Entries Open for Dearne Valley Sprint and Quadkidz Race 2018

Organizer Mark Benton has confirmed Details and Entries Open for Dearne Valley Sprint Quad and QuadKidz Races on 10th June. This race takes place around the Manvers Waterpark and its surrounding area, and for the QuadKidz all the racing takes place within this lovely Waterpark. The aim is to deliver, a Quadrathon where people from all walks of life can participate. Mark Benton (organizer) quotes ‘All that we ask is that you enjoy your training towards it and feel a great sense of achievement afterwards’.

The Junior Quadrathlon will run along side the sprint event, once again the BQA are very excited to be supporting ‘QuadKidz’ this will be the first Quadrathlon in the 2018 series for our youngsters. There are  various distances for the 3 age groups. (9-12) (13-16) and (16-18)

A Big thanks to Mark Benton for hosting  this for us … it will be time for our ‘QuadKidz’ to Shine!

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