Deva Divas Quadrathlon 2023

It was our 6th Deva Divas Quadrathlon, and once again the weather was kind despite a brisk wind it was warm and dry …. but whatever the weather there was always going to be sunshine in everyone’s heart and as always plenty of very happy ladies!

Its always very emotional reading so many wonderful messages from my Deva Diva Quadrathletes, as always there have been so many inspiring journeys that ladies have taken to get to that start line. A huge well done to every one of you, who took part …… I was so happy watching you all and very honored to be putting medals around your necks on the finish line,  there is so much love at the Deva Divas … just So Special!

I’m very proud to be part of Chester Triathlon Club, and Chester SCC and the ‘Special Team’ who gave up so much time to make this event ‘just one of the best!’ As always it’s a long list of volunteers, and a ‘Key Team’ who give so much to make the Deva Divas such a great event, especially Sally Napthan’ your Legacy gets Stronger and Stronger, it’s been yet another memorable Race Day!

MADCC Quad Team

Thank you to all you Deva Quad Girls for giving it your all, you pushed hard, smiled all the way and inspired many onlookers with your enthusiasm to take on 4 disciplines, it’s been a great pleasure to be part of your journey … and I’ll say it again, I’m so proud of you all … wear your T-Shirt & your medal – Bask in Your Glory … You did it!!✊

There was some great competitive racing in the top half of the field, most have their own goals, agendas and ambitions, many race for charities but one thing is fore sure …. there are smiles all the way! Congratulations to our Winner for the third year on the run, Eleanor Young, with Natalie Abbott in 2nd Place,  and Helen Adams in 3rd place.


1st Eleanor Young Senior – Senior 2.00.06
2nd Natalie Abbott – 1st Vet 60 2.03.52
3rd Helen Adams – 1st Vet 50 2.06.20

Special Mention to our BQA Members that flew the flag for the BQA, a Big thanks for supporting and inspiring many of our Deva Divas along the way! Also special thanks to our Male BQA Members that helped out in Kayak transition and on the water … Dave Ashley, David Jones, and Lance Ball  you help was much appreciated!



BQA Members

5th Nikki Hamerton – 2.06.48
6th Mary White – 2.09.07
7th Liz Dawson – 2.12.36
10th Hermione Ball – 2.20.38
12th Margaret Hyton – 2.25.17
22nd Caz Jones 2.40.30
23rd Claire Longney 2.40.59

Full Results Deva-Divas-2023 Quadrathlon

Take a look at our amazing Film of the Race Day Deva Divas  Film 2023

Also an amazing amount of SMILEY PHOTOS mickhallphotos – deva-divas-2023

Big Thanks to Helen Adams for this Fabulous Race Report!
Here’s a report on my favourite race of the Quad Season so grab a cupper and have a read if you have the time Deva Diva- Quad. Tri and Aqua Bike.
All three of these events are female only and it is open to all abilities. From the seasoned athlete, the fund raiser raising vital cash for charity to the next-door neighbour who’s just giving it a go for fun. ALL abilities ALL welcome and ALL supported by their family, friends, coaches and in some cases complete strangers.
It’s my 5th year racing the Deva Diva Quad and probably my favourite event of the race season because of the reasons stated above. This year was to be no exception and if I’m honest the support for the athletes just grows and grows year on year.
The race starts with a walk up to the swim start. I really enjoy this bit as it gives competitors time to reflect of what they’ve already achieved to get to the start line. It is also interesting talking to fellow athletes taking part in the Tri or Aqua Bike. Where else would you get a conversation in ten mins about the un-flattering cut of a tri suit or the sleepless nights due to menopause or childcare etc.
First into the river are the Quad. and Aqua Bike athletes. As we were counted in to enter the water I spotted David, my husband sat in his kayak giving me a wave and wishing me luck. He had volunteered for safety duty and would be following the second wave down of Tri. Athletes. With thirty seconds to go I warmed up and looked for a good spot on the starting line. Ten seconds to go – a round of Oggy Oggy Oggy and I find my spot. Five, four, three, two one … the hooter sounds and we’re off – 750m of swimming ahead. My starting spot wasn’t so good as I thought! Getting hemmed in I kept a level head, increased my speed, and found clear water for the rest of the swim.
Out of the swim in fourth place knowing that Liz Dawson, Clare Addy, and Pauline Percy (who was competing in her first Quad.) are strong swimmers and would be well on their way from transition onto the kayak. Having a “bit of difficulty” with my wetsuit 😣 as commented by the compare for the day, I finally managed to get the zip undone, grabbed my paddle and buoyancy aid and ran to the beach to get into my kayak.
My suspicions were correct. Liz was way ahead and out of site, but I could see Pauline and Clare. Over taking these two and having a quick chat with Clare about my boat, I paddled on slowly gaining water on Liz. Turning at the 2km mark it was all downstream to the get out. Thinking “OK, I’m 2nd just keep it going” Eleanor Young cruised past to take 2nd place leaving me 3rd – it needed to be a quick transition.
Surprisingly my kayak to bike transition was good 😊 and I managed to climb backup to 2nd place when overtaking Liz as I left transition. The weather forecast was windy, and it was! I settled into the tuck position on my bike I got into a steady rhythm. On the turn around and heading back it was now time to eat, drink and spot who was chasing me. I soon saw Natalie Abbot, Nicola Hamerton and Mary White in hot pursuit – another quick transition required.
Onto the run knowing I was 2nd it was a matter of hanging in there as faster runners would be catching me up. True to form Natalie came speeding through to take 2nd place. Nicola won’t be far behind; I thought so dug deep for the last 1500m to keep my 3rd place.
There were thirty Quad. Athletes racing of which thirteen were in my Age Cat. 50. I came 3rd overall and first in my age Cat. with an overall time of 02:06:20 the winning time being 02:00.06.
Deva Diva- Quad. Tri and Aqua Bike is a brilliant, friendly, fun event what ever you choose to do. The special bit is that its all put together by volunteers who give up their time so us athletes can go out and enjoy ourselves because yes, that’s what’s it all about, enjoying ourselves.
So, a very big thank you to Race Director – Sally Napthen, Jean Ashley, Marshalls, Safety Team, and Chester Tri. Club … see you next year.
Helen Adams
Eleanor, Judith & Anna
Mandy & Willow


Also making beautiful memories are our ‘Mums and Daughters’ Judith, Eleanor and Anna Young, great results for them, Eleanor taking the overall Win, Anna winning the Under 23 Category, and Mum Judith, doing a huge PB from last year coming 4th in the Over 50’s! Mandy and Willow Lewis also made the Podium, Mandy taking 2nd Over 40’s and Willow 3rd Under 23’s. Proud Moments and just ‘Perfect Mum and Daughter Times Together’!  
Chester Deva Kayak Team
A special Mention to the ‘Chester Deva Divas Kayak Team’, I had the great pleasure in coaching this crew with Club Coaches John and Carol Hatton on our 12 week Pre Race Course … they had so much fun and all finished in EPIC STYLE!  
Jean … A very Proud Fairy Quadmother xx