Manvers Quadrathlon 19th June 2022

A Big Thanks to Mark Benton and his very enthuiastic Team of Volunteers and Marshals to organizing this great sprint Quadrathlon Race for all ages including our ‘Quadkidz ‘our up and coming Quad Stars of the Future! Thanks also to ‘Mark David and Caz Jones’ who have been organizing Quad Training Days and encouraging newcomers to our sport, they do a fantastic job for the BQA! Thanks to ‘Caz’ also for the race Report, sounds like you all had a fabulous day … well done to Everyone who took part in this super friendly event!


Team Manvers Blake, Caz, David and Clare

The day started with a buzz of expectation as Team Manvers event team and volunteers welcomed competitors to Manvers Waterfront. Some having arrived the day before and camped on site by the lake. The weather gods were kind remaining dry and offering a cool 16 degrees following the previous day’s heat wave temperatures and rain burst. The north westerly breeze built towards the afternoon providing a slight chop in what’s known locally as ‘washing machine corner’. The lake looked stunning in the sunshine, fish jumping, waterfowl gathering and an array of kayaks with one duck deciding a K1 a good place to perch for a while. The transition filled, the large orange pyramid buoys marked the swim and kayak course and supporters and athletes chatted to catch up. Welcome back Quadrathlon to Manvers.

Mark Benton completed the race briefing, safety crew, time keepers and marshals were in place and Manvers Quadrathlon could begin. First the juniors Quadkidz: experienced triathletes and first time quadrathlete brothers Jacob and Charlie Haslingden took up the challenge and set a high bar for the adults to follow, they took 1st place in their respective age groups…. Welcome to the quad family!

Then it was the turn our turn. The mass swim start including triathletes produced the usual flurry of arms and spray around the 2 lap 400m course. Lead on water safety, Mark Toller reported the swimmers generally spread out well and was thanked for the support during the day. I have to mention first lady out of the water, Clare Addy, first quadrathlon at Dearne Valley, fantastic Clare and one to watch in the future. Supporting crew Claire Higgins and hopeful future quadrathlete? Then Craig Haslingden, Dad taking on the family challenge, Dad (apt for ‘fathers day’) first out of the water in 13:09 and overall mens winner, 1:45 :25. Another farther and son, Steve and Alex Owen completing their first quadrathlon in fantastic spirit. Blake Mawson, previous Quadkidz star, now in seniors (watch out guys), supported by his father, Bob Mawson (water sports coach), smashed the course in a time 1:54. Blake doing this as a ‘warm up’ before his Gold D of E 3 day expedition – Go Blake!

Continuing with the men, Lincsquad were out in force and including support crew Donna Chappill. Wayne Smith, second out of the swim and second overall 1:52:26, great result. John McAdam and Peter Chappill finished with only seconds between them, close racing, John taking third place 1:53:07 and Peter only just behind in 1:53:47. Russell Breyer coming in on their heels , a super kayak in 26:54 and finishing in 1:55:22. Mike Garnock-jones completed in 2:01 , great time and kayak section completed in TM club K1 stability 8. Andrew Lawson no far behind completing in 2:04:30. Finally, John Mcleod, a brilliant time of 2:14:20. What more can I say my hero!









Back to the women, first , Helen Adams, continues her good form completing in 1:56. Helen Recchia , WV60 with a completing time of 2:12, fabulous result. More new athletes Elizabeth Baldwin 2:32 and Rachael McGowan 2:47 friends sharing their challenge together. Well done ladies. Paul Ellis from Team Manvers and fresh from Leeds triathlon completed in 2:16, his first Quadrathlon. Finally, I must mention Kathleen de Mengal experiencing the challenges of all elements for the first time. Thanks to Mark Benton being flexible and inclusive and everybody’s encouragement. I spoke to Kath before and she was so nervous and then afterwards so pleased with her achievement. 

Thanks to Donna Chappill for the photo shoot, we had a Fabulous Day! Its so good to be part of The Quad family, see you at the next one — Caz Jones Team Manvers.

Full Results Dearne Valley results 2022

BQA Trophy Results after 2 Races BQA Trophy 2022 after 2 Races




Thanks also to Wayne Smith, (Lincsquad) who give us an account of his Great Race, coming 2nd Overall. 

After a the disappointment of a DNF at the Bomber a few weeks earlier due to a knee injury in my very last training run, I was apprehensive about going to Manvers but after a couple of trips to the physio and a 1K test run done, I booked on with a week to go knowing what a great venue and event it is.
Woke before my alarm clock and most kit was ready the night before. Boat on, bike in, quick cuppa and breakfast before I hit the road.
I arrived at Manvers which is noticeably changed from pre COVID, with an excellent extension to facilities taking shape and new housing development just over the fence. What a great place to live that will be, with views over the lake.

I just love the simplicity of this event and low key approach which does not detract from the experience. At registration I receive one race number to be worn on a belt, that’s it. No stickers or chips or bands and it all still works brilliantly. The weather being kind, with some sunshine breaking through at times and a light breeze was ideal for pre-race faffing and chatting with familiar faces.

Proceedings kicking off with the junior events and plenty of encouragement given by all to some much needed future senior Quadrathletes.
Soon came the call for the seniors to get in the water and after a few minutes to acclimatize we set off.
The water temperature was really nice and I was into my breathing quickly. Lots of splashing and arms and legs and no idea really where I was in the field, but having a great time anyway. Settled in and found myself at the same pace as someone with a tow buoy, so that was making sighting really easy, assuming they were going the right way? Swim progressed fine with only a bit of an accidental clash with someone about halfway, 50/50 I recon. I think it was someone in a black wetsuit and a bright swim cap?

Wayne’s Bike Transition

Transition to bike done with minimal disorientation, the warmer water helps I think for me.
Onto the bike and off down the track, some loose gravel early on and some narrow points but no mud this year. I found myself having to take a little time to find a safe place to overtake and also give way to faster riders, but better safe than sorry. A few walkers and runners etc. to negotiate, bumpy tree roots into the mix and I managed to loose my drink bottle along the way out. Worked hard to the turn point which is deceptively an uphill drag, more noticeable I found when I’d turned and on the way back it started to feel a little easier going. I find the trail a bit it technical in places and I suspect that compared to an event with a road bike leg, bike selection here is a big part of getting the best result. My move from a mountain bike in previous years to a hybrid with bigger wheels seemed to help me. Maybe a gravel bike could be better still?

Wayne Kayaking

Onwards to the Kayak!
Launched and looking ahead I couldn’t see many boats out already which is not where I am normally in an event. Some choppy water and cross wind at first. I guess this is normal at Manvers and character building? Never been there yet on a flat calm day. Had a bit of a moment where I was bearing down on a couple of plastic boats into a turn and accidentally bumped into the back of one multiple times, light contact only, honest. It was like we were being drawn together? Really sorry if that was you, I think the wind was involved also.

Wayne running strong into the Finish

Onto the run.
Was dreading this, not knowing how this was going to work out after a layoff from injury. I soon became aware of another seasoned Lincsquad athlete, Pete Chappill only a few meters behind me and for at least the first mile or so was making me doubt whether I could hold him off. No sooner had I stretched out a small gap, then I took a wrong turn at a fork and had to double back. I was able to keep the pace and caught Pete again and also near to the end, John McAdam. Great respect to both, and an inspiration, both an age group above me. I hope I can keep doing this Quad thing for a few more years also.




P.B. time for me, so couldn’t be happier. I had a great day a judging by the smiles of others a success all round.
Thanks for Team Manvers for the event, top job!

Race De-brief and Leg Bath Recovery!

Thanks also to Helen Adams winner of the Ladies Race for her Race Report.

The last time I did this race was back in 2019 so it was good to see it back on the British Quadrathlon Association (BQA) race calendar and the points won counting towards the BQA Trophy.

The seniors race started at 09:30 a late start but it allowed us to watch and encourage the younger generation having a go and, in some cases, trying Quad or Tri. for the very first time. Well done to all those that took part.

Swim exit

My swim was good, a few argy-bargys round the buoys but I held my own, stuck it out and did the 800m circuit in a time of 00:16:58.

The 15km bike route was on a gravel trail following part of the Trans Pennine Trail cycle path. This was technical and fun especially on a bike built for going fast on tarmac roads. I took it easy knowing applying the brakes too hard I’ll be skidding on the gravel and probably crash. Route completed in a time of 00:42:50, but a note to self – zip up the snack pouch when riding bumpy ground! Yep, managed to scatter my precious Jelly Babies across the trail

Helen Kayaking

On to the kayak … A deep water start and off on the five lap course to cover the 4km distance. Lap four and drama at one of the turn buoys. It came very close to a boat-to-boat contact as four of us tried to round the buoy with not a lot of space / water to manoeuvre. One paddler steamed through causing me to nearly tip in. But a quick reaction support stroke which isn’t easy in a wobbly boat whilst using a set of wing paddles, I saved myself the embarrassing second swim. Being annoyed at getting myself boxed in at a turn buoy I put some effort in and completed the course in 00:29:12

Helen entering transition

The 5km run. I wasn’t looking forward to as I’d been suffering from a calf injury for the last few weeks. It was a matter of try and see. Thankfully although the calf did twinge, I completed the route in 00:27:50

As always, the race was well organised and this is down to the staff, safety crew and volunteers at Manvers Waterfront Boat Club. Thank You I had a great day … Helen Adams