Rules and Regulations

In order to align with other International Bodies the BQA adopts the Rules and Regulations of the WQF,  and also adheres to British Triathlon Rules.

The sport and competition order (Rules) should allow a fair and comparable competition through common followed rules. Every athlete is committed to these rules and should not try to take any personal advantage from a loophole. He/she should appear adecent and sportive attitude throughout the entire competition.

Having said this, the sport and competition order defines binding rules. These rules are on basis of field tested experience and meaningfull procedures without constraining the competition.

The World Quadrathlon Federation Sport and Competition Order


Preamble 1

1. Fundamentals 2

2. General Rules for competitions 2

3. Penalties 5

4. Swim 8

5. Bike 10

6. Kayak 13

7. Run 14

8. Transition areas 15

9. Categories, Events 15

10. Definitions and Distances 17

11. Associated sports 18

12. Commencement 18

Please follow the link below for the The full WQF Rules WQF-Sport-Rules

We also adhere to British Triathlon Rules BTF competition_rules

BQA Event Organisers Guide BQA-Event-Organisers-Guide

The BQA have launched  A ‘QuadKidz’ National Series, with 3 events taking place over the season, we are very pleased to be promoting these events and we look forward to seeing our ‘Quadstars’ of the future! 

The BQA have put together A ‘QuadKidz’ Organisers Event Guide and Rules. Adhering to BTF Tristar Rules. BQA-QUADKIDS-Organizers Guide

Addendum to WQF RULES                                                                                                               
Please note the BQA are allowing the following addendum to WQF rule 9.2

The age group eligibility per distance categories are:                                                             

  • QuadKidz: Mini course – WITH PARENTAL CONSENT
  • Youth: Sprint, Middle – WITH PARENTAL CONSENT
  • U23: Sprint, Middle
  • Senior and Masters:Sprint, Middle, Long                                                                                                                                                    

1) QuadKidz: 9-12, 13-15,
2) QuadKidz/Youth: 16 -18 years
3) U23: 19 – 22 years
4) Senior: 23 – 39 years
5) Masters: 40 years and older.

Masters are separated in the following age groups:
Vet 40: 40 – 49 years
Vet 50: 50 – 59 years
Vet 60: 60 – 69 years
Vet: 70 years and older

The age band category that you fall into depends on your age on December 31st in the year of competition. Example: If you are 40 on December 31st 2018, then for the whole of 2018 you will compete in the Vet 40 age-group.