2012 Double IronMan – Our Quadrathlete Superstar!

Double IronMan Gorilla Unleashed

Congratulations to Quadrathlete Phil Binch who has completed the Double Enduroman in 29 hours and 49 minutes, the race consisted of a 4.8m swim, 232 miles in the saddle for the cycle ride and then finishing with a 52 mile run. Finishing in an amazing 7th place out of 40 athletes! Phil has the support of his family (Sarah & Georgie) and Lincsquadders (Dobber Family & Steve Clark). These are a few photos of his amazing journey, taken by his support crew via twitter

6:00am – Winds gone, breakfast here we come!  from @offthatcouch

6:30am – More food…. @philbinch (aka @mrsbinchy)

8:22am – Final preparation and wetsuit on, soon be time!!! from @D088ER

8:53am – Soon be time to unleash the Gorilla…. from @D088ER

9:04am – Start….. they are off, 39 competitors start the double!! (@se7enuk presumes!)

9:18am – Lap 4 done!! @D088ER
9:20am – Phil Binch is in 5th spot after 20 minutes of swimming, Deke Thompson (GrimsbyTri) is current leading. from @offthatcouch

9:46am – Lap 9 done 41:30, still at 4:40 pace and looking good. via @D088ER

10:15am – Second Stop, 12 laps done and 14 to go. via @D088ER

10:53am – Deke Thompson 1st out of water in 1hr 51m from @offthatcouch

11:26am – Phil Binch out of the water and on schedule in 8th place – via @D088ER

11:49am – Phil Binch now out on leg 2 in 2hrs 45m – via @D088ER

12:29pm – 1st lap on bike done in 38 mins, only another 19 laps to go. – via @offthatcouch

12:53pm – Pit Stop!!!

3:29pm – Out on course with Phil Binch.

5:41pm – Looks like he’s enjoying himself… Keep it going mate. Looking good! – via @D088ER

6:13pm – Support Crew – via @mrsdobber

7:14pm – Half way on the bike done (ironman distance) total race time of 10 hours 12 minutes currently in 10th – via @mrsbinchy

8:14pm – Feed time for support crew.

10:22pm – It’s getting dark…

10:39pm – Phil Binch has now been going 13.37 hours and its time for the mini support crew to get some shut eye!!

10:53pm – Support crew keep fluids topped up.

11:41pm – 170 miles done on the bike and a rice pudding stop.

2:56am – Last lap for @philbinch on his little enduroman!!! Only a quick 52 mile run next!

3:54am – The Gorilla has started his run.

5:40am – Aproaching 21 hours racing is in 9th position Still going strong

7:41am – 20miles into the run.

9:04am – 24 hours of racing and still another marathon to run.

9:23am – Time for a change of clothes – via @mrsdobber

10:01am – Lap 26 of 48 and still going strong – via @d088er

11:28am – Looking awesome…

12:17pm – 12 laps top go, only a half marathon left to do. – via D088ER

12:34pm@philbinch and Ian Tosh battling for 7th and 8th position Phil has him at the moment by 50 metres come on Phil #DIM #Lincsquad 11 laps to go – @offthatcouch

12:51pm@philbinch puts another 100 metres into Ian Tosh now 150m lead.

1:03pm – We are officially into single figures! 8 plus one glory lap to go

2:50pm – Only a few hundred metres to go………

2:59pmPhil comes across the finish line in 29 hours and 49 minutes. He is the Gorilla of all Gorillas and now will be known as King Kong. Well done Phil.