World Cup Races & Championships 2013

The WQF have been working hard during the past few months to put together a brilliant race schedule for the WQF Quadrathlon World Cup 2013. The coordination of the races is not that easy and really time consuming – but 2013 promises a lot of excitement and adventure in the various international Quadrathlon races.

IBIZA, ESP 4th  May – The World Cup is traditionally opened up by a Quadrathlon (middle distance) on the Spanish island of Ibiza,  although the information in the run-up to the event is often sparse, the organizer Pepe Ribas ensures the best care on location for every athlete. The  competition offers the possibility to be combined with a small training camp too.

BRIGG BOMBER  GB, 26th MayThe next stop for the World Cup will be Brigg in England. Same as last year, the European Championships over the middle distance will take place in Brigg on the 26th of May. The organizers of the Lincsquad-community offer a great competition, which will certainly be one of the highlights of the season.

OBERPFALZER SEENLAND, GER  2nd June – Only one week later, another middle distance will take place at the Steinberger See in Germany. The Upper Palatinate region offers not only a picturesque landscape, but also a race at the highest stage. Located near to the Czech border, the competition site is easy to be reached by athletes coming from the neighbouring countries.

BALATON, HUN  8th June – After a long time in history, its good to have a World Cup race represented in Hungary. Near to the famous Lake Balaton, another middle distance will take place. The date will be Saturday, 8th of June. However, depending on the conditions on the lake (concerning the kayak-part), the organizer reserves the possibility to change race-day from Saturday to Sunday.

TYN nad VLTAVOU, CZ  22nd June  – The first sprint distance can be found on the agenda: in Tyn nad Vltavou in the Czech Republic. The traditional event receives a special honour this year with the organization of the World Championship over the sprint distance, which will certainly be a further highlight of the season.

SAMORIN, SLOVAKIA 3rd August – An exciting race is also expected on the 3rd of August, when the European Championships over the sprint distance will be held in the Slovakian Šamorín. Next to Bratislava, the young organization team has provided a fantastic event in the last two years and has much going for the European Championships, too.

POLSKAMAN WOLSZTYN, POL, 17th August -A world premiere is going to take place in Wolsztyn (Poland) next year, as the World Cup schedule lists the PolskaMan as a Quadrathlon middle distance on 17th of August. The WQF is very pleased about this race, because the organizer is very professional in the run-up to the event. The race will be interesting, especially for German and Czech athletes, because Wolsztyn is suited only 100 and 200 km respectively from the German and Czech border.

With regret the WQF has to accept the decision of the organizer Václav Marek: in 2013 there will be no Quadrathlon in Sedlcany (Czech Republic). Lack of sponsors and increasing regulatory burdens weight the organisation of a quadrathlon. Looking ahead to 2014, the WQF hopes that this is not a final decision. The World Championships will now take place in Ratscher.

 World Championships – RATSCHER, GER 31st August – The races in Ratscher have always been superbly organized, it’s such a wonderful venue! The WQF are looking forward to this big highlight in the World Quadrathlon callender.

VELENCE, HUN  7th September – The World Cup will make a second stop in Hungary, this time on a long distance – the first since 2010. Once again, it remains to be seen whether the race will take place on Saturday or Sunday (depending on the conditions on the lake). Furthermore, it is still unclear if this long distance can even be a World Championship – this detail is depending on the organizers’ will to pay prize money. The final decision will be made by the end of January.

AWESOME FOURSOME BUDE, GB 14th September – Finally promises to be a grand finale of the World Cup 2013. In Cornwall a demanding middle distance is waiting for the athletes: steep climbs and difficult trails need to be overcome. However, the beautiful countryside with a lovely sea sight makes up for all the hardships.

For all international championship races the organizers have committed themselves to paying prize money so that as many good athletes as possible will participate.

During the WQF Congress in November, also a slight modification of the World Cup concerning the points in each race was decided. For international championship races and the last World Cup race of the season the points are enhanced by 20 points for each place. For example: instead of 100 points for the 1st place, the winner gets 120 points and the 30th receives 21 points instead of only 1 single point. This will help to design the championships even more attractive and the battle for the World Cup will remain a bit longer open to changes. Furthermore, it is ensured that in the last race of the season as many athletes as possible are standing at the starting line in order to have a condign celebration ceremony for the overall World Cup. The rule that a maximum of 4 races come in the final rating with up to two results from one country was confirmed.

Another point that has been changed were the age requirements for single entry in longer Quadrathlon distances. Although the WQF still recommends that longer distances are only attempted by adult athletes, younger athletes can take part in longer distances if they can show a written parental consent. The age categories for the Masters in 10-year steps was confirmed once again.

In the end, the WQF asks all athletes to register early for the competitions. By registering as soon as possible, you help the event hosts to organize a well-planned race – only then, a great competition can take place!

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The WQF wishes all athletes an injury-free preparation and is looking forward to exciting competitions in 2013!


Stefan Teichert, WQF Executive Board