Keyo Brigg Sprint

Big Thanks to Lincsquad for adding this New Quadrathlon to our calendar this year!  The Keyo Brigg Sprint distance Quadrathlon was organised by our wonderful ‘LincsQuad’ and consisted of a 750m pool swim, followed by a 4km Kayak, 19km road cycle and finishing with a 5km road run. The course is flat, fast and ideal for both experienced quadrathletes and those wanting to race the shorter distance. There was a great turnout of 22 athletes, a lot of them looking for National Trophy Points, as it was the final trophy Race of the Season!

The weather was kind, though a little chilly but no wind so a great morning for racing. Sadly due to the green weed in the river the race had to be changed to a pool swim, nobody seamed to mind this though counting the lengths did cause a few problems, but all were resolved in the final results. Well Done to all the athletes racing, great to see old faces coming back, plus some newcomers, and off course our ‘year in year out’ quadrathletes who are the back bone of our sport, constantly supporting all our races each year!

Jules, Mat, Nicholas

A Big thanks must go to The Lincsquad Team, the instigators of the race, the sponsors ‘Keyo’ and all the marshals that give up their time to enable us athletes to do what we love! It is all very much appreciated by the BQA and all its members ….. Thank -You!

Congratulations to the Overall Winners and all the age groupers!           Full results Brigg Keyo Sprint

1st Mat Stephenson 1.23.05 – Vet 50
2nd Jules Taylor 1.29.52 – Vet 60
3rd Nicholas Farnell 1.34.49 – Vet 60


Winner Mat Stephenson
2nd Jules Taylor
3rd Nicholas Farnell






1st Helen Adams 1.41.47 – Vet 50
2nd Gilian Melia 1.42.15 – Vet 50
3rd Alison Stephenson 1.42.28 – Vet 50

Winner Helen Adams
2nd Gillian Melia
3rd Alison Stephenson






John McLeod
Mary White




A special mention must go to our Vet 70 Winners Congratulations Mary White 1.51.08 and John McLeod 1.58.55 they just get better with age!

Lance Ball

I just had to share this story with you all – A mention must go to Lance Ball who’s loyalty and honesty blew away Lincsquad’s organizers following his actions after the sprint event! At the prize giving Lance was given the Vet 50 Prize, he was driving home in the car, after an hour of re-living his race and thinking about his times he convinced himself he’d done 2 laps short in the swim! So he drove back another hour back up to Brigg got into the swimming pool, redid his swim and transition … and like he had suspected it confirmed he’d not done enough laps! So he left his Trophy at the Leisure Centre so it could be given to the true Vet 50 Winner Wayne Smith! He then spoke to Jeff Chappill to say he should be disqualified from the race for not completing the correct swim!

In true Quad Style Jeff (race director) confirmed that the correct action should be a calculated adjusted time with a small addition,  so Wayne finished 5th overall 1.39.20 and Lance 6th 1.39.37! A true testimony to Lance’s character and his love for his Quad Family … Thank-you Lance!

A Full BQA National Trophy Series Report and Results will follow soon, once we have the official Standings! But in the mean time Congratulations to Overall Winners Jules Taylor and Helen Adams who have both written us their race reports… thank you!

Jules Taylor  Race Report

The weeks always seem to go really slowly leading up to a race , then suddenly its here. The new Lincsquad Sprint Quadrathlon , and the last in the Trophy Series. An easy but long drive up from Bristol after work on Saturday evening , and a few early competitors already parked up . Rumours that the river had been replaced with a pool swim were confirmed as I went down and had a look by the torch on my phone….a swathe of weeds covering the whole surface, not too upset by that to be honest as all my swim training had been pool based this year!
It was a cold but clear morning and very soon many others were filling the car park up …a Sprint Triathlon was also running alongside the Quad, lots of fit looking athletes around.
Kit all sorted , race briefing done , and on to the poolside. With wave starts you’re never sure exactly whats unfolding race wise ….so the best thing to do is just cane it from the start! The swim went well, the lane was never crowded , I was soon out, into transition and out to the river. I was happy and looking forward to a strong kayak and hopefully put some time between myself and the other Trophy contenders , Wayne Smith , John McAdam , and Nicholas Farnell who I had been having a great time racing against for the V60 win in the other races.
But all too soon I could feel the weeds clogging up my rudder, I had managed to get a smaller one fitted , but it was still bigger than most on the K1s, and it was not good. I had to paddle as strong as I could , it was so hard and at every turn , the rudder would move but completely ineffective surrounded by all the vegetation. Each turn was rubbish , each turn other paddlers got closer , and closer , and on the final turn basically came to a halt desperately trying to bring the ski around, some passed me and I was getting really stressed about it. Finally pointing in the right direction and suddenly all the weeds seemed to have gone so it was a mad sprint to the landing , and run to transition… idea where anyone else was , I was just so glad to get on the bike.

This was not going to be remotely comfortable, it was cold , legs not moving too well and breathing far to hard so trying to settle down , spinning rather than pushing too strong , after about a third of the way finally into a rhythm so I could start to hunt some of the others down. Around the end roundabout , it was not what I wanted to see as many of the Quad riders were way closer than I expected , argh….got to push harder and harder , spin as much as possible , and just stay down on the bars all the way , heart rate way too high. At last I knew where everyone else was pretty much , so as long as no one passed me , I reckoned I could hold them off on the run …my favorite bit.

Transition went easily , and out on the run with cold numb feet but moving well, there had been only one other bike on the racking ….the eventual overall winner Mat Stephenson, so I just had to run strong and all would be ok.
Within 10 minutes or so I was moving well , running hard but felt really in control . Picking others off as they came into sight , it was shortly before the turn around and Mat ran past heading for home looking strong.
At the turn around, I upped the pace to have a good last section to the finish line ….that was hard work but I was extremely happy with my 2nd place overall, and 1st Vet 60!

It was amazing to end up as BQA Trophy Series Mens Champion….not even remotely thinking about such an outcome when I lined up in May for my first Quad for years.
Congratulations to Helen Adams winning the BQA Womens Trophy, and to all the other winners plus all the competitors who have raced this year…so good to see Quadrathlon alive and kicking in the UK.

What a fantastic job Lincsquad did this weekend, and for a first running of this Sprint Quadrathlon I have to say , it was faultless….you all put on a great event that went as smooth as any athlete could ever wish for . Thanks to everyone involved.

Its been a brilliant year , I’ve had some good results , and its definitely got me fired up for racing again . Hope everyone has a great winters training , and look forward to doing it all again in 2023. Cheers! Jules Taylor

Helen Adams Race Report

Having completed three qualifying races for the BQA Championship (Brigg Bomber, Manvers and Shrewsbury Sprint) and this being the last race of the BQA season points mattered! Working out from the BQA results, to win the championship I had to come 2nd overall … no pressure!

The Swim was changed to a pool swim, apparently the sluice gate that operates the water flow of the canal had broken in the shut position meaning no water flow resulting in green duckweed covering the water, it was OK to kayak (unless you capsize) but definitely a no go for swimmers.
After my swim there was a long(ish) run into to transition to pick up my race belt which had the timing chip attached and out to collect kayak, paddle and buoyancy aid. Due to the competitors being set off in waves I had no idea who was where in the big scheme of things, so it was very much a matter of race against the clock and do what I could. A good two lap paddle of the 4km course cutting a trail through the carpet of green with interesting turns under the bridges. Two of us trying the same manoeuvre is tricky so took it steady – now was not the time to go swimming in duck weed. Back to the landing stage timing it well to miss a bunch of paddlers getting out.

Exiting the kayak, the legs felt good – bonus as in past races my legs have cramped up. Having no kit to dump it was helmet on, bike shoes on, pick up bike and out. It did feel a little chilly and I was worried the feet would freeze but there being little to no wind this was not the case – another bonus.

Legs starting to feel like legs do after a bike ride it was onto the run. Surprisingly the run also went well and with the legs holding up the race was complete.

It was now a waiting game as to who came where etc.
… and the results – 1st female out of a field of 9 in a time of 01:41:47 (Overall – 08/22, Age Cat. Masters 50-59 – 01/05)
This race counted towards BQA Championship points, I am now BQA National Ladies Champion for 2022!

LincsQuad Quadrathlon Club – Thank you to the organisers, race directors, marshals, and sponsors for putting on a new event. Without the support and hard work of the club and its members these events would not happen, and hopefully it will be included on next year’s BQA Race calendar.

British Quadrathlon Association – Well Done to all who took part in the races throughout the season, it’s been great racing with fantastic support, advice and encouragement which is what the Quadrathlon family do best! Helen Adams

Jeff and Donna

Also presented at the Event was The Eric Hatliff Memorial Trophy ‘For Endeavor’ 2022 Congratulations the Chappills –  Donna, Jeff and Peter – They have ALL shown Enthusiasm & Commitment to Our Sport and have been involved with our Quadrathlon Family for many years showing true dedication!

They have been involved in organizing races and have encouraged many Athletes into our sport, you are all great supporters of The BQA. On behalf of the BQA we wish to say A BIG THANK-YOU for your Time and Effort it is very much appreciated!

Once again THANK YOU Lincsquad, you gave us another a great race and a ‘Perfect End’ to our Quadrathlon Season, we hope to see you all again in 2023!

Jean Ashley