Lincsquad are Waiting for us!

So the Quadrathlon Race Season is almost here … Lincsquad are getting ready for us all, here is a sneaky preview of this lovely medal. It could be yours …. If you haven’t got your entry in yet – now is your chance! 27th May Brigg Bomber Quadrathlon

BE THERE a great start to the season!

So sign up quickly:

Also 16th & 17th June Our QuadKidz have there chance to shine, Lincsquad are hosting an amazing weekend
Lincsquad are putting on a full days training workshop that offers a chance to learn and practice technique across all the elements before offering the opportunity to put it all together in the main age group events on Sunday.
The Swim workshop covers: Wetsuit fitting, warm ups, safe water entry/exit, sighting and transition. Wetsuits are compulsory for this activity. Note: You must be able to swim freestyle for 50metres non stop.
The Bike workshop will look at practicing transition, emergency puncture repairs, gear restrictions, helmet fitting, safety checks, and bike handling. Cycling will be off-road. MTB/ Cyclocross bike reqd. Helmets are compulsory.
The Kayaking will cover: safety, paddling, entry/ exit, and transition. We have Kayaks are available to hire. See website for details
The run session will cover: gait, transition, and pacing, basic nutrition advice The run is carried out off-road.
Our coaches are qualified through British Triathlon, British Cycling, and UK Athletics. This includes first aid, safe guarding,and full DBS checks.
See all the details here QK Fy v2
A Big Thanks to Lincsquad for Flying the Flag for The British Quadrathlon Association and promoting our Amazing Sport … ‘When 3 Disciplines Just Aren’t Enough’