Lincs-QuadKidz Barnton Training Weekend & Race

Thank-You to Lincsquad Youth Committee for putting together this great weekend of training and racing for our QuadKidz. The weather was certainly windy which made conditions in the water challenging all weekend but at least it was dry. As ever plenty of smiles, supportive coaches and helpers encouraging the youngsters all weekend! The training day, worked on all aspects of the event – swim, bike , kayak, run, transitions and also a nutrition talk, so all aspects covered really well.

Pete Chappell ‘Club coach’ reported ‘On the morning of the race the wind was blowing from the South West and caused quite a swell on the water so in order that the first time open water swimmers and first time kayakers could experience their first every Quadrathlon, it was decided to reduce the swim and kayak distances for the 9 to 12 years age group.
I have to thank all the more experienced age group athletes for agreeing to this. Some promising talent displayed their abilities and long may they continue to develop. All the athletes completed and received the excellent designed QuadKidz medal. The whole weekend was very tiring but most rewarding, the adults will sleep well on Sunday night, but given the chance the youth probably party on!!
The initial feedback has been very positive, I know the event day will be an annual event in the series.
See you at Box end with more followers!





QuadKidz Results Race 2 Results Lincs-QuadKidz-2018

Max Underwood-Frost reports on the weekends events – Quadkidz Barton Quadrathlon

We arrived at Barton on the Saturday to do a training day, working on all aspects of the event (swim, bike , kayak, run, transitions and a nutrition talk by Pete). Then after listening to Pete’s nutrition talk we thought we should all go for an Indian. ????

Some of us stayed overnight in tents which was really nice and when I woke up on the Sunday I started to get all my stuff ready for the race.

The swim personally was my favourite of the four disciplines and this time the swim was longer then the last one which I very much enjoyed. As I got out the water I saw two other people had come out with me but they got a very big head start on the bike because of my disastrous transition after not being able to get my wetsuit off (thanks Jeff for helping me).

After my struggle in T1 I got on my bike and tried to make up the time I had just lost. I had a 3 lap bike that was on a grassy trail with a little downhill.

As I got into 2nd transition I was glad that it went better then T1 and got ready for the kayak, putting on my buoyancy aid and running to Kayak In. Getting into the kayak I was hopeful that I could make some time up from earlier on. The kayak was a very hard course from the wind and I would like to say well done to everyone who was able to complete it because even Kev said he struggled with the wind later on. Coming out of the kayak leg I was lucky to be in first position and went into t3.

I got onto the run, we had to do just over 3km which I was ok with, and really enjoyed it and even though I had forgotten about the second lap I still kept my pace and kept 1st place.

I would like to thank everyone involved especially Pete, Donna, Jeff and all the others that organised the event. I would like to congratulate all the competitors on completing the race and anyone who is thinking about doing one of these weekends should because it was great fun.

Looking forward to Box End. Max

Congratulations to Max who won Dearne Valley and now the Lincsquad Quadkidz event on the 17th June, Max Underwood-Frost secures the 2018 title with one more still to complete!