International Quad-Camp 2016

Elite German Quadrathletes, Lisa Hirschfelder and Stefan Teichert are planning a Multisport-Training-Camp for February/March 2016. It takes place on the Island Terceira, Azoren, away from the rainy and snowy weather. In April there will probably be a Quadrathlon race, too. The infrastructure for Training is good, and compared to Fuerteventura it is not that expensive.

Stefan and Lisa

More Information: Swimming in the sea with wetsuits (19C) or pool (2Euro/Session. Bike riding is hilly, nice landscape, and good Asphalt roads., It will be possible to rent bikes and kayaks. Running is off-road and in a Stadium.

The Focus of the training weeks: Bike with fun & low intensity + all other disciplines + athletic and strength-sessions. The temperature is around 15-19 degrees outside. Sleeping in a house if we get 8 Persons to come, cooking & food-shopping together.

At the moment we are looking at dates 20.2.2016 until beginning of March. You can stay one or two weeks, ten days, whatever you like. As soon as we have 8 persons to participate, we will book the flights and let you know the date and arriving time, so that you can book your flights, too, some countries have a direct flight, others have to fly to Lisbon first and wait for a connecting flight (can be between 2 and 10 hours).

Calculation of costs:
Flight to & back: ca. 300-400€ per Person
Accommodation + Camp ca. 400-500€ for 2 weeks but it depends numbers of participants.
Overall costs will be less than 1000€. More details as soon as we know how many of you will come. There are Hotels, too, but they are more expensive .

PLEASE, let us know by 26th July if you want to participate, so that we can plan the Details and reserve the accommodation.
We’re looking forward to a great international Quad-Camp 2016
Lisa & Stefan

You can email Lisa direct- or email me Jean Ashley- and I will let her know you are interested.