Brigg Sprint 2023

Big Thanks to LincsQuad Quadrathlon Club for hosting the race, and to the ‘Small but amazing Team’ of organizers and Marshalls who work timelessly to make this event possible! The race consisted of a 750m river swim, followed by a 19km road cycle, then a 4km Kayak and finishing with a 5km run. The course is flat, fast and ideal for both experienced quadrathletes and those wanting to race the shorter distance. There was a good turnout of 22 athletes, a lot of them looking for those vital National Trophy Points, as it was the final trophy Race of the Season!

Overall Winner Nick Farnell with his fishing accessories!

The weather was kind, warm with no wind and it stayed dry, so a great morning for racing. The air temperature and river temperature were almost the same, so everyone enjoyed the swim and came out smiling!

The rain stayed away and despite the roads being wet the bike leg was ok, though Wayne Smith did have an incident but thankfully carried on the finish strongly.

The kayak went smoothly for everyone, though Nicolas Farnell did do a bit of fishing on the way back home, thankfully it didn’t  slow him down too much as he went on to take the win!                       

The run is out and back, a lovely run back along the river fast and flat and always gives the athletes chance to encourage, and see everyone in the race!

Tristan Mannix from USA

Well done to all the athletes racing, some newcomers, and off course our ‘year in year out’ BQA Quadrathletes who are the back bone of our sport, constantly supporting all our races each year! We even had an International competitor ‘Tristan Mannix’ from the  USA, he had a great time, smiled all the way despite his difficult kayak leg, if he comes back next year, we promise we will find him a kayak that only goes in a straight line! He loved the event and has gone home with lots of ‘BQA and Lincsquad Stash’ so he’ll certainly be spreading the Quad News back in the USA!

So Congratulations to Overall Winners, Nick Farnell and Natalie Abbott plus all the Quadrathletes that raced, it was so good to see the enthusiasm and commitment as you all embraced this great Sprint Event! Well done to everyone who crossed that finish line and to all the Prize Winners and BQA Trophy Winners too!

Ladies Winner Natalie Abbott

As always we must say a big Thank you to Lincsquad for organizing their 2nd Quadrathlon of the year! It gets harder and harder each year especially with rising costs, finding enough people to commit to helping out, its a difficult task each year, but you all certainly did an amazing job and you put so many smiles on all those athletes faces!
So again its a Big Thank you from the BQA and it’s members, Be Proud you all help keep our small sport moving forwards 🙏 #smallsportbigheart 💜

Congratulations to the Overall Winners and Age Group Winners! As always Thanks to our BQA Members, its your Support and Membership Fees that help keep our sport ALIVE!! 

Overall Winners Jason, Nick, Lance
Overall Winners Nick, Jason, Lance

1st Nicholas Farnell 1:40:47 (Vet60) BQA
2nd Jason Frary 1:41:37 (Vet50)
3rd Lance Ball 1:44:25 (Vet50) BQA
4th Philippe Jumeau 1:45:00 (Vet60) BQA
5th Jeff Chappill 1:50:50 (Vet50) BQA
6th Wayne Smith 1:50:58 (Vet50) BQA





Overall Winners Natalie, Gillian, Hermione

1st Natalie Abbott 1:53:17 (Vet60) BQA
2nd Gilian Melia 1:55:24 (Vet50) BQA
3rd Hermione Ball 1:57:43 (Under20) BQA
4th Clare Addy 2:05:16 (Vet40)
5th Donna Chappill 2:08:12 (Vet50) BQA
6th Emma Mitchall 2:09:12
7th Caroline Jones 2:27:20 BQA

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Team ‘Swim Bike Cake’

Well done also to Team Winners ‘Swim Bike Cake’ 1:51:48 The team stared 2 supportive BQA members Pete Tindle and Lizzie Angood getting back into things after a new addition to their family … Congratulations! 

It was also the Final BQA Trophy Race of the Season, its always a great pleasure to present these Trophies and Age Group Prizes each year, along with our Eric Hatliff Trophy Winners. Congratulations also to our Overall Winners: Nick Farnell and Gillian Melia, and our Age Group Winners: Lance Ball (Vet50) Donna Chappill (Vet50) and Philippe Jumeau (Vet60) they have all produced some fabulous results this season!

The truly deserved Winners of the Eric Hatliff Trophy are Daivd and Caroline Jones, who not only race but also give so much back, coaching, motivating and organizing races at Manvers Lake!  We have great depth in strength and experience in our athletes they are all great ambassadors of our sport and we are very proud to have them in our BQA Quadrathlon Family! Well Done to you all!

Full Trophy Standings 2023 BQA British Trophy 2023 RESULTS


Trophy Winners
Eric Hatliff Winners










Thank you to Lance Ball for his Race Report, and Congratulations to him on his brilliant race season, and to his daughter Hermione who continues to improve from strength to strength!

I have been participating in Quadrathlons for over 10 years. However this race at Brigg was going to be particularly special for me. I raced together with my daughter Hermione Ball as a pair just a couple of weeks ago at the Awesome Foursome in Bude where we had a fantastic race. Hermione has previously raced in other quadrathlons, but this event at Brigg was to be our first ever father and daughter race where we would be competing in the same event against each other.

As always, we started off by getting into the river Ancholme to acclimatize. Hermione entered well before myself. It was a little chilly so a couple of minutes acclimatizing was plenty enough for my liking. After a brief countdown we were off and without any intention I found myself swimming right alongside Hermione as we proceeded along the river. The last time I swam with my daughter must have been a few years ago when she was much slower. I don’t know when she improved so much, but here she wasn’t just keeping up with me, but started to pull away. I decided that the best option was to tuck in behind and just stay on her feet.

As we approached the turn around point I was still right on Hermione’s feet and Hermione was right behind someone else. This did cause a little dilemma of what to do at the turn with no buoy to go around. As the person turned in front of Hermione, Hermione stopped where she was and I stopped behind Hermione. Now stationary, should we turn in front of each other, around each other, try and follow some sort of arc that the person in front has done? I probably only hesitated for a couple of seconds, but it felt like I confused myself for ages. I looked across to the bank to see Pete Chappill waving at me to start swimming back towards the leisure centre, so I took this as a sign to stop messing about and to just start swimming in the opposite direction. Approaching the pontoon, Hermione was still in front of me, but I tactically swam to the left immediately behind someone else, which sneakily blocked Hermione out to the right. As a result we were absolutely neck and neck as we clambered out of the water and headed off to transition.

T1 was the second time I became a little confused, since I’m used to getting into transition to find many more spaces where bikes had previously been racked. I’m sure what exaggerated the feeling was that the triathlon competitors swimming inside the leisure centre had yet to come out, so there was a whole sea of bikes in transition, giving the impression that no bike had left. I inquired with my fellow quadrathletes who confirmed that we definitely were cycling next and not kayaking, so I duly set off as anticipated with a bike in hand.

I’ve completed several long distance cycling challenges recently, so I was more than happy to be out on the bike course, enjoying every minute of it.
Approaching the halfway point, I caught up with 2 competitors that were both keeping towards the left, all the way around the roundabout. I took the racing line around the roundabout and managed to overtake both in the process before accelerating with a tailwind back towards Brigg.

Not long after leaving the roundabout I noticed my Masters 50 rivals, Wayne Smith and Jeff Chappill approaching in the opposite direction. I had hoped that I’d have created more of a gap, since I knew that they were better runners than myself. I was particularly pleased to see Hermione approaching sooner than I expected and knew that she must be having a good race,
Unfortunately I had no idea how many had passed me in the opposite direction when I was heading out, so I had no idea what my current position was. Halfway back to Brigg, one of the competitors that I’d been so pleased to overtake at the roundabout, came past me and just carried on pulling away. I’m not certain who they were, but I’m sure they were from the relay team, so presume that they didn’t need to save any energy for the kayak and could just go all out for their last few bike miles.

There were no dramas for T2, except that when placing our kayaks, I had started a second row for Hermione and mine, expecting others to have been in theirs before we needed ours. However not many had been moved, so it cost me a few extra seconds whilst I carried my kayak from a little further away.

Once under way in the kayak, I could see Philippe Jumeau about 30 seconds ahead of me.
I could just about tell that I was closing, but only very slightly. After passing the moored boats and heading out towards the red bridge I could see Nicholas Farnell and Jason Frary battling it out in the distance. I couldn’t see anyone else, so concluded to my own amazement that I must be in 4th position. Approaching the bridge I could see Philippe turning and appearing to take longer to do so than I should, since he was clearly paddling a kayak that was much more unstable than mine. I thought that this was my big chance to catch up. Unfortunately the turn wasn’t one of my best, having intended to turn under the bridge I ended up drifting beyond the bridge, turning later than I needed to. I still managed to make up a few seconds and that helped with the incentive to push on hard. Halfway back to the leisure centre and I was close enough to start feeling the assistance from being behind Philippe. Once there it was reasonably quick to catch up and begin the overtake. Somewhere near the moored boats I managed to complete the overtake but knew that I wasn’t going to be able to pull much ahead, if at all. However getting to the pontoon ahead was likely to be beneficial in receiving the first help in exiting the water. I’m sure it was as Mark Pryor encouraged me to run on as he took care of my kayak.

A quick T3 transition meant that I headed out onto the run probably 20 to 30 seconds ahead of Philippe which I doubted would be enough.

At the ‘run’ halfway point, there wasn’t anyone close in front of me. I saw the turn around marked on the floor, but decided to continue running past this point and instead ran around the marshall standing slightly further along the path, just to make sure that I’d gone far enough! Much to the bewilderment of the marshall. Heading back I saw Phillippe wasn’t far behind and that it would be a hard fought last few kilometers. My tactic to try and stay ahead was to sing AC/DC songs in my head.

It was again good to see all of my fellow quadrathletes as we passed each other out and back on the run. Weighing up how well each of our races must be going we still offered each other encouragement to push on. Natalie Abbott was having a great run as the leading female. Hermione was still going strong, continuing to have a really great race.

As I approached the leisure centre I was still feeling good, looked around and couldn’t see any of my rivals. Nicholas Farnell had already finished first a few minutes earlier, closely followed by Jason Frary. I crossed the line in 3rd place to claim my first ever individual podium finish.
Philippe crossed the line about 30 seconds later and immediately came over to congratulate me.

Natalie Abbott continued with a very fast run to become first female finisher, followed in by Gill Melia. I was particularly looking out for Hermione and was so thrilled when she came across the line after Gill to claim 3rd female.

For our first race competing against each other, both Hermione and I absolutely loved the event. Not just because we both had great races, but because of the friendly atmosphere amongst all of the athletes taking part that are just too many to name here. Most of all though, we are so grateful to Lincsquad, the marshalls and all of the volunteers that enabled this race to take place, providing a great friendly atmosphere and giving us encouragement all the way around.

Thank you so much everyone, we look forward to seeing you all again next year.
Regards, Lance and Hermione.