Sending ‘James Block’ Our Healing Wishes

James in 3rd place Overall at Shrewsbury Quad 2019

Many of you will know Quadrathlete and excellent kayaker ‘James Block’ from Shrewsbury, he was involved a head on car accident a fortnight ago. Sadly the all the family were in the car but the good news is, that despite the many serious injuries, none are life threatening, and they are all mending.

James and one daughter are still in Stoke hospital, Jo his wife and the younger daughter were discharged last Wednesday but Jo is staying in to support the other daughter. Grandparents are looking after the younger daughter.

It is thought that the driver of the other car lost consciousness while driving causing her car to  swerve into the oncoming traffic. So tragic for her family.

The local newspaper write up is here: 

Thanks to Gill Otto for letting us know,  we wanted to let BQA members know, so that good thoughts and our positive healing wishes can boost the determination of them all to get fit again soon. They are certainly all fighting souls and our thoughts are with them all.

The main photo shows James and his sporty family at Shrewsbury quad last year.