2012/13 Quadmire Series – Wadenhoe Race 3

It was a cold & frosty start to Wadenhoe 3 and we waited with bated breath to see if we would be subjected to the snow that was forecast.

22 people in the RBR [Run Bike Run] and 7 in the Quad were not to be put off by the weather as they raced across the frosty fields to be the first to the style [the first obstacle].

Jez Cox decided to swop from the Duathlon [were he had dominated the first two races] to the Quad.  He took an early lead and was the first to arrive at the kayak transition a good 2 minutes ahead of second place Neil Cooney.

In the RBR it was Ian Turner who was the first mud spattered athlete to arrive in transition [after two run laps] followed by Matthew Wootton. It had not taken long for the frost to be worn away by the passing of pounding feet and the surface condition became muddy and slippery. By the appearance of the many strange things that returned to transition [monsters from the swamp] the quagmire was living up to its reputation, with particular sticky/ glutinous mud today.

The slippery conditions made for an interesting ride [understated] with many slips and slides [some not so controlled] and a lot of pushing bikes up the short steep hills. Over at the Quad, Jez had maintained his lead and was the first to head out on the bike leg. Stiff Father  & Son competition was afoot as Tom Watt & his son Zak both arrived into transition together to battle it out on the bike course.

In the Duathlon Ian Turner maintained his small lead throughout the race and crossed the line first in a time of 01:05:23 with Matthew Wootton taking second place in a time of 01:07:58. Justin Burrell was the first MV40 to finish, unfortunetly no Ladies were up for the challenge today.

Jez Cox was the first to finish the Quad with a vast lead over his nearest rival, Neil Cooney. In the Father & Son race  it was age and experience that triumphed over youthful energy as Tom beat Zak to the line [I am sure it will not be long before the roles are reversed, just as well Tom can paddle well]. Lisa Dunne, did very well to finish her first Quad.

I think we must have sold a record number of soups and Bacon butties at the end as we were totally wiped out of food. The last Wadenhoe race is on Sunday 10th Feb, when the series positions will be decided.

Big thanks to all the Marshalls who braved the cold conditions.

Full Results Race 3


We hope to see you all at the last race. Mark Pryor Quadrac Racing