Thank You Quadrac Racing

Mark Pryor and his Quadrac Team, have finally folded up their company ‘Quadrac’. The Quadrathlon community will be sad the hear this, but the BQA and all our quadrathletes would like to thank them for all their hard work and races they have given us over the past 20 years, wish them all the very best in their ventures and hope they all continue enjoying their future sporting activities as much as we have enjoyed ourselves at Wadenhoe and Box End Quads in the past!

Wadenhoe Winter Series
Quadmaster Eric Hatliff

Our ‘Quadfather Eric Hatliff’ retired from organizing the Wadenhoe Quadrathlon Series down in Bedford in 2004. Mark Pryor, Richard Prion and Richard Beard, Lisa Webster, Mark Tinkler formed ‘Quadrac Racing’  and took over organizing the Summer race and the Winter Series. They then instigated the ‘Box End Quadrathlon’ which has been one of our main races in the Trophy Series for the last 15 years! Gillian Melia, Allan Davis, and Trevor (time keeping) also joined the team to make Box End a superbly organized event year in year out!

Box End Quad

Many of us have great memories of this Tough off Road Sprint Quad, which over the years had World Cup Status, National Championship Status and more importantly supported all standards of athletes and also our ‘QuadKidz’ the stars of the future! One of the most memorable races was when Gold Medal Olympic C2 Kayak Athlete Etienne Stott came to race the Quad, he proved to be very good at swimming, biking and running too! He had time to join in the banter, and presented the prizes which made the day very special!  Mark Pryor’s claim to fame was he taught Etienne to Kayak at ‘Scouts’!

Etienne with Quadkidz Winner Hermione

So thank you Quadrac for all those memories and for giving so much to our sport, we will always be thankful for those great events!

Quadrac Racing have closed the company and have very kindly donated £1000 to the BQA which we will invest back into our sport. They have also given us their large Feather Quadrac flags, the poles are in great condition so with some of the donated money the BQA have invested in some new feather flags to help promote our sport.

These have just arrived from ‘Northen Flags’ and look absolutely fabulous, we have 4 flags – ‘Swim, Kayak, Bike and Run’ and can be used at all our Quadrathlons. They are really eye catching and certainly help raise the profile and promote our sport ….. So watch out all race organizers I’ll be bringing them along to ‘Fly the BQA Flag at our events! So once again Big Thanks Quadrac …. all those years have been invested and the memories will live on!

New Flags!