2011-12 Wadenhoe Winter Challenge Race 4 Tom’s Report

Sunday, 5 February ….Wadenhoe Race 4 – Hears a quick update from Winner of Wadenhoe Quad Series Tom Stead.

‘YAY for the weather forecast……… it was right!! There was at least 14cm of snow settled on the roof of the car! Theres Snow Business Like Wadensnow Business… it was going to be a cold tough days racing!
Ive finished the last Wadenhoe of the series today and it was great fun, didn’t break any records, (obviously) because of the SNOW, but it was  great to get out and to see everyone there. Although numbers where limited I had some great ‘head to head’ races, so thank you Steve on the run stage and thank you Keith on the kayak stage. As a bonus no one had an unexpected swim. On the bike stage those that were watching commented on the fact that although it was obviously hard, every one seemed to be ‘enjoying’ themselves and took to the event with great humour. Many of these onlookers spent their time shaking their heads in disbelief!
I heard that the Frostbite Race was cancelled…? They missed out in some proper amazing fun in the snow. I suspect the guys down at Wadenhoe are made of slightly sterner stuff…’ 

Thanks to Mark Pryor and his Team for putting on the Winter Series. Full Series Results below

Final Wadenhoe Results

Check out some more very brave (or slightly crazy) athletes http://tomstead.blogspot.com/p/race-photos.html

Well done Tom … certainly one to watch and made of very strong stuff!!