Brigg Bomber 2022

Big Thanks to Lincsquad for hosting the first World Cup race of the year, as always brilliantly organized and supported by the best marshals competitors could wish for!

Congratulations to the Prize Winners and to all the competitors that took part, lots of WQF points and BQA Trophy Points awarded, well done everyone! Photo shows Overall Winner Ferenc Csima (Hungary) – Fabulous Result! 15 mins ahead of his nearest rival!

Overall Winners Male

1st Ferenc Csima 2.50.16 – 1st Vet 50

2nd Steve Clark 3.05.55 – Elite

3rd Kyle Campbell 3.13.19 – Vet 50

4th Peter Connolly 3.18.28 – Vet 50

5th Jules Taylor 3.25.54 – 1st Vet 60

14th Pete Tindall 3.55.45 – 1st Vet 40



1st Liz Dawson 3.53.45 – 1st Vet 50

2nd Helen Adams 3.56.35 – Vet 50

3rd Siobhan Henn – 4.14.04 – Elite



Team Event – A great effort from The Fantastic Four 3.52.01

Full Results and World Cup Points

2022 Brigg Bomber Results

World Cup 2022 1.2


For those of you who have been a Quadrathlete for more than 20 years you may well recognize the name ‘Jules Taylor’, he was one of the athletes that welcomed me into the sport over 25 years ago, after a long lay off from the sport Im glad to say ‘hes back’!! Thanks for his race report below, see you soon Jules …. Jean

After nearly 20 years, and a poor attempt at being an ultra runner for a few of those , I felt it was time to get back to multi-sport events as I really enjoy them .
Entered Awesome Foursome …but with just three weeks to go before the Brigg Bomber found myself with that weekend off, so I had to enter! A few good sessions under my belt, I was sort of ready, feeling really nervous, and it was to be my first open water swim for many many years.

I don’t remember much about the swim, though it wasn’t too cold, desperately trying to find clear water, and to get into a rhythm, it went ok .
Running into transition, I couldn’t get my wet suit off. Left sleeve stuck on my watch and I ended up with both arms with sleeves half off unable to do anything, total numpty. Panicked and thrashed about eventually freed myself …felt so embarrassed as I must have looked a bit funny
Bike went surprisingly well as I had barely any training done …luckily I had been doing a fair bit if BMX racing with my daughter, so 40 second bursts of power ok, but not ready for a hard 40km! It was Really windy, no tri bars, but kept spinning and it was over fairly quickly.

Back in for the kayak but couldn’t feel my hands or feet …colder than I thought it had been on the bike. Jumping onto my Carbonology Flash ski, in my comfort zone now, just cruise through the course, again all good except for the tight turn after the first lap. No issues, you could see pretty much the whole course, and all went good! Little commando roll onto the pontoon, and it was back to transition for the run. Arghh….really struggling putting my trainers on with wet feet, but out I went and settled down.

Looked forward to the run as it was all I had been doing recently, all the same, checking everyone else and asking who was in which age group as we passed, realized I was in with a chance. The run it was actually nice as you could break it up into defined sections, and focus on one bit at a time. I Figured out Nicolas another Vet 60 was just behind me, it was a big effort, running scared, and finally a relief to finish strongly in 1st V60.

The whole of the Brigg Bomber was a great course, really well organized by Lincsquad, and brilliant supportive Marshalls as always, thank you to you all.

Oh…and next time I’ll be more organized as had nothing to eat or drink the whole race…I can take my time now and get some good quality training in.
Onto Shrewsbury, then Bude, have a great summer everyone!

Jules Taylor