A Sad Day for Shrewsbury Quadrathlon

Phil Holden organizer (along with SYTri) of the Shrewsbury Quadrathlon sent us this sad news today –

It is with much regret that I pass on the news that the Shrewsbury Quadrathlon has been cancelled. For the second year running, this is due to low numbers of entries and insufficient volunteer helpers, mostly in the triathlon to which the quad is attached, and on which the quad is completely dependent.

This is part of a wider trend of contraction in triathlon clubs and non commercial events, which many of you may have seen elsewhere. SYTri continues as a club and with some other smaller events, but there are unfortunately no plans to try to organize a further Shrewsbury tri or quad event. So this brings to a rather sad end the 12 year history of this popular and enjoyable race. For me, and I know some others, discovering quadrathlon through this race was life changing. I’d like to thank all those who helped over the years, and all those who raced and who supported across all those races and made them such memorable and great occasions. The club committee is gearing up to do the admin of refunds etc. I’m not involved in this. As with marshals’ on race day, they are all volunteers, so please be nice to them! I hope to see some or many of you at other races and good luck with your events. All the best, Phil.

On behalf of the BQA I would like to Thank Phil for his heartfelt words, we all have so many wonderful memories of this great event. It was so inclusive to all standards of quadrathletes and sold out year in year out for its first 9 years! It was organized brilliantly by SYTri and its volunteer team. It was instigated by Gill Otto who put in an enormous amount of ground work to set it up 12 years ago, Phil was her deputy for many years, before he took it over around 6 years ago. He continued to put so much effort in to keep the Quad going, we held the British Championships there, and it had World Cup Status many times! Once again a Huge Thanks to these 2 BQA members Gill and Phil, who have give us such a great event and put smiles on peoples faces for so many years … THANK -YOU

Sadly Shrewsbury has come to an end, but like all our BQA Quad events they are organized by a few volunteers who work tirelessly with very little support and finance. This isn’t the only BQA event that is struggling, we have very few volunteers and no younger members coming into our sport, it is getting more and more difficult to keep momentum going in a world of so many other commercial events. So if you can help in any way, please get in touch with our event Organizers, help is always appreciated so much.

Thank You Jean Ashley