BQA 2021 Annual Report

I started last year’s Annual Report with these words …. ‘As most of you will know, I’m never stuck for words, but for once I didn’t really know where to start putting together our BQA Report ….’ Well it’s not been quite that bad we did have 3 Quads in our calendar and many of us managed at least one of them! It has certainly been another tough year for many of us, but hopefully by next season we will all be firing on all cylinders!
Motivation to train is often fueled by race Adrenalin, so let’s hope we can back to racing, and put events in our calendar to fuel our passion!

We had 3 races in our Series in 2021 and I would like to say a Big Thank – you to our Race Organizers who very successfully did us proud yet again, and also to every single one of you that made it to the start line this year, be proud of what you have achieved and we look forward to seeing you again next season!

If you’d like to read our Annual Report & Virtual AGM 2021 – Onwards & Upwards 2022 please see the link below. As always we are welcome to ideas, and suggestions for future events, so if you have any thoughts or contacts please get in touch.

BQA- ANNUAL REPORT & AGM 2021 website

Thanks Jean BQA Secretary –