The World Quadrathlon National Team Trophy

Exciting News from The World Quadrathlon Federation, we have a new Trophy! The World Quadrathlon National Team Trophy will be awarded annually by the WQF. It will be awarded to the Nation with the highest number of points scored in the each of the 16 WQF Age group and Gender categories by an individual national, in any ONE of the World Cup races during the season.

This is great news for all the athletes racing in World Cup races … you can get those important points to help support your National Team! If no individual from a nation is represented in an age/gender group, then zero points will be scored for that category. Also only one person from each age group scores points for their nation and it is only the score from their best race that counts.

Carved from the ‘Mighty English Oak’!

The trophy will be held by the winning nation for one year. It will be that nation’s responsibility to have the Trophy Engraved on the reverse (example: 2019 Great Britain) and ensure the trophy is available to be presented at the last World Cup Race  of the following season.

The Trophy was beautiful carved out of English seasoned Oak by ‘Antony Dala’ Wood Sculpture and a triathlete who is a good friend of Jean Ashley’s. He also made the Wonderful Diva Devas Trophy in 2017.

The Metal plates we cut by another friend Helene Gilmour A Big Thank-you to our 2 talented Artists that have made sure our sport is rewarded with such ‘strong solid natural masterpieces’ … just like our Quadrathletes!