Everyone’s a Winner at Dearne Valley Quad 2017

What a brilliant day a Dearne Valley Quadrathlon, there was so much passion for our sport, with non stop smiles as juniors, first timers, and seasoned quadrathletes crossed the finish line! Organizer Mark Benton and his ‘Team’ of volunteers and marshals hosted a great race for us all, there enthusiasm and friendliness shone through, to make this event a huge success, thank -you you did your selves proud!

Well done to under 12’s Ewan Joseph (Lincsquad) winning the Boys and Hermione Ball winning the girls. Alanna Barron and Chris Thoday (Manvers Tri) in the under 15’s had a real battle, but it was Alanna’s kayaking skills that gave her the edge as she paddled very well into the lead, I’m sure they will both be back with even more determination and skill next year. A huge achievement to all that took part!

Results Quadkidz (ages 9 to 12):100m Swim, 2k Bike, 400m Kayak, 2km Run.
Ewan Joseph – 28:12

Hermione Ball – 33:33

Sophie Portess – 36:09

Henry Joseph – 42:28

Laura Portess – 52:12

Charlotte Clements – DNF



Results Quadkidz (ages 13 to 15):200m Swim, 4km Bike, 800m Kayak, 2km Run.
Alanna Barron – 35:00

Chris Thoday – 38:31

Fran Ball – 45:55

Matthew Portess – 50:35

After watching the juniors fly past, we were all motivated and ready to get going, the wind had picked up slightly but it was a warm and cloudy so a good temperature for racing, even though the water was a bit chilly at about 15 degrees. It was a real mixture of athletes racing 50 in total, with 28 doing the quad and 22 the Triathlon, we had 9 seasoned BQA Members and plenty of triathletes giving the quad a go for the first time, plus some amazing first timers new to racing but certainly looked like they had given everything and had a great time! It truly was and all-inclusive race, showing the onlookers what an amazing race Manvers Waterfront Boat Club had organized!

BQA members took the top 6 places – Helen Russell was first out of the swim and went onto the bike with a good lead. Cliff Odgers started to chase her down, but it wasn’t until the return leg of the bike course he over took her. The bike was off road and using part of the Trans Penne Trail which consisted of unmade tracks, despite it being muddy in parts it was ideal for cross bikes, as they proved to be the fastest over the course. Cliff went into the kayak first, followed by Helen, Jacquline Davies, John Kavanagh and Jean Ashley, there were a couple of other bikers in between but once they got in the kayaks the seasoned quadrathletes started to pull away. It had started to get a bit choppy in the wind which favored the stronger paddlers. Cliff held onto his lead in the kayak, and went into the run 1st with Helen not to far adrift. Jean in her strongest discipline the kayak, pulled back 2 and half minutes to catch Jacquline and John by the end of the paddle. Pete Chappill another BQA member had a good solid paddle overtaking a lot of paddlers in sea kayaks and plastic kayaks, they were all doing really well in the conditions, but having to work very hard in these smaller kayaks without rudders. Meanwhile on the run Helen took the lead from Cliff and went on to win in 1.45.42, Cliff ran well and finished 2nd in 1.46.24. Jacquline having a swift transition went out in 3rd place, but very close behind was Jean and John. John tried to hang on to Jean, but with the Long Course Quad still in his legs he had to drop back. Jean moved into 3rd finishing in 1.52.05, with John 4th just 15 seconds behind 1:52:20. Jacqueline held onto 5th 1:54:44 with Pete in 6th 1.57.44.

Other BQA members – 9th Lance Ball – 2.04.53

14th John Redmond – 2.07.54

It was also good to see Athletes racing from Lincqsquad, well done to first timers 7th Wayne Smith – 1.59.38, 11th Andrew Lawson – 2.06.05, 12th Sallie Joseph – 2.07.04, and a fantastic first time achievement to 26th Amanda Clements – 2.36.47.

It’s always good to perform well on race day, but the real Stars of the day were those first timers that gave it their all too, it was so good to see people from all walks of life participating, and to see those juniors taking on the challenge, every single one of them finishing with a great sense of achievement afterwards.

A huge thanks once again to Mark Benton and his support crew at Manvers Waterfront Boat Club, an excellent day full of ‘Firsts’ for many people, everyone finished safely and with a smile which were Mark’s wishes, so bask in your glory, keep training and we hope to see you all next year or maybe Box End Quadrathlon2nd July in Bedford!

A very special mention must go to John MacLeod our first ever Vet 70 competitor he finished  22nd in 2.24.32. In his younger days John was a GB Slalom Paddler and competed in the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich. He successfully coached junior & senior GB kayak teams from 1979-1981 culminating in 7 medals being won by GB Team at the 1983 World Championships he worked through to the Barcelona Olympic Games and beyond, all voluntary. Within his coaching and management years, 8 World Championship GOLD medals have been awarded to GB team. In 2009 he was appointed as Canoe Manager for the London 2012 Olympic Games, and Rio 2016 responsible for both Canoe Sprint and Canoe Slalom, both events being extremely successful. John has been a key player in design and commissioning of both Nottingham (1987), Lee Valley (2011) canoe slalom courses, and the very lake you have all been competing on Manvers Lake! Well Done John you are now the number 1 GB Vet 70 QUADRATHLETE!!!



Top class racing at 2017 Long Distance Quad Křetinka (CZE)

After the last long distance quadrathlon in Hannover (GER), two years ago, the best athletes for this distance met in Lazinov, Křetinka (CZE). This was also the first long-distance race outside Germany since 2001, where the race was held in Prenzlau. John Kavanagh  was our only British athlete to race, and congraulations to him on finishing the Long course in very hot conditions. 4km swim – 90km bike – 20km kayak – 20km run in 10.03.27, taking the Vet 60 Championship title, well done John!

The names on the starting list promised an exciting race. Above all, the winner of the last four long-distance championships, Thoralf Berg (GER) wanted to defend his world title. Spaniard, Enrique Peces also wanted the title because this is the only World Championship distance that that he has yet to win. Similarly keen, was Leoš Roušavý, the Czech athlete, who has already won twice at this distance and this would be his home world championship. Also among the contenders for the podium were Dennis Möller (GER), Laurent Martinou (FRA) and David Jílek (CZE). Ferenc Cisma (HUN) would have been another hot favourite but he was not available as he has been in a collision with a car while cycle training (luckily, he is only slightly injured)An exciting race was therefore anticipated.

With clear blue skies promising a hot day and little wind it started at 8:15 with a long single 4km lap in the local reservoir. A leading group of Möller, Martinou, Jílek and Peces formed, with the Spaniard just off the pace of the leading three. Heading into transition for the first time, Roušavý had over 5 minutes deficit while Berg was another 10 minutes adrift.

The 90km cycle course consisted of a 6 x 15km laps. The surface was very good, the roads were closed to traffic and the gradients were never brutal. It was, however, not flat. About 1200m of climbing were accumulated as the day (and the racing) got hotter. Jílek had the fastest time and took the lead. Three minutes behind was Martinou with Möller only 2 minutes behind the Frenchman. About 12 minutes after the leader, the next strong group of Roušavý, Berg and Peces finished their cycling.

The final discipline was a challenging 20km running route. Four laps, starting with a short steep climb then undulating out to a turn to return. There was a feed station at the start of each lap and because of the high temperature (now over 30C) a water station had been added at the turn point. Möller set off 12 minutes ahead, but whether this would be enough was questionable as this was his weakest discipline. Peces and Berg caught and passed him but then Peces slowed up and had to retire in the third lap because of severe cramp. The conditions were taking their toll. By now the tarmac was melting and it was like running through treacle. This had its effect on Berg too, who was not as fast as usual. This was a chance for Roušavý, which he took advantage of, with a great run. By the end, he finished his home race as a new world champion. Berg hung on to finish in second place, closely followed by Jílek. Martinou, with fast run came in fourth.

Among the ladies, there was a duel between the two Czechians, Eliška Vondráčková and Radka Štýbnarová, with Vondráčková comfortably winning out in the end. Leading the way from the start, she continued to build her lead up to over an hour ahead. The previous champion, Lisa Teichert (and husband, Stefan) did not take part as her focus is on the shorter distances this year.

The relays also had a great race, with some outstanding performances. Six of the seven teams were faster than the individual’s winner. The fastest relay reached the finish line after only 5:41:04 hours, almost one and a half hours faster than Roušavý. Among the other competitors, as kayaker in a relay, Miroslav “Mr. Quadrathlon “Podborsky was there to display his skills again.

A big thank you goes to Pavel Knitl and his team who organised a great event. The task of putting on organizing a long distance quadrathlon is not easy and it was only the sixth long distance race since 2001.

by John Kavanagh

Emotional victory for Leoš Roušavý

Emotional victory for Leoš Roušavý

Hardest long distance for 20 years for Thoralf Berg

Hardest long distance for 20 years for Thoralf Berg

Strong performance also from David Jílek

Strong performance also from David Jílek

Laurent Martinou again only in fourth place

Laurent Martinou in fourth place

Fastest swim and kayak time: Dennis Möller

Fastest swim and kayak time: Dennis Möller

Radka Štýbnarová and Eliška Vondráčková

Radka Štýbnarová and Eliška Vondráčková



1. Leoš Roušavý (CZE) 07:08:55
2. Thoralf Berg (GER) 07:10:34
3. David Jílek (CZE) 07:11:13
4. Laurent Martinou (FRA) 07:17:41
5. Dennis Möller (GER) 07:22:59


1. Eliška Vondráčková (CZE) 09:16:06
2. Radka Štýbnarová (CZE) 10:24:57

A Sunshine Start to the Season The 2017 Brigg Bomber

Once again Lincsquad did us proud, and even organized the good weather this year! This race is always superbly organised, a credit to the club and to ‘Dave Hinch’ and his Race Organizing team, a Big Thank-You! They make everyone very welcome and the marshals have never ending smiles and encouragement for all the competitors. It was good to welcome two European athletes ‘the forever young’ Peter Appelt (GER) and Ricardo Noval (ESP), sadly Alvaro Villen (ESP) was due to be racing but was unfortunately knocked of his bike the week before, he came out of hospital over the weekend and is on quiet a long road to recovery, but we hope to see him back racing next Season. Sending you our Very Best wishes Alvaro!

The sun shone and the weather was just ideal for the first quadrathlon of the British Trophy Series, it was also our National championships and the third race in this year’s World Cup Series. This is a small market town in Lincolnshire, a particularly flat part of the UK so it makes for fast racing. The weather was perfect, little wind, dry and sunny. The recent warm weather meant that the river was warmer than in previous years so the swimming conditions were also good.

First out of the swim was newcomer to Quadrathlon Alan Cole (GBR) with  Michael Mason (GBR) 2nd followed closely by Helen Russell in 3rd. They had about a minute’s advantage over the following group. The Kayak section (7Km) was crucial as Michael,  Nigel Unwin (GBR) and particularly, Ricardo Noval (ESP) took a lot of time out of the rest of the field. Michael and Ricardo set of on their bikes neck-and-neck but from here on Michael steadily built up a strong lead with the fastest bike (35Km) and run (10Km) splits (2.31.47). Nevertheless, Ricardo, (2.41.58) followed by Nigel (2.48.00) were well clear of everyone else. Alan Cole finished in 5th, (2.59.31) which was a great result for his first Quad, especially as he was paddling a heavy sea type kayak!

It was good to see excellent performances from other BQA Members which will lead to some tough competition in this year’s Trophy series. Well done to Phil Holden 8th (3.02.03), Nigel Leeson 9th  (3.06.28),  John Kavanagh 10th (3.16.22),  and Cliff Odgers 13th (3.34.39).

In the women’s race, Helen Russell (GBR) was going well and ahead of all the others throughout, and went on to a solid win (3.02.13) , Jean Ashley (GBR) was very strong, as ever, pulling a bit of time back in the kayak. Jacqueline Davies (GBR) was 2nd lady out of the swim however she lost time due to a capsize at the awkward kayak get in. Jean pulled away and maintained her lead on the bike and run to take 2nd place (3.13.23). Jacqueline held on to 3rd place comfortably, (3.19.52) with the amazing Mary White running a very solid 10km to close the gap slightly (3.25.56).

Again lots of female BQA members performing well, Victoria Price inspired by her Dad ‘Ned’ was pushing hard in 5th (3.38.46) Donna Chappill 7th (3.52.55) and back to defend her Youth title Louise Beedham in 8th (4.05.19).

There were some very fast performances in the Team event, and some real battles along the way, the local Lincqsquad team won ‘Conn Menn’ (2.36.22) with strong opposition from Portsdown Hill CC, Southampton taking 2nd, along way for them to come, but worth the trip having left with 2 prizes 2nd overall (2.54.37) and fastest bike split! A special mention must go to ‘The Dream team’ the ladies who performed with the biggest smiles all the way round … in true Quadrathlon Spirit!

Once again a Big Thanks to Lincsquad and to all the Marshals for giving us a great race, and to all the athletes that took part, gave it their all and put our sport on the map …..  And become part of our unique ‘Quadrathlon Family’

Mens Overall Winners
1st Michael Mason National Champion (Vet 40) 2.31.47
2nd Noval Ricardo 2.41.58
3rd Nigel Unwin (Vet 50)

Age Group Winners
4th Jason Frary (role down Vet 40) 2.56.40
6th Julian Brewer (role down Vet 50) 3.00.00
10th John Kavanagh (Vet 60) 3.16.26
11th Simon Beedham (U23) 3.24.33

Ladies Overall Winners
1st Helen Russell National Champion (vet 40) 3.02.13
2nd Jean Ashley (Vet 50) 3:13:23
3rd Jacquline Davies (Vet 50) 3.19.52

Age Group Winners
4th Mary White (Vet 60) 3.25.56
5th Victoria Price (Senior ) 3.38.46
6th Sallie Joseph (role down Vet 40) 3.40.03
7th Donna Chappill (role down Vet 50) 3.52.55
8th Louise Beedham (Junior) 4.05.19

Plenty of National points to be won and also World Cup Points too!

Links to more photos Photos 1  Photos 2

First in the finish: Michael Mason

Winner Michael Mason

Ricardo Noval with strong performance

2nd Ricardo Noval with strong performance

Men podium: R. Noval, M. Mason, N. Unwin

Mens podium: R. Noval, M. Mason, N. Unwin

Great race form Hellen Russel

Great race form Hellen Russell

Still a fast woman Jean Ashley

Still going strong Jean Ashley

Women podium: J. Ashley, H. Russsel, J. Davies

Womens podium: J. Ashley, H. Russsel, J. Davies



Magic Start to 2017 in the Atlantic!

This year’s Quadrathlon World Cup series started in March on the island of Terceira. This season’s opening event took place last Saturday in the charming Azores. This competition, in the middle of the Atlantic, on a little-known island, offered the athletes a magical insight into the colourful world of the Azores. One of the starters described his impression as “You do not know where you are, it is like a mixture of the Caribbean and Ireland”.

After its premiere last year, the competition this year moved from Praia da Vitoria to Angra do Heroismo with its historic old town, which is a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site. There was also a change from a road bike course to MTB. Both changes were worth it!

The weather gods were on our side: blue sky, sun, little wind and few waves – ideal conditions. The swim was 750m, in two laps with a short beach run in between, so that the spectators could see how the race was developing. Immediately afterwards we set off for three circuits of the kayak course (a total of 4km).


The flat Atlantic water was suitable for everyone to cope with. This was particularly welcome as numerous different boat types had been provided by the local kayak club.

From the beach to the bike transition we had some steps to climb before the MTB section (bikes could be hired locally). Then followed 15 beautiful but also very hard kilometers over two laps. From the beach, we went up to a fortress which is over 300 years old. This is still used today by the Portuguese military and much of the route on the slopes of Mt. Brasil is normally closed to the public. Only for the competition was the historic gate opened, which the participants had to go through after passing over a bridge across a moat – spectacular! But also relentlessly exhausting, as there were some steep ramps to cope with. The route was technically easy without big obstacles.
The finale was a 5km run on the promenade over 5 laps. This was absolutely flat, which was welcome after the bike course, and allowed the many spectators to encourage the athletes to keep running hard right to the finish.
At the front of the race there were clear victories for the World Cup winners of the last two years, Enrique Peces (ESP) and Lisa Teichert (GER), each making their ambitions for this year clear. In the women’s race, Lisa Teichert led from start-to-finish giving her victory by a clear distance. Second place was taken by Ruth Diaz from Spain, who came in front of the ever-young Jean Ashley (GBR).

Among the men, Peces kept in touch with the top two in the swim, Laurent Martinou (FRA) and Stefan Teichert (GER).  It was not long before he took the lead in the kayak and held on to this on the bike. In the run, the Spaniard stayed well clear. Martinou, who lost a lot of time in the kayak, did well on the MTB and was also quick on the road and managed to overtake Teichert.

Age groups were also strongly represented, among others, the 66-year-old Mary White from England put in an impressive performance.
After the medal presentations, the efforts of the participants were rewarded with a sumptuous finisher’s buffet. From hearty savories to deserts there were lots of local treats to try.

The conclusion of many participants was that the competition alone, with its great scenery around Mt. Brasil and the historic old town is worth the trip. Many also used opportunity to take time to train the week before and/or after the race, where the two Teicherts organized a training camp and showed the athletes Terceira at his best.

The organizer, Pedro Barthlemou, was very satisfied with the event, he would have liked to started himself. If he had, then he would certainly have been in contention for victory. He hopes that he will be able to travel to the World Cup at least once later in the year.
Until the next World Cup event in mid-May, there is still some time left to continue training. But then it gets really serious, because in Orf in Hungary the World Championship takes place again over the middle distance.

Results – Men
1. Enrique Peces (ESP) 1:27:08
2. Laurent Martinou (FRA) 31:31:45
3. Stefan Teichert (GER) 1:32:47
4. Ricardo Noval (ESP) 1:36:51
5. David Kunder (GER) 1:37:31

1. Lisa Teichert (GER) 1:40:48
2. Ruth Varona (ESP) 2:02:47
3. Jean Ashley (GBR) 2:07:07

Race Video

Race Photographs

quadrathlon-terceira website


Awesome Foursome National Championships 2016

The Awesome Foursome certainly lived up to its name this year, after several years of kind weather for the race this year it decided to throw it an extra spanner in the works …. A big swell, surf and winds gusting to 40mph! At least it was warm and we had sunshine between the scurrying clouds, and there was a big field of quadrathletes, individuals, pairs and teams all looking forward to the challenge, some a little bit nervous!

Organizer ‘Simon’ was as cool as ever, giving us a good comprehensive race briefing, but leaving the swim course decision until the last moment just in case the wind changed with the turn of the tide. The swim was slightly shorter with the turn buoy within the breakwater to save us from the huge waves, but knowing the Cornish Surf Lifeguards were bobbing about out there too … we just knew we would be safe!

There were some fantastic swim times, the surfers certainly know how to handle swimming in a rough sea, the fastest swimmers were mainly in teams/pairs with the overall Team winners ‘ Gully Blue Fins’ putting in extremely fast swim in 13.24. James Marshall was the fastest individual 16.16, with Simon (organizer) and his brother, plus BQA’s Nigel Crowe all around the 18.30 mark.

Going onto the bike there was plenty of tough competition, and some excellent bike splits … it was all down to who could handle the head wind and the 3 very steep climbs! Again ‘Gully Blue Fins’ had the fastest split 50.18. Last year’s BQA Trophy winner Nigel Unwin was having a strong bike leg 53.41 and went into the lead, but only just in front of Chris, Simon, Mike Rudd and Matt Rayment. Despite the strong head winds up the hills everyone flew back into Bude … great down hills and a tail wind certainly felt good for us all!

The Canal had never been so hard, really windy and choppy, there were plenty of capsizes and lots of concentrated looks as paddlers tried to stay focused on what was a tough paddle. Team ‘Dept26’ had the fastest split 45.30 with Simon fastest individual 52.11. Nigel however was looking strong and also paddled well 53.41 … so he went onto the run in the lead and maintained that to take the Honours! (also 1st Vet 50). The brothers were still neck and neck, but Chris’s being the faster runner took 2nd place. (1st Vet 40) Tommy Mathews running very well moved into 3rd, whilst Simon came 4th (2nd Vet 50).

In the Ladies race Lucy Obolensky had the fastest swim 20.11, with Jacqueline Davies seconds behind 20.15. Jean Ashley was out in 3rd place. They remained in this order throughout the bike leg, Jacq and Jean both more experienced paddlers overtook Lucy, and Jacq remained in the lead, despite having a capsize at the turn buoy. Jean didn’t quite catch her on the kayak leg but had eaten into her lead just 30 seconds behind as they went onto the run. Jacq was running well but Jean had caught her up by the end of the canal and went on to enjoy the wild and windy run route to take the win! BQA members Mary White (amazing lady Vet 60) came in strong in 3rd place and Vicky Price having the bravest race of her life so far came just behind in 4th, we hope this is going to be her start of what’s going to be a ‘Quadrathlete in the Making’.


Every single person that finished deserves a mention, and many will have a story to tell, it was certainly one Bude we shall all remember, I think this is why this race is so special, it’s always challenging, you never quite know what the Cornish Coast will throw at you, and it always lives up to its Name …. AWESOME!

A Huge Big Thank-you To Simon and his Wonderful Team for Hosting The National Championships.  A massive thank-you to all the marshals, the Bude Surf lifeguards for looking after us and showing us the way! It was great to see plenty BQA members racing, plus all the other athletes and first-timers! Plus all the Teams and Pairs Entries … an excellent turnout. I hope you all enjoyed it and will be back to support Shoreline Extreme Sports for more fun next Year!

Congratulations to our BQA National Quadrathlon 2016 Champions


1st Nigel Unwin (1st Vet 50) – 2.51.20 (BQA)

2nd Chris Hammond (1st Vet 40) – 2.55.06

3rd Tommy Mathews (1st Senior) – 3.03.07

9th Sam Norton (1st Youth) – 3.18.08

11th John Kavanagh (1st Vet 60) – 3.21.02 (BQA)


1st Jean Ashley (1st Vet 50) – 3.30.07 (BQA)

2nd Jacqueline Davies (1st Vet 40) – 3.32.34 (BQA)

3rd Mary White (1st Vet 60) – 3.48.16 (BQA)

4th Victoria Price (1st Senior) – 3.49.41 (BQA)

Plus a special mention to all our other BQA Members … Well Done Everyone!

4th Simon Hammond (2nd Vet 50) – 3.03.13 (BQA Race Affiliation Organizer)

10th Nigel Crowe (3rd Vet 50) – 3.20.20

15th Cliff Odgers -3.32.14

18th Peter Chappill  – 3.38.34

20th Lance Ball – 3.47.41

22nd John Redmond – 4.02.45

Full Bude Results Quadrathlon Results 2016


A Sunshine Day in Conwy 2016

I’d like to say a Huge Thank-you to Fabian 4 for hosting the ‘Conwy Mountain Challenge’ Race 4 in the National Trophy Series. A Big Thank-you to organizers Ellie, Adrian, and your Team of Volunteers, marshal’s, sponsors, cooks and everyone else that gave up their day to make this event a success, as ever you did your selves proud! We had fantastic Conditions for this year’s race, blue sky and warm temperatures with very little wind … what could be better on an ideal Septembers day!

Chester Canoe Team member David Hatton was first out of the Kayak, in a very fast 48.00mins, with individual Sam Plummer just 5 seconds behind, Shaune Walsh, James Block, Michael Mason and Steve King all followed a couple of minutes behind. The Estuary was calm and fast with a good strong tide, hardly any wind made for some very fast kayak times.

Winner Mike Mason

The very, very steep hill at the start slows everyone down but once the athletes get to the trail across the top and along the pipe line they begin to sort themselves out. Michael M. moved into the lead, followed by Shaune W. and James B. but Steve K. and Sam P. were starting to chase them down. When you reach the Dam the course climbs steady up the mountain, the views from the top were brilliant. It’s a steady downhill on tracks and trails. Just when you think your almost home there’s a sting in the tail as you climb back up through a wood before running down to the race HQ.

Steve King

Last year’s winner Mike was certainly on form again and went onto the MTBike 6 mins ahead of anyone else. Sam was 2nd going into the bike, with Steve just 90 seconds behind. You have about a mile on the road to get your legs spinning before a huge climb up the road to the start of the Marin Trail. It seems a never ending up hill for several miles, the trail then undulates and winds its way towards Betws y coed before turning back, this is when we start to hit the narrow technical tracks which certainly sorts out the good MT bikers! Meanwhile Alex Pilkington had been catching the leaders and half way through the bike moved into 2nd place. Mike went onto win in a very fast time 3.20.37. Alex 2nd 3.24.04. Sam 3rd 3.28.14. and Steve King 4th 3.30.08.

Sandra Heslop

In the Ladies race there were some excellent kayakers with Sandra Hyslop (GB White water racer) and DW Women’s Record Kat Wilson holder putting in fast times. Sandra also had a very strong run maintaining her lead, Rebecca Good moved into 2nd place, with Kat still in 3rd. Sandra increased her lead on the bike and finished in a very fast time of 3.57.37, an outstanding performance!  Rebecca held onto 2nd 4.22.57, whilst Lowri Davis put in a strong bike and moved into 3rd 4.35.12 with Kat in 4th 4.47.34.

There were plenty of excellent results and some brilliant team performances, really everyone that finishes this tough race deserves a mention, it certainly tests the muscles, the mind and that inner strength to keep going when you face yet another hill! Special Mentions must go to our BQA Members, earning National Trophy points, well done to them all, 4 races down with just one race left Bude Awesome Foursome, next weekend, let’s hope our legs have recovered by then!

BQA Members
4th Steve King 3.30 08 (3rd Vet 40)
13th Russel Brayer 4.15.38 (2nd Vet 50)
21st Lance Ball 4.42.45
Ladies 6th Jean Ashley  5.19.34 (1st Vet 50)


Jean’s daughter ‘Lucy Ashley’ was a member of the Chester Canoe Team (U22’s)  they finished 4th/9 teams, Lucy was first out on the run, after Team member David Hatton won the kayak leg, they finished a very creditable 4th/9 in the Team Event.

Keith Longney

It was also great to see one of GB’s first Quadrathletes back in action after a 3 year lay-off Keith Longney was 7th overall and 1st Vet 50 3.48.49, still racing strong and in fine form!

Some more action shots hear –  Photographs by Chris Gash Photos

There has been lots of positive feedback and plenty of ‘love’ for the Conwy Mountain Challenge! Thanks again to everyone involved … hope everyone is having a rest day today, and please lets hope this enthusiasm continues to future races!

Race Report from the Organizers 2016 Race Report

Dyffryn Conwy Mountain Challenge 2016, the view from first timer Lance!

BQA Member Lance Ball has done us this account of the race, it was his first Conwy Race he has shared his story and hopefully it will inspire you all!

It may be the middle of September but we were to be graced with a glorious day ahead. As we picked up our kayaks in the car park, competitors were taking thermal tops off and were applying last minute sun cream ….  maybe I should have brought some!

The tidal flow in the middle of the estuary could easily be seen from the bank travelling at a fast pace to help us upstream. Having sought advice beforehand, I decided not to use my flat water racer, but instead, play it safe and borrow a friends stable sea kayak.  I was one of the first onto the water at 11am to paddle down to the start and get a feel for this kayak that I hadn’t used before. The start was at a bank near to Conwy Castle. The bank was smooth except for a tiny small jagged part which I spotted and thought would make a good point to hold on to whilst waiting around. Unfortunately it was a bit too jagged and I cut my finger on it. Not the best way to start my race.

Everyone was making light hearted banter and it was clear that this race appealed to a friendly bunch of athletes.

At 11:30 we were off. I was initially boxed in, but quite happy as that just gave me more people to potentially draft. I was never going to be near the front, there were some seriously good paddlers taking part. Everyone appeared to set off at a fair rate of knots. As the fastest paddlers pulled away into the distance, I fell in behind a middle group of paddlers that were generally quicker than me, but by putting a large amount of effort in I was just able to keep up with them. I’d get in their wake as much as possible, but it wasn’t easy staying there. With no skeg or rudder I found it difficult in the current to stay on the back of them. Now and again I got dropped, but continually tried options to get back behind them. Sometimes by looking for a faster way around a bend, sometimes making the most of the wave created by the passing safety boat. Often by sheer bursts of effort. I knew that if I didn’t keep up, that I would quickly get left behind if paddling on my own. The fast tidal flow was great for assisting us to the end, but I found the conditions hard work.

I covered about 80% of the kayak leg before I started to get dropped and just couldn’t keep up any longer. The person ahead was pulling away and over the next 5 minutes just increased their gap considerably. Then suddenly I started to catch them very quickly. As I started to overtake, they commented that they must have something caught on their rudder as they were hardly moving any faster than the flow.

I stopped and pulled in behind them to have a look. They appeared to be dragging an entire hedge through the water behind them. I cleared the debris off and they were very grateful, telling me to stick in their wake and that we would both make up for lost time. I stuck with them to the finish of the kayak leg and as a result, I probably finished quicker than if I hadn’t had stopped at all.

A very quick drink and a few jelly babies and I was off on the run. Total time for the 13mile kayak plus transition 1hr 11min 14secs. (Compared to the overall winner who took 52min 3secs.)

Considering how much effort I had put in on the kayak, I felt pretty good starting the run. It’s always the discipline that I’m happiest in. After crossing the road, the path became very steep, so then it was just a hard walk most of the way until the flattish track that leads to the reservoir. Once on this track I got into a rhythm running alongside someone wearing an Eryri Harriers top. We chatted and swapped stories. I know Eryri runners like their fell races, so thought that I couldn’t be doing too badly if I was managing to keep up with one of them.

I only momentarily stopped at the check point before the reservoir, for a very quick gulp of the water on offer, grabbed a few more jelly babies and continued at the same pace to the reservoir.

Just after the reservoir I overtook a few competitors but the path wasn’t so defined. I ended up trudging through rough areas a little off the ideal track. Not good since debris was now going into my shoes and making progress uncomfortable. However I wasn’t going to slow down and I found myself behind someone who appeared to be quick and knew exactly where they were going. I stayed on their heels putting all effort into staying right behind them rather than needing to think where I was going. Together we overtook quite a number on the way down.

Into transition at the centre grounds it was a relief to get to the end of the run. Having decided not to wear socks, to speed up transitions, I’d got blisters and both my Achilles were extremely sore and bleeding. 12km fell run time 1hr 42min 56 secs (Overall winner took 1hr 22min 57secs)

I got the debris out of the shoes and briefly washed my Achilles before setting off on the bike. How I wished that I’d have left some socks in transition just in case, but too late now.

After a brief road section we turned onto a very steep section up towards the Marin Trail. I had made a mistake on which bike to take, having opted for a rather heavy dual suspension 29er rather than my much lighter hardtail. I didn’t know what the course would be like so opted for safety and comfort rather than all out speed. The extra weight was going to be detrimental going up these hills.

All was going o.k. as I continued up the wide, fairly smooth forest type paths when suddenly as I changed gear, the chain came off and my derailleur went into my spokes. A slight problem I thought as I put the chain back on, but no, it wasn’t slight. I couldn’t get the derailleur and chain to move. Several people went past and we exchanged comments about how the race was going. One of them thought that there might be a check point further up where there may just possibly be someone who might be able to help. So I decided to carry on pushing the bike up the hill.

After several minutes I made it to the point where the first technical trail started. Unfortunately there was no checkpoint here and no-one to be seen, so thought that my race was finished. However I wasn’t going to give up just yet. I emptied what tools I had onto the floor, grabbed something to eat and drink and tried what I could to un-jam the derailleur. Unfortunately, the bracket holding the derailleur had bent and it wasn’t going to be fixable there. Several more competitors went past and asked if I needed anything, but unsurprisingly no-one had a large vice and a big hammer in their back packs.

After what seemed like an eternity, I managed to get the derailleur to at least be in a position where it gave me one single gear. I couldn’t even use the front sprockets to provide a second ratio, since even that slight movement caused problems, so that was it, I had one gear and I was going to finish on that, even if that meant pushing it up the hills. I commenced on the next technical section and the gear that I did have at least seemed to be suitable to make reasonable progress.

I made it to the checkpoint and had a brief chat with the marshal who wished me luck in getting to the end with the problems I had. One of the competitors encouraged me by suggesting that we were now at one of the highest points, so most of the course would now be downhill at least. They were certainly correct and I made the most of the downhill sections, keeping my speed up on the technical sections, so as not to lose too much time.

On the last uphill section, I was pushing the bike along, when I came across a fellow competitor half sitting and half lying on the path. He looked in some pain and said that he was having severe cramp. I stopped and grabbed each of his legs in turn to massage their calf muscles and stretch his tendons. Then passed him some drink and an energy gel. Meanwhile another competitor went past joking that they were a tortoise but destined to beat the hare’s in this race. The person appeared to be recovering and told me that after this last hill we were on, it was then all downhill. That was great to here, I knew that I could finish now, as once I had pushed my bike to the top, I could always freewheel to the end if I really had to.

I really enjoyed the last section, knowing that I would now make it to the end, I could enjoy each small jump along the trail, the banked bends and the final descent through patches of water. When I crossed the finishing line it wasn’t so much a relief as wishing the downhill trail continued a bit further, as long as there were no more up hills! 19 km bike leg time 1hr 48min 35secs (overall winner took 1hr 5min 37secs)

Overall finishing time 4hrs 42min 45secs (overall winner took 3hrs 20min, 37secs)

Lance’s Summary below, truly describes the essence of this Race. Once again a big Thank-you on behalf of the BQA to ‘Ellie Salisbury’  and all involved, I’m sure there are so many more stories being shared!  (Jean)

‘What a fantastic race …. It’s tough, but wow what a day! The organisers and marshals were fabulous. It can’t be easy putting together a race like this, especially where the start is so far away from the end and sections of it are away from civilisation. Then there are the competitors who were all so friendly no matter how tough the race became. 

We appear to be at a time where dozens and dozens of commercialised races are appearing that make vast profits for the organisers because people are happy to pay big sums to join large crowds and get muddy in a field.

But then there are unique races like the Dyffryn Conwy Mountain Challenge. Unheard of by most. Put on by a group of dedicated people for a particular type of individual. This is the first time that I have taken part in this race. Despite the blisters, cuts, sores, aches, pains and sunburn, I certainly intend to be back to take part again. Just next time with a sleeker kayak, lighter bike and definitely a pair of socks.

Thanks to everyone involved in making this event happen’.



2016 Shrewsbury Quad, A Class Turnout, First Timers, Lots of Ladies and our Great Quadrathlon Core!

It was the 5th Shrewsbury Quadrathon … and once again we had a great day’s racing, a true testament to the Event organizers Gill Otto and SYTri. The Event goes from strength to strength and this year we had a great entry, more first timers and more women than ever before! The weather was kind after a very wet ‘set up day’ for the organizers and with the worry of possibility rising river levels over night. The river did rise throughout the day but we were lucky enough to have completed the swim and kayak legs before it engulfed the beach area!

A calm fast river, if a ‘tad’ cold, with a strong current downstream but hard work for the kayaks back up! A slight wind on the undulating bike course, and a fast flat run with the occasional muddy patch … all in all great conditions for racing! We had good strong field of Quadrathletes, our top athletes and age groupers, plus plenty of newcomers who all gave it their best and finished with happy faces and podium places!

Congratulations to Winner Steve King who took the lead from the start, unfortunately his closest rival Adam Norfolk had to withdraw due to injury, but Chris Carter (Adam’s Friend from Nottingham KC) came along in the hope of catching Steve! Steve put in the fastest splits across all 4 disciplines to win comfortably (1.22.43). So the battle was for 2nd place. Chris and Phil Holden played cat and mouse throughout, but Chris just had the edge and ran home 2nd (1.35.41) with Phil 3rd (1.36.49).

There was a real battle going on for the next 4 places, 3 BQA members all looking for valuable Trophy Points Russel Brayer, Peter Chappill and Cliff Odgers all Vet 50 category, (this could get very close at the last race in Bude!) Cliff went from the Swim/kayak first and stayed in the lead on the bike, whilst Russel and Peter were very close throughout, it was Russel’s strong running that moved him into 4th he just pipped Peter on the line just 1 second ahead! Russel 4th (1.42.26) Peter 5th (1.42.27) Cliff came a very creditable 6th (1.42.34), a great way to celebrate his 50th Birthday!

There were more solid performances from our BQA Members, and so good to see them flying the flag for us. John and Nigel both from MADCC having a friendly battle from start to finish!

8th John Kavanagh (1.44.04)

9th Nigel Leeson (1.44.05)

10th Lance Ball (1.47.49)

12th John Redmond (1.52.26)

13th Jeff Chappill (1.55.19)  great to see him back racing again!

17th Alistair Bates (2.02.57) another great BQA supporter who’s paid up for 2017 already … thanks Alistair!

There was a fantastic 18 Ladies competing in the event, with more than half first timers! Jean Ashley was first out of the Swim/Kayak but was overtaken by 2 very speedy bikers, Helen Russell and Kate Burgoyne both looking very strong. Helen had a very strong run, came 4th overall and 1st Lady (1.37.37) with Kate 5th overall 2nd lady (1.41.41). Jean and Jacqueline Davies came in on the bike together but Jean moved ahead on the run to hold 3rd place (1.44.29) with Jac in 4th (1.46.23). We had 5 other ‘BQA Girls’ racing very well and earning vital Trophy Points.

6th Mary White (1.50.54)

7th Victoria Price (1.52.26) having a Brilliant first Year in Quadrathlon!

9th Margaret Huyton (2.00.15)

11th Donna Chappill (2.03.26) in her first EVER Quad, great result!

13th Louise Beedham (2.06.50) her 3rd Quad of the season and nailing the U23 BQA National Title for 2016, so pleased for her a great achievement … Well Done Louise!

A great effort from all the other females who for many of them it was their first Quad …. and judging by their smiles ‘not their last’ … Looking forward to seeing them again!

There was a great turnout of BQA Members, all getting valuable National Trophy Points, with 2 more races left there are no clear winners in the Men’s Races just yet! So Good Luck to everyone racing at the Fabian 4 (18th Sept) and then the National Championsips at Bude (24th Sept) …. let’s hope we get Sunshine to finish off the end of the season!

Full Results hear Shrewsbury Quadrathlon 2016

I would like to say a huge thank-you to Gill Otto and SYtri for letting us, once again be part of their triathlon, British Quadrathlon really appreciate this ….. Superbly organized, very friendly and great value for money, you left no stone unturned! The marshals were brilliant and a special thanks to Shrewsbury Canoe Club for the river cover, I had ‘Julian Brewer’ singing there praises after they rescued his kayak as he got pushed by the currant into the pontoon, so big thanks to them!

It was so good to see plenty of onlookers enjoying the Quadrathlon, and I have had so much positive feedback from the Quadrathletes, and from Triathletes all wanting to add another discipline next year! We hope SYTri will have us back next year for another great race …..thank you for our 5th Shrewsbury Quad!



Box End Sprint Quad 2016

Despite the entries being low, (compared to the World Cup Race last year) there was certainly some great Racing at Box End Sprint Quad on Sunday 17th July.  Our top GB Quadrathletes were out in force and over two thirds of the competitors were all BQA members all supporting this great race! Superb conditions warm with a slight breeze and excellent under foot and tyre for the cross bikes! Once again great organization and all within the Watersports Park, ideal for spectators …. You couldn’t wish a better way to spend a morning, dressed in Lycra, surrounded by the best crowd of like-minded athletes!

In the men’s event Steve Rust was first out of the swim (11.19),  with Steve King (non wetsuit) and Adam Norfolk close behind. Steve and Adam soon took the lead in the kayaks producing the joint fastest split (26.50). Steve Rust and Oliver Main also had good kayak legs, but once Steve King got on the bike he started to pull away (split 38.00), Adam chased hard but Steve held him off to keep the lead in to the run. Julian Brewer, Phil Holden and Steve Rust also had good bike legs and the final positions were to be decided on the run. Steve King maintained the lead to win (1.40.21) also winning Vet 40, with Adam in 2nd (1.43.17). Julian Brewer having worked his way up the field was now running very well and moved into 3rd to take Vet 50 (1.54.37) leaving Steve Rust, Phil Holden, and Oliver Main to fight for 4th 5th and 6th place. They finished in that order Steve (1.56.30) Phil (1.57.17) Oliver (1.57.47).

There were many creditable performances from our supportive BQA members

7th Mark Pryor (2.01.03) had the time to organize his event and race it too!

8th Stuart West (2.01.46)

9th Russell Breyer (2.02.29)

11th Lance Ball (2.06.59)

12th Peter Chappill (2.08.27)

19th John Redmond (2.25.20) 1st VET 60

In the Ladies event Jacqueline Davis had a very strong swim (12.30) with Jean Ashley in 2nd place. Jean chased her down in the kayak (her best discipline – 31.37) to move into the lead. It was the twins Mary White and Margaret Huyton who were the ‘super cross bike stars’, both of them putting in very creditable bike splits. Mary chased Jean and moved into 2nd place. Jean held her off to take the overall win and Vet 50 (2.09.43), Mary 2nd and Vet 60 (2.11.34)  Jacqueline held on to 3rd and Vet 40 (2.21.09). Margaret 4th (2.30.34)  A special mention must go to Louise Beedham (19yrs) she put in a very good performance (2.43.46), it’s her first year at racing Quadrathlon, she is still mastering the 4 disciplines and having done the Brigg Bomber she decided to continue to train and race, with the challenge of doing 3 in the BQA National Trophy Series …she is certainly showing true commitment to conquering the 4 disciplines, well done Louise!

Must mention BQA member Cliff Odgers in his first Quadrathlon … ‘he was doing really well having almost mastered his K1 paddling, then his chain went and snapped on the first hill! ‘Really sorry Cliff …. sack the bike mechanic’!!!

Once again a big thanks to Mark Pryor, Gillian and his Team from Quadrac racing, for the excellent race, marshaling, time keeping and superb goodie bags (I must say there aren’t many Triathlons you get a silicon swim hat, lovely Tech T-shirt, a tube of Jaffa cakes, naked bar and a posh multi vitamin drink all for £25!!!) Great Value Mark!

Quadrathletes please keep supporting our Quad races, we do NEED your support, this race was on the verge of being cancelled due to lack of entries and it did run at a loss …. So PLEASE spread the word and lets fill the 50 Quadrathlon slots at Shreswbury Sprint Quad on 4th September, check the race out on our ‘Events page’

Thanks again to everyone who supported Box End Quad …. we hope you enjoyed it and you’ll be back for more!

Results Box End Quadrathlon 2016 Results

European Championships 2016 Brigg Bomber!

Three things you can always guarantee about The Brigg Bomber, 1 – superb organization with the friendliest race crew and marshals ever, 2 – brilliant and exciting racing and 3 – a brilliant quality T-Shirt not a bike cleaning cloth! They did it again Lincsquad pulled off a Superb European Championships and we even had a dry day with some sunshine too!

It was so good to see lots of our GB athletes winning trophies, old names and new names alike, great to see paddlers David and Matt Oliver back racing Quadrathlon too. Our European athletes coped with the British weather and all produced superb results! There were plenty of keen Quadrathletes all embracing the challenge of four disciplines and enjoying this great championship race.

Michael Mason

The start list in the men’s race was very impressive 5 of the World’s Best, plus plenty of top age groupers too. The Ancholme was a ‘tad’ chilly but with plenty of adrenalin flowing it soon warmed up, Stefan Teichert (GER) was first out 20.36 with Steve King (GBR) just seconds behind 20.42, then the top favourite Enrique Peces (ESP) 30 seconds behind. King and Teichert were paddling well close together it was only at the final bridge Peces overtook them both. GBR athletes Michael Mason and Adam Norfolk established themselves in the top 5 by paddling the fastest kayak splits, Mason 36.57 and Norfolk 37.14

Adam Norfolk

The bike course is fast and flat and King put in an excellent top split 54.48 giving him a great lead. Peces held onto 2nd with Teichert 3rd Mason and Norfolk were close behind going into the run where the final results were to be made! Peces running the fastest split of the day 35.25 went into the lead overtaking King at 3km. Teichert was closing on King, but on the second lap Mason was running strong and moved into 3rd place, leaving Teichert in 4th. Norfolk put in the 2nd fastest run of the day 36.12 to take 5th place … Quadrathlon Racing at its very best! So plenty of excitement for the spectators!

Steve King Silver + Gold Vet 40
13267957_1734325383472575_7624081502971470342_n (1)
European Champion Gold Enrique Peces









Lisa Teichert

                                The Womens event saw Lisa Teichert (GER) going into the lead from the start, new comer Sandra Hyslop (ex GB Team Wildwater Racer) came in 2nd after the swim. Sandra’s kayak was the fastest split by 1 second 42.59. Jean Ashley having her strong kayak leg moved into 3rd place overtaking Helen Dyke. Lisa pulled away on the bike, whilst Jean started to close in on Sandra. However just like the men’s race it would all be decided on the run leg! Lisa by this time was well and truly unstoppable! Sandra was holding onto 2nd place with Jean 3rd with one lap to go. Helen is known to us all for her epic running, and in true style running a 39.49 split, on the 2nd lap she over took Jean and finally Sandra to move into 2nd place.

Sandra Hyslop
Helen Dyke








Jack Garner and guide Peter Chappill



Congratulations to all finishers, especially U23 Jack Garner and his guides who came home in an amazing 3.31.41. Also Lincsquad’s junior Louise Beedham winning Junior Gold! There were plenty of BQA members flying the flag too, many of them taking Championship titles … a great start to the Season!
There were lots of other very creditable performances, and many personal goals achieved … I’m not quite sure what it is about our sport that makes it special, but every athlete that crosses the finish line has that little extra sense of achievement knowing they have just completed a Quadrathlon!

Once again a Big Thanks to ‘Lincsquad’ who certainly put the Brigg Bomber on the World Circuit in True Style, and hopefully motivated many onlookers, and athletes in the Team Event to maybe go Solo next year!


Thanks also to the Sponsors ‘Keyo Agricultural Services’ and to  Wildcoyphotography for the brilliant photos https://www.facebook.com/wildcoyphotography/

Lincsquad Brigg Bomber and European Quadrathlon Provisional Results 2016 Brigg Bomber Results

European Championships Winners Men

1 Enrique Peces (ESP) 2:32:50 Gold + Elite Gold
2 Steve King (GBR) 2:35:50 Silver + Vet 40 Gold
3 Michael Mason (GBR) 2:36:31 Bronze + Vet 40 Silver
4 Stefan Teichert (GER) 2:37:09 Elite Silver
5 Adam Norfolk (GBR) 2:37:46 Elite Bronze
6 Nigel Unwin (GBR) 2.49.24 Vet 50 Gold
7 Dave Bradburn 2.50.31 Vet 40 Bronze + 1st Newcomer
Julian Brewer 3.04.36 Vet 50 Silver
Mark Pryor 3.07.38 Vet 50 Bronze
John Redmond 3.53.27 Vet 60 Gold
Andrew Gage 4.12.10 Vet 60 Silver

1 Lisa Hirschfelder (GER) 2:54:17 Gold + Elite Gold
2 Helen Dyke (GBR) 3:13:37 Silver + Vet 40 Gold
3 Sandra Hyslop (GBR) 3:14:52 Bronze + Elite Silver
4 Jean Ashley (GBR) 3:19:05 Vet 50 Gold
5 Victoria Price (GBR)3:35:38 Elite Bronze
Susan Couch (GBR) 4.05.36 Vet 40 Silver
Louise Beedham 4.08.05 Junior Gold

Other Age Group ‘BQA Members’ Gold Medal Winners


Nigel Unwin Vet 50 Gold
Nigel Unwin Vet 50 Gold
John Redmond Vet 60 Gold
John Redmond Vet 60 Gold
Jean Ashley