Dearne Valley Quad 2023

Our Host ‘Mark Benton’

It’s been a fabulous day at Manvers Lake today for the 2nd Race in the BQA Series. Congratulations to everyone who raced today in the ‘tropical’ conditions, it was certainly a hot one!

The BQA would like to say a Huge Thank -You to Mark Benton and his Manvers Team for organising this great race, you are a wonderful ‘Team’ of people thank you for your enthusiasm and for inspiring so many to take to the water and embrace the challenge, you have put so many smiles on peoples faces today. Without a doubt it’s such a fabulous feel good event, enjoyed by everyone, from seasoned athletes to first timers it was so good to see everyone just loving the day!

Thanks also to ‘David and Caz Jones’ who have been organizing Quad Training Days throughout the year and encouraging newcomers to our sport, they do a fantastic job to introducing people into our sport!

We started the morning at 8.30 with the QuadKidz Tri and Quad race a huge well done to them, they were all amazing all finished their races in fantastic style , most certainly our stars of the future!

The main race started at 9.30 the water was a balmy 22 degrees so wetsuits optional. It was 2 400m laps in the swim, Steve King was first out and looking strong as he went onto the bike, with Clare Addy first lady, followed closely by Gillian Melia.


Steve has been away from Quads for a year or two, but he’d certainly not forgotten how to push hard! He was well clear after the bike, and pulled away in the kayak leg, despite having to stop to adjust his seat, he ran well and went on to take the win comfortably. Newcomer to Quadrathlon was Stuart Jolly he looked strong through out, paddled very well and came in 2nd. Nick Farnell had a good race, and came in just a couple of minuits behind Stuart taking 3rd place.

In the Ladies race, Gill had a strong bike and soon went into the lead, she paddled well and went into the run well ahead of Helen Adams and Clare. Helen moved into 2nd place after the bike, she had a good kayak, but by now the sun was very hot and everyone found the run tough. Clare came in smiling excitably to take 3rd!

A huge well done to all competitors, and especially the lovely first timers to Quadrathlon, they all really enjoyed themselves and were very proud of what they had achieved, lets hope we see them again.  There was a great turnout from our BQA Athletes, all racing well as always thank-you for flying the BQA Flag, our small sport needs you! The Quadrathlon Family was at its Best, so much love, encouragement and support; you all inspire each other keep sharing the passion and happy a safe training until the next time.

I’ll keep spreading the ‘Fairy Dust’ … Jean your Fairy Quadmother, who hopefully will be back racing again soon.

Full Results Dearne-Valley__-Quadrathlon-Dearne-Valley-Quadrathlon-25-06-2023-1

BQA Trophy listings after 2 Races BQA British Trophy 2023.2

Steve King
Stuart Jolly









1st Steve King – 1:38:13
2nd Stuart Jolly – 1:43:11
3rd Nick Farnell (BQA) – 1:45:48

Gillian Melia
Helen Adams









1st Gilliam Melia (BQA) – 1:54:05
2nd Helen Adams (BQA) – 1:58:50
3rd Clare Addy – 2:07:44

Great Racing from all our BQA MEMBERS
Phillipe Jumeau – 1:50:27
Wayne Smith -1:52:08
Peter Chappill -1:52:34
Lance Ball – 1:52:58
Blake Mawson Burren -1:58:00
Russel Breyer – 2:02:00
Jeff Chappill – 2:01:32
Andrew Lawson -2:03:32
John Redmond -2:08:47
Donna Chappill – 2:17:12
Caz Jones – 2:31:27

Helen Ricchia (Did the Triathlon due to shoulder injury) Get better soon Helen!

Lots more photos on our BQA Facebook Page

Big Thanks for the Race Report from our Ladies Winner Gillian Melia

It was looking like it was going to be a perfect event; and it was! Thanks to Mark Benton and the Manvers Team and all their efforts in preparations from emails and pre race info, course recce on Saturday and on the day fun and support. The Manvers lake looked brilliant with the BQA flags flying in front of the transitions area …..Amazing!

Its an ideal spot to hold a Watersports Quadrathlon event not only a wonderful lake but with great facilities on site. There’s even a little bit of overnight camping for this event if yourself contained.

The weather was set to be hot, although predicted to be slightly cooler than the Saturday but it didn’t feel like it by the time I was on the run.

2019 was the last time I competed at this event and it was nice to be back. Manver’s host the Triathlon and Quadrathlon together and the swim is a mass start for both. The water was warm and we had already been given the choice of a non wetsuit swim. What do you do, what are others doing? I decided to stick with what I was used to.

The race kicked off just after 9.30 and swim conditions were good. Somebody entered the water and forgot their hat, easily done as it was already warm, you don’t want to put it on to early! A bit more time to get into position, I was determined not to get hemmed in as I had at the 1st race at Brigg, which was a river swim so much narrower and more weeds, Manvers was pretty much weed free. I set my self up near the front of the group, and apart from the first 100 meters I pretty much had clear sight on the 2 lap swim. Breathing was good and I was into my swim rhythm. You have no idea who’s who on the swim all you can see are the coloured swim hats, and arms and feet. I knew Clare Addy would be leading the way then Helen Adams and I following usually neck and neck, but who knows, it all part of the excitement to see who’s around when you get to transition 1.

At Manvers the Bike leg is 2nd, and after a quick strip of the wetsuit, shoes and helmet on and some vital hydration unrack the bike and run to the mount line. I had not got far and I couldn’t clip my shoes shoe in, what was wrong, and after trying a couple of time I decided to stop and check out the problem. I had not removed my cleat covers! New lesson learnt, and covers removed I was back on my way, that’s one for the check list next time.

The bike and run course are both trail and a combination of surfaces; mainly gravel with a section of tarmac. There are a few obstacles along the way from bike gates and boulder sections to slow you down, and some tight narrow corners under the bridges, plus some bumpy sections of old tree roots to get you out of the saddle. I was using a cyclocross which was perfect for this race. The heat was rising and there was little breeze as you were riding along, bikers in front and behind for both Tri. and Quad., only the athlete numbers giving away which event they are in. It’s and out and back bike route and you get to see your fellow athletes along the way and there is lots of encouragement being shared, its really great to see this happening plus there were a few new athletes on the course. Don’t forget to smile for the photographer as well!

Back in to transition 2, bike kit off and paddle kit on, I decided to put my little feet covers on to run the 25 meter gravel section to the beach and collect my boat, I remember this from 2019. Dave and Dave were there as launch assist and its much appreciated so you don’t detach your rudder or fall in at the first hurdle. Back out onto the lake for the 5 laps. It was pretty hot now at 28 degrees. One athlete was completing the paddle section on a Stand Up Paddleboard, she had kindly lent her Kayak to a friend to try in this same race, amazing stuff, I’ll stick to the Kayak thanks. I realised I was in front in the ladies race, its a good feeling but I still had the run ahead of me and I’m not keen on running the heat so wanting maintain the lead I had, Helen would be hot on my rudder.

Kayak complete and last transition , take on more fluids, a little gel for some energy and I was off. Just out of the transition area there was a water station I nearly passed it by but the Marshalls said “WATER” I said I’ve just had some” she said have some more, and I was so pleased I did as it was hot out there at 30 + degrees. So thank you Marshall for the prompt.

Its 5km around the Manvers lake; there is a little bit of shade at the beginning then after that you’re exposed for the remainder, its flat and gravel all the way. Lance Ball came along side me on the run then passed and drifted off not the distance, I’d have like to have tried to stay with him but the humidity had sapped my energy. Over half way and not much further, I said keep running, 3km 4km and then I could see the boat house, last 1km and it was all over, 1 hour 54mins. I’d have like to have been a quicker on the run, but on reflection I was pleased with my efforts.

Thanks again to “EVERYBODY” for a great day, loads of friendly faces and smiles, great team work and a brilliant fun event.

Good luck to all fellow Quadrathletes for the remainder of the series and see you next time.

Lastly I would also like to say a big thank you to Mark Pryor for all his support this year with my training and making me “go do it” when its raining and cold, to the cleaning and maintenance of my bike and more .