Grant for K1’s for Shrewsbury Canoe Club.

Quadrathlete ‘Phil Holden’ has been working with Shrewsbury Canoe Club to get a grant from Sport England for K1’s to help encourage and improve flatwater paddling at the club.

The grant has now been awarded and they will shortly be getting 6 new K1s and paddles to help establish the flatwater paddling group.  They hope to introduce kayakers and newcomers alike, to the K1 racing boats, and hopefully introduce members into our sport of Quadrathlon.

Gill Otto from Shrewsbury C.C. was the instigator of the wonderful Shrewsbury Sprint Quad race and Phil Holden has take over this year, working along side SYTri. They are both continuing to share their passion and spread the word of ‘Quadrathlon’. Phil races most of the BQA Quad Races, and Gill having been organizing for the past few years has decided to put back on her ‘Quad Lycra’ and will be racing the Deva Divas Ladies Only Quad in Chester! Both these athletes love to encourage others and would be only to pleased to see you at the Canoe Club. So If your in the Shrewsbury Area and wish to improve your flatwater paddling please dont hesitate to get in touch with the Canoe Club and book into one of their sessions.

Shrewsbury Canoe Club training sessions