The New Dearne Valley Quadrathon!

Dearne Valley Quadrathon and Triathlon – Sunday 11th June 2017, Manvers Lake

British Quadrathlon, British Triathlon, and Team Manvers join forces together to bring Quadrathon and Triathlon back to the Dearne Valley. The aim is to deliver, a Quadrathon and a Triathlon where people from all walks of life can participate. All that we ask is that you enjoy your training towards it and feel a great sense of achievement afterwards.

The BQA are very happy to have this sprint race back in our calender, and we are so excited to announce that there will be a Junior sprint Quadrathlon … our very first ‘QuadKidz’ event! This is great news and we hope to see lots of youngsters ‘our budding Quadrathlete Stars’ of the future!

TeamManvers are offering training sessions through May 2017, both at bootcamp and the lake so please get in touch for details. Mark Benton 07704111414

Sprint Quadrathon – Swim, Bike, Paddle and Run                                                                                                              Sprint Quad: 800m Swim, 15k Bike, 4k Paddle, 5k Run – Price £15.00

QuadKidz (ages 9 to 12): 100m Swim, 2k Bike, 400m paddle, 2k Run – Price £6.00
QuadKidz (ages 13 to 15) : 200m Swim, 4k Bike, 800m paddle, 2k – Price £6.00                                                      QuadKidz (ages 16 to 18) : 800m Swim, 15k Bike, 4k Paddle, 5k Run – Price £6.00      

(Triathlon Distances Sprint and Tri Stars are the same as above without the paddle)

Showers, changing rooms available, on site café. Commemorative medal to all finishers.  Limited number of boats available to use/hire
Entry for the event is now open. Dearne-valley-triquad.html

Race information, and useful guidelines for the Quadrathlon 

Lake Swim – 800m, QuadKidz 100m, or 200m.
Swim – There will be full safety cover in place for the event. Also volunteers on hand to assist you out of the water. You must wear a wetsuit for the swim. The wet suit doesn’t have to be expensive, most sports shops sell them for around £30 and you can even pick them up in certain supermarkets for as little as £15 from time to time. You don’t necessarily need a swim specific one, any boating/surfing one will suffice.

Swim to Bike (Transition 1)
Exiting the swim into the transition area where you will dry off and change into your cycling gear. You’ll then put on your helmet doing up the strap and grabbing your bike wheeling it out of transition past the mount line where you will begin the bike course.

Bike – 15k – 3 Laps, QuadKidz 2k, or 4k.
This is off road and using part of the Trans Penne Trail (TPT) . Please note that the TPT consists of unmade tracks and is therefore may not be suitable for road bikes. Helmets are compulsory.

Bike to Paddle Transition
Upon returning into transition you get off your bike prior to the dismount line, and return the bike back into transition, removing your helmet and once you have racked your bike, changing into your paddling gear, buoyancy aids are compulsory. In your boat and paddle 5, 1, or 2 large laps clockwise. There are a number of boats available to hire.

Paddle – 4k – 5 Laps, QuadKidz 1 laps, or 2 laps.
Collect your boat from the beach, launch from slipway, paddle anticlockwise.

Paddle to Run Transition 3
Leave your boat on the slip way and run back to transition, removing your buoyancy aid in transition, changing into your running gear.

Run – 5k, QuadKidz 2k
You’ll leave transition and run around the large lap of the lake, along the side of the river back around Manvers Lake before heading straight to the finish line – whatever you do, don’t forget to smile!

Timing is on a start to finish basis and split timings can not be produced by the events team. If you wish to keep split timings on the day please use your own timing device. Youth triathletes will be the first to enter the water at around 8.30am, once they have completed their various mini distances, the adults will start.

We will be grateful of any volunteers to help our day run smoothly, so please get in touch to put your name forward, could volunteers please arrive from 8am.
For more Information contact Mark Benton 07704111414

Please support this event, bring your friends, family and any youngsters who would love a challenge like this, its a great stepping stone into our sport of Quadrathlon!