Paddle Boarding? New WQF Rule

The World Quadrathlon Federation have just finalized the 2022 congress, this includes World Cup Races, Championships, WQF finances and improvements for the future of our sport. This year there has been an important rule change which we hope may entice more people to take part in our sport.

The Governing Quadrathlon Bodies (British BQA, Germany, Poland, Hungary and Spain) have had requests from ‘paddle boarders’ who wish to join in our races, by using a paddle board instead of a kayak. After much discussion we felt it was a good way of introducing more people to our sport. However, we would prefer athletes to use kayaks where possible.

Application of this new rule is entirely up to RACE ORGANIZER’S DISCRETION; they may not allow them if they feel paddle boarders wouldn’t fit into their race constraints. If you do wish to use a Paddle Board it is VITAL that you check with your Race Organizer before you enter the Race. 


WQF Rule Change 6.2.a to: It is allowed to use any sort of kayak or canoe, (K-1, wild water kayak, sea kayak, surf ski, touring kayak, Stand Up Paddleboard ). K2’s are allowed, if paddled by an individual competitor or if the competitor is Disabled ie: Blind.

Change 6.2.c to: The Organizer or the Race Marshals can forbid unusual or very slow equipment, which may cause danger or give an advantage to a competitor. The Organizer can also impose a time limit for completion of the kayak section. Wherever possible, any such changes required by the Organizer must be made clear in the race information they provide.

There will NOT be any separate prize categories for paddle boards, they will have to compete along side kayaks at this stage. The rule will be reviewed at the end of 2022.