Deva Divas … making History for a second time!

The 2nd Deva Divas Quadrathlon’ is almost here ….. another special day for ‘British Quadrathlon’ as this year we have 50 Ladies take to the water for the ‘Only Ladies Quadrathlon in the World’ This race also has the backing of the WQF (World Quadrathlon Association) the BQA and ‘British Canoeing’ they wish you all a great and enjoyable race!

Once again I am so pleased Race Organizer ‘Sally Napthan’ and Chester Triathlon Club agreed to let me add this extension for a second time to the ‘Infamous Deva Divas Sprint Tri’ …. a huge thank-you to all at the Tri Club and Canoe Club that have helped make this possible!

I have met well over half of you and had great pleasure in coaching 12 of you who joined our Deva Divas Canoe Course at Chester Canoe Club 12 weeks ago! Myself and club coaches have been inspired to how hard you have worked and so pleased you have all progressed to K1 race kayaks … showing true commitment!

I am very excited about Race Day … its a First for many of you, and I’m so excited to see how far you have all come! I will be cheering every single one of you, as you complete each one those four disciplines, and will be waiting for you all at that finish line!

Looking Forward to meeting you all, have a fantastic day and believe me there is the BEST Cake EVER waiting for you at the Finish Line …. now there’s an incentive…. who doesn’t just love cake!

Jean x

Last years Winner ‘Jacqueline Davies’ has sent you all this lovely message, it will certainly put you at ease and make you smile ….


Don’t worry, ‘bout a thing,
Cos evry lil’ thing gonna be alright!

For those of you new to this quadrathlon malarkey, it should be a doddle. You are, after all female, and therefore genetically predisposed to multi-tasking! However, I’m sure some of you have been going into a bit of a flat spin due to worrying about the unknown…..

So a little story from me, the accidental winner last year.

Prior to taking up quadrathlon in 2015, back in 2003, I was lucky enough to be sent on a course for the year with the military which was a great privilege. However, I made the error of drinking too much red wine on the first night “meet and greet” which made me vulnerable to persuasion by a Royal Navy Commander (unfortunately not 007!) and a Royal Marine. This resulted in me joining the Defence Academy Triathlon Club. Always up for a challenge, I agreed….a few months later, I found myself on the start line of my first ever triathlon and it was the Army Sprint Championships. I was ABSOLUTELY terrified! They were all so fit and young and knew what they were doing, unlike me…..

I had borrowed the said Navy Commander’s wetsuit; the neck was gaping and I had to roll up the sleeves. The countdown, the whistle and then we were off. We had 2 swim laps to complete and after each lap we ran out of the lake round a post and then threw ourselves back into the water. This is where my problems started. The gaping neck had allowed the suit to fill up with water, but my chubby ankles kept the neoprene tightly pressed against my skin, thereby preventing any escape. This was all very well whilst I was horizontal, but not quite so easy, or flattering, come to that, once I was vertical. So there I was, trying to run round this post, with at least 2 gallons of water sloshing around the belly of the suit with the crotch almost down to my knees… and that was only my first lap! But what a hoot and I loved it!

So I became hooked on triathlon and each time I said to myself on the run up to each race when the nerves were starting to kick in, “In the great scheme of things, does it really matter if I come first or last?” Over time, I’ve concluded, that for me, it’s all about achieving things that I never thought possible, but more so seeing other people, and especially women, doing the same and being overwhelmed by what they have done. I know this is exactly what our wonderful Jean feels too.

So ladies, you have been very well prepared with kayak lessons from John, Carol and Jean and swim and bike prepared by Sally and the team from Chester Triathlon Club. Don’t forget to read Jean’s fabulous checklist, take a deep breath and have an awesome race this Sunday. You most certainly are “The Prime of Mrs Jean Ashley”!! See you there!

Jac x