Developing Quadrathlon in and around Shrewsbury

Great News from ‘Phil Holden’ our British Trophy 2017 Quadrathlon Vet 40 Champion

Hello Fellow Multi-Sporters

I am hoping to develop Quadrathlon in and around Shrewsbury. James Block and I attended the Shrewsbury Canoe Club Committee meeting on 1st Dec, where they agreed to support the start of a K1 racing arm of the Club, and specifically to seeking funding to purchase some suitable adult K1s, and to pursuing planning permission for a third container for the necessary storage space. We have advice and support on the funding from Energise and from the BCU, who are both optimistic about the chances of getting it. This is great and brings our hope for more paddle training sessions for quadrathlon a step closer, as well as faster boats being available to race in. This will almost certainly mean people needing to join the Canoe Club to benefit from this, but it isn’t expensive. Have a look at this to see what a shiny array of K1s looks like!

Phil is keen on getting like minded athletes in the Shropshire Area motivated and ready for next season, 2017 Shrewsbury Quad is open for registration and other Sprint races which will most certainly target new quadrathletes, include a womens only Quad ‘Diva Devas’ in Cheshire and the first juniors race ‘QuadKidz’ at Rotherham ….. so why not book and set your sights now!

Phil suggests a few more Quady thoughts for this time of year… Make the most of Christmas for upgrading your quad gear! If you aren’t lucky enough to get a new bike or kayak, maybe those bike shoes or that swimming wetsuit you wanted.Winter is a great time to work on things like running, core strength and swim technique. You may be able to keep up some biking on the milder days and there are some nice days to be had on the river if you are properly equipped. It all h elps keep things ticking over so you can start the season well. Check out the many brilliant free resources at Swim Smooth Mr Smooth – An ideal freestyle stroke animation I have found these really helpful, and much of it is geared to open water swimming. Mr Smooth – An ideal freestyle stroke animation

 Have a great Christmas and see you in the New Year!

Phil Holden