Montgomery Canal Triathlon 2016

The Montgomery Canal Triathlon is a Superb Charity Triathlon, on 7th May, 220 athletes/fundraisers started the journey to bike, run or walk and kayak 35miles following the tow path of the Montgomery Canal. We started in Newtown and finished in Lower Frankton, 17miles MT BIKing, 11miles XC running and 7 miles of kayaking/canoeing, with the majority using Canadian Canoes (in pairs). The more competitive ones amongst us started first at 8.30 (in groups of 6), leaving the ones taking it ‘a bit less competitive’ to start a little less frantic! I must say if I’d of seen the Tea, Cakes and sandwiches at the transition areas I might of been persuaded to take my time!

There were about 6 of us battling it out at the front, with 2 bikers getting in just under the hour, 4 of us came in about 8 mins later, but I soon find myself on my own leaving transition, with my energy gel … whilst the others were eating the first cake of the day!

It was a lovely run, a bit lonely but lots of wild flowers and lambs along the way, I got into a good rhythm … and hoped I would see the runner in front! But he was long gone, I got to the kayak transition and my ‘Team Support Ashley’ said ‘he’s 20 mins ahead paddling a sea kayak … you’ve got a lot to do….?’ Well ‘Never say Never’ I just had to paddle and portage the locks as fast as possible! 4.5 miles done, I got to Shropshire Paddlesports Club House, there was some very welcome encouragement as some paddlers shouted ‘he’s about 3 mins in front’, I could just about see the blue sea kayak, so that was like dangling a carrot … finally I caught him up with 2 miles to go! His kayak was heavy especially at the portages … so he had struggled to get up speed, so it had slowed him down … just a bit!

He did pick up my beautiful pink K1 at the finish, he smiled and said ‘I’ll be back next year with a new kayak!’

Finally it was time for Tea, sandwiches and huge homemade cakes, there was an even bigger selection at the end! I’m not sure if I’d of stopped at the transitions for cake .. I’d of made it to the finish the cakes were scrumptious! It really was a great event, and certainly a good training session, they raised plenty of money for Montgomery Canal Funds and various charities. Everyone finished and all enjoyed their journeys!

I must say a Huge Well Done to BQA Quadrathlete Lance Ball who did the whole race with his young daughter Hermione, she did really well and overtook plenty of teams along the way … ‘A Quadrathlete in the making, Well done Hermione .. a great effort!’







I did take some time to spread the ‘Word of Quadrathlon’ and hopefully we will get a few more recruits, great to see Mark Rydon racing again after his first Quadrathlon in Shrewsbury last season, I think he’s on the look out for a fast kayak too!

A special mention to Peter and Judith Richards and The Friends of the Montgomey Canal, ‘A Big Thank-you to you and all your wonderful marshals, time checkers, kayak hire teams, and the kitchen staff … who made our day a Brilliant one!!! Your Team worked so hard all day to put on a superb event, I hope you have made a good amount for your Canal Funds, so you can keep moving your Canal Project forwards ….. I look forward to seeing you all again next year!

We should certainly have more races like this, and I might just stop for cake next time!!