Mud but plenty of Smiles at Dearne Valley

Thank goodness the days of rain we’d had finally stopped in time for the Dearne Valley Quadrathlon, our 2nd Trophy Race of the Season, lots of passion for our sport, with non stop smiles as juniors, first timers, and seasoned quadrathletes crossed the finish line! Organizer Mark Benton and his ‘Team’ of volunteers and marshals hosted a great race for us all, there enthusiasm and friendliness shone through, to make their 3rd time of running the event a huge success, thank-you you did your selves proud yet again!

A fantastic turnout with 13 juniors, 8 in the Quad and 5 in the Tri, and 34 seniors in the Quad and 32 in the Tri, so all the pre race training days organized by Mark Benton and Mandy Greenaway certainly paid off, so again a big thanks for getting those athletes in kayaks and encouraging them to do the Quad!

The kids races got underway at 8:30am and everyone seemed to be having a good time. As always they were supported the whole way around. The ethos of the Manvers Waterfront Boat Club is one of inclusivity and giving everyone a chance, which is just how it should be, this was clear throughout the weekend and it was good to see the kids giving it their all, Congratulations to them all!

Gemma Block 13F Junior Quad 1st Girl
Hermione Ball 13F Junior Quad 2nd Girl
Tabatha Caruthers 14F
Rebecca Lewis 13F
Willow Lewis 8F
Blake Mawson Burren 15M Junior Quad 1st Boy
Thomas Caruthers 15M Junior Quad 2nd Boy
Theo Caruthers 13M

Blake Mawson Burren
Gemma Block






The kids presentations were made at around 9:30am. The jubilant podium finishers collected their certificates, proud parents cheered and the adult Quadrathletes and Triathletes assembled ready for their races.

It was a real mixture of 34 quadrathletes racing with 20 of those BQA members, so plenty of National Trophy points ready to be picked up!  There were plenty of athletes giving the quad a go for the first time, and they looked like they had given everything and had a great time!

BQA trophy 2019 After 2 Races

Congratulations to the Winners and to all those BQA Members Flying the Flag for British Quadrathlon, as ever thank-you for the support, you make our races tick!

Alan Cole
Pete Tindall
Mark Pryor




Overall Male                                                                                  
1st Alan Cole Vet 40
2nd James Block Vet 50
3rd Peter Tindall Vet 40

BQA Members
4th Mark Pryor Vet 50
5th Pete Chappill Vet 50
7th Lance Ball Vet 50
8th Wayne Smith Vet 40
9th Mike Garnock Jones Vet 60
11th John Redmond Vet 60
13th Chris Moorhouse Vet 50
16th David Jones Vet 60

Helen Russell
Gillian Melia
Helen Adams






Overall Ladies
1st Helen Russell Vet 40
2nd Gillian Melia Vet 50
3rd Helen Adams Vet 50

BQA Members
4th Elizabeth Angood Senior
6th Helen Recchia Vet 60
7th Mandy Greenaway Vet 50
8th Caz Jones Vet 50
9th Amanda Clements Vet 40
10th Margaret Huyton Vet 60
11th Mandy Lewis Vet 40

Link to some Action Shots on the BQA Facebook Page (Thanks to Mike Ford).