BQA 2022 Annual Report

This year on the whole, has certainly been an improvement on the last two years, with Covid restrictions gone and many athletes getting back to training and getting their ‘race heads’ back on! We had 4 Quads in our calendar, with sadly Bude having to be cancelled due to a dried up canal caused by a major leak! The numbers racing across the board were were reasonable, but hopefully we can continue to build on getting more athletes into our sport next season. Please keep spreading the word and as always thank you for your valuable membership and ongoing support, it’s so much appreciated by your Governing Body ‘The BQA’.

I would like to say a Big Thank – You to our Race Organizers who very successfully did us proud yet again, and also to every single one of you that made it to the start line this year, be proud of what you have achieved and we look forward to seeing you again next season!

If you’d like to read our Annual Report 2022 and Onwards & Upwards 2023 please see the link below. As always we are welcome to ideas, and suggestions for future events, so if you have any thoughts or contacts please get in touch.


Thanks Jean BQA Secretary –