Roots of BQA

Although the roots of Quadrathlon go back many years, things really took off again in early 2000, with the announcement by the British Quadrathlon Association of a five race National Trophy series. The series included the British Championships and two other national Championships, along with a variety of other races in various formats. Some of the races were real tests of endurance, whilst others offered a manageable new challenge for multi-sport athletes looking for something a bit different.

The sport of Quadrathlon has been going for approximately 20 years and has recently undergone a significant upsurge in interest in the UK, with many more people finding the attraction of the four sporting disciplines, (swimming, kayaking, cycling, running), too much to resist! Race organisers have reported increased entries and interest in general. The British Quadrathlon Association (The BQA) is actively promoting and supporting these interests and details of where you can enter races and generally get more information can be found on these pages.

Races on the National calendar are of varying distances and a mixture of the four disciplines. Some are kayak triathlons (without the swim section) and some have off road bike sections. Some races are technically demanding, others are better for beginners. Everyone is catered for!

Quadrathletes on the whole are a very friendly bunch, who are happy to help and support each other, training events are occasionally run to help each other improve skills and camaraderie is a positive aspect of this small but ever growing sport. The team atmosphere at the World Championships in Europe is something not to be missed, and all are welcome to participate.


‘Our QuadMaster’ Eric Hatliff

Eric Hatliff, the founding father of Quadrathlon in Britain, known as the Quad Father, sadly died in April 2007 at the age of 75. Eric inspired many, many people young and old to participate in the sport of Quadrathlon. Amongst many of his great feats he was still competing in the World Long Distant Quadrathlon past the age of 65!

To commemorate his contribution to the sport ‘The Eric Hatliff Memorial Trophy’ is presented each year ‘For Endeavor’ given to an athlete showing his enthusiasm and commitment to the sport of Quadrathlon.