The 2016 Quad Race season is getting closer!

The BQA hope your winter training is going well and your thinking about the fast approaching race season! Its time to start getting those race entries in, having a goal does wonders for your motivation, kick start your training right now ….. here’s a reminder of whats coming up in the first half of the 2016 season.

‘The Brigg Bomber’ is the first race in the National Trophy Series, and the BQA are so pleased to announce that it will be the EUROPEAN Championships! 

RACE 1 – 29th May – Brigg Bomber Quad – EUROPEAN Championships/World Cup             The Keyo Brigg Bomber is 1.5km open water swim, 8km kayak, 38km bike and 10km run on the same course as used for the 2014 World Quadrathon Championship.
The Keyo Brigg Bomber 2016 taking place on May 29th 2016 will be the British and European Championships and part of the Quadrathlon World Cup Series. Comprising of a 1.5km open water swim into a 8km kayak then a 38km bike and finally a 10km run on the same course used for the 2014 World Quadrathon Championship. Located in and around the Lincolnshire town of Brigg this is a fast and enjoyable location for both racers and supporters with plenty of easily accessible viewing points along the course. See the link to the Lincsquad Events page and the BQA (British Quadrathon Association) Facebook page for more details.

“Quadrathon – when 3 disciplines aren’t enough!”A superb race to start the season, extremely well organized by our Top Quadrathlon Club ‘Lincsquad’. A fast flat and safe course, its the first British Race and the second World Cup race,  and will be the European Championships so lots of points and a very creditable race! Just to top it off they have an excellent T- shirt Tour of the Brigg Pubs to celebrate … certainly not to be missed! Full details hear ….

CANCELED – RACE 2 – South Yorkshire Quad, Sunday 19th June. They hope to run this Race again in 2017.

This race will be a SPRINT DISTANCE, and will run along side a Triathlon as swim, bike, kayak, run.  It is an ideal chance for newcomers and youngsters to try our sport in a ideal setting, but also it will give our more experienced athletes a opportunity to challenge their speed on a fast sprint course! The race takes place around the Manvers Water park and its surrounding area …. check out this excellent venue, it would be great if you can support this new race, as we hope it will be a great stepping stone for many new Quadrathletes ‘having a go’ before moving up to Middle Distance events. It is running along side a sprint triathlon and is organized by a very enthusiastic group of kayakers and triathletes. The details are being finalized and I will keep you all posted as soon as I have any further information.

MADCC DAYS Training Days – There are still a couple of events coming up, which are good training events, John Kavanagh still has 2 training Tri Days coming up in Macclesfield 6th March, and the 3rd April.

Plus the Montgomery Canal Triathlon takes place on Saturday 7th May, this is a good day out covering 35 miles of the Canal in one day and its a Fun Event organised by ‘The Friends of the Montgomery Canal’ and is supported by the Canal River Trust.
CYCLE 17 miles from Newtown to Pool Quay
WALK/RUN 11 miles from Pool Quay to Morton
CANOE 7 miles from Morton to the Weston Arm, Lower Frankton.
The triathlon follows the route of the Montgomery Canal. The cycling section is along cycleway-standard towpath. The walking/running section is generally flat there are several fixed wooden stiles, tree roots and possible livestock on the path. There are five road crossings for cyclists and four for walkers. All these crossings will be controlled by marshals. Canoes will have to be carried round four locks. For more details