World Cup Series 2015

The World Cup 2015 season will certainly be exciting with a total of 10 races. There are three new races in the World Cup this year – Boxend (GBR) and Bystřice nad Pernštejnem
(CZE) each with a MTB. Hannover (GER) for the first time since 2010, will be a World Long Distance Championship Race. All these new races have taken place in recent years with great success.  The four best results for the World Cup will be counted as in recent years. Collecting points will require tactical planning with plenty of races on offer, with extra points for athletes that race in an International Championships (World/ European) plus bonus points for over 4 races.

The Overall and Age-Group winners will win the elaborate crystal globe, and the top three finishers overall and in age groups additionally get high quality medals. This should create a further incentive and competition for places.

The World Cup Trophy Series

RACE 1- 2nd May – Ibiza, Spain EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIPS  Middle Distance

Race 2 – 24th May – Brigg Bomber, GB World Cup Middle Distance

Race 3 – 30th May – Xtrial PernstejnCup, CZE World Cup Sprint Distance

Race 4 – 7th June – Wasserstadt, Hannover, GER WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS LONG Distance

Race 5 – 21st June – Tyn nad Vltavou, CZE World Cup Sprint Distance

Race 6 – 12th July – Box End, GB World Cup Sprint Distance

Race 7– 1st August Šamorín, SVK WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS Sprint Distance

Race 8 – 22nd August, Polskaman, POL WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS Middle Distance

Race 9 – 30th August Balaton Sprint, HUN EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIPS  Sprint Distance

Race 10 – 5th September, Quadrathlon Ratscher, GER World Cup Middle Distance      

Visit our Events page or for all the race information.

The appointments and the WQF Congress took place over the last few weeks, there were no changes and therefor the next two years, the positions are
Václav Marek (President, CZE)
Steve Hook (Vice-President, GBR)
Silke Haren Berg (Chairman of the Technical Items GER)
Stefan Teichert ( Secretary, GER).

Amendments to the WQF Rules for 2015
World Cup races which an International Championships are to  be evaluated with more points, as specified – Every place is upgraded with 20 extra points. So 120 instead of 100, 110,
instead of 90… 21 instead of 1 point.

Athletes that have finished more than 4 World Cup races in season, get bonus points. There
are 10 bonus points per extra race – As total extra points: 5 races 10points, 6 races 20points, 7 races 30points, 8 races 40points, 9 races 50points and 10 races 60points.

The WQF wish all athletes a good and injury-free preparation, see you in 2015!
Stefan Teichert