

Oh…and next time I’ll be more organized as had nothing to eat or drink the whole race…I can take my time now and get some good quality training in.
Onto Shrewsbury, then Bude, have a great summer everyone!

Jules Taylor

Are You Ready … The Quad Season is Fast Approaching!

Take a look at what the 2022 Quadrathlon Season has in store for you. So enter your races now, having a goal does wonders for your motivation, kick start your training right now! Be Ready?

Here is a reminder of our BQA races we have in our calender so far, get your entries in and have a reason to start training. Once again a BIG THANK-YOU to our Race Organizers who affiliate to the BQA and put these events on for us year in year out, we appreciate your time and commitment and we look forward to racing this year! The Brigg Bomber’ & Bude ‘Awesome Foursome’ will both be World Cup Races. Our National Championships is  Shrewsbury Sprint Quad.

29 May 2022 Brigg Bomber – MIDDLE BQA Trophy 1 WORLD CUP plus New SPRINT                                      Entries OPEN Brigg Bomber Quadrathlon

The Keyo Brigg Bomber Quadrathlon – Middle Distance Race starts our season off, with an extremely well organized race by our Top Quadrathlon Club ‘Lincsquad’ a fast flat safe course, which consists of a 1.5k river swim, 32k bike, 7k kayak & 10k run. It is in the World Cup Race Series for 2022 so certainly not to be missed!

Plus NEW for this Year ….The Keyo Brigg Bomber Sprint distance Quadrathlon this consists of a 750m swim in the river Ancholme followed by a 4km Kayak, 19km road cycle and finishing with a 5km road run. The course is flat, fast and ideal for both experienced quadrathletes and those wanting to race the shorter distance.  Lincsquad will certainly pull out all the stops to make this a brilliant day!

19th June 2022 Dearne Valley Quad & QuadKidz BQA Trophy 2 Quadkidz                                                        Entries OPEN Dearne Valley Quad

This race takes place around the Manvers Waterpark and its surrounding area, all the racing takes place within this lovely venue, this race gets better each year! The aim is to deliver, a Quadrathon where people from all walks of life can participate. Mark Benton (organizer) quotes ‘All that we ask is that you enjoy your training towards it and feel a great sense of achievement afterwards’. The Junior Quadrathlon will run along side the sprint event, with various distances for the 3 age groups … it will be time for our Quadkidz to Shine! PLEASE NOTE 2022 BQA members can use the MWBC discount option.

Sprint: 800m Swim, 15k Bike, 4k Paddle, 5k Run – Start Time 9.30am Price £29.99
Quadkidz (ages 9 to 12):100m Swim, 2k Bike 400m paddle, 2km – Run Start Time 8.30 Price £11.99
Quadkidz (ages 13 to 15):200m Swim, 4km Bike, 800m paddle, 2km – Run Start Time 8.30 Price £11.99
Quadkidz (ages 16-18):800m Swim 15k Bike 4k paddle, 5k Run – Start Time 9.30am Price £11.99

NEW EVENT – 16 July 2022 Manvers Team Event

‘Team Manvers’ have just announced a New Event and they have the full support of the BQA …. it will be our first ever TEAM QUADRATHLON! It will take place at Manvers Waterfront Boat Club, the home of the Dearne Valley Sprint Quad (held on 19th June). This exciting new event will be for TEAMS only of either 2,3 or 4. The distances are  Swim 1600m (2 laps) – Road Bike 40km (2 laps) – Kayak 7km (7 laps) – Run10km (2 laps)

The Race will start at 2.00pm  on Saturday afternoon and we hope for a beautiful sunset finish over the lake, followed by a Team Manvers BBQ for competitors and all involved! You will be able to Camp overnight and if you fancy you’ll be able to join the Open Water swim session on Sunday Morning too! This, I have no doubt will be a great fun event, and something a bit different we hope to entice more people to our sport and encourage team spirit along the way! We are still finalizing a few details and working on the entry criteria so more details to follow shortly!

4 September 2022 Shrewsbury Sprint Quad – BQA Trophy 3 National Championships                                    Entries OPEN  Shrewsbury Quadrathlon

This race just keeps getting stronger and stronger, and is well worthy of its National Championship Status! An excellent fast, flat sprint race, running on the back of a very popular Triathlon. A great day out with a superb race atmosphere, with lots of support especially on the 3 lap run course around the Showground! A real ‘feel good friendly race’ instigated and organized by one of our very passionate quadrathletes along with SYTri … one not to be missed!  

17 September 2022 The Awesome Foursome Bude – BQA Trophy 4 WORLD CUP                                              Entries OPEN Awesome Foursome Quadrathlon

This is one of our longest running established Quadrathlons, in beautiful Cornwall in the surfing town of Bude. It never ceases to amaze me, I have raced it in all weathers …. it is always a brilliant exciting and challenging race and a great end the race season! Swimming in the sea, there’s plenty of hills on the bike, a historic canal for the kayak and amazing coastal views on the run! It’s one of those addictive races that keeps drawing you back. The race is on a Saturday so plenty of time for sun, sand and surf too!  

Plus NEW for this Year 25 September 2022 Keyo Brigg Sprint Brigg BQA Trophy 5

The Keyo Brigg Bomber Sprint distance Quadrathlon this consists of a 750m swim in the Ancholme Pool or River Ancholme followed by a 4km Kayak, 19km road cycle and finishing with a 5km road run. The course is flat, fast and ideal for both experienced quadrathletes, its the Final Trophy Race of the Season, so lots of vital points to be won! BQA Trophies and Age Group Prizes will be awarded… an exciting end to the season!  More Details and Entries will be open soon.

Races supported by BQA (not Trophy Races)

7th May – Montgomery Canal Triathlon (Charity Event)

18th June – Norfolk SuperHeroes Quad 

11th July – Deva Divas Ladies Quad