Tribute to the Brigg Bomber

So last weekend we should of all been racing at in the European Quadrathlon Championships ‘Brigg Bomber’ and it was great to see that some Quadrathletes took it upon themselves to do there own Social Distancing Brigg Bomber!!

Lance Ball and I from Cheshire started our swim in the River Dee at 9.00am this morning, after our transition at the canoe club we went back in the water for our 5 mile windy kayak. Canoes back on their racks, we headed to our separate cars where we got on our bikes and took to the undulating Cheshire countryside. Finally we packed our bikes back in the cars and headed off out and back on our very suuny run, we finished in 3hrs 25mins later! In true Bomber style it was windy, but as always we had a great time, we did miss those cheering marshals and all the friendly faces, but we certainly worked hard and ‘earned our T-shirt Tour tonight’!! Lance was extremely pleased as he said ‘it was the first time he’d made the podium!’ 






Thinking of ‘The Lincsquaders’ all the way Jean and Lance  #makingthemost 


I also had a note from Russel Breyer, Lee Morgan and Russel (both Quadrathletes) did something similar to replicate the Bomber, (more or less) standard distance quadrathlon based in a local village Stratford St Mary with the swim and kayak on the lovely River Stour. Russel’s words ‘We of course socially distanced … in fact, as the race went on the social distance got greater and greater, in Lee’s favour! We had a great day and we hope to see you all soon, fellow quadrathletes….stay safe’….. Russel

Whilst in Brigg Pete Chappell and Kev Lovett reiterated the ‘Bomber’ and the good old ‘Adventure Challenge’ (for those of you who are old enough to remember that great event!

Pete’s account ….. Sunday the 24th May 2020 about 0830 I jumped into the river and swam the Bomber route. Kev acted as a bank safety officer. It was strange not having feet in my face and people swimming over me but all went well considering I only swam 5 times since March. The time was one of my best!! My transition was in the back of my van. We set off on the Adventure Challenge bike route Kev powering ahead, no problem with social distancing. The wind was gusting around 20 mph from the west and it was overcast, a nice 16 degrees.

Pete flying the Flag

The gusting wind was something I was not used to with indoor training, and Kev was lost in the distance.

Into transition and the Bomber kayak leg for me. Kev had decided to go around the island and was nowhere to be seen. The wind blowing across the river didn’t cause any major problems. The kayak went well considering only 6 training paddles, and having missed the expert tuition I would have had at the Wales training camp. Transitioned on to the run using the improved Adventure challenge route along the river. Some may recall the nettle hopping rough grass single track, not now the path is a joy.

Kev Flying the Flag

Some 3.1/2 hours later saw us running into the cheering crowd, of swans, at the finish. We both finished. Banana, milk, photographs and medals. I must say it is different without others to chase and shout encouragement to as they pass me. I have experienced the world of the front runner and found it a lonely place so I won’t go there again, that’s my excuse anyway.

Both Jean, Dave and Pete all agreed that the tee shirt tour was slightly quieter than usual ….  but no queuing for service.









Just a thought …… it would be a GREAT idea to KEEP OUR SPORT ALIVE, if any of you fancy replicating ‘Dearne Valley’ on 14th June, get out and have a go, even if its difficult to manage all 4 disciplines, you could certainly do 2 or 3! We’d love to see your photos and hear your stories, please post on the BQA Facebook page and lets Share the Passion and keep Our Quadrathlon Spirit Shinning Bright!

Stay Strong missing you all Jean XX