Brigg Bomber 2014 Top of the World!

What an amazing day for British Quadrathlon, the BQA are extremely  grateful to Lincsquad for putting on a fantastic race, truly worthy of World Championship status! Everyone I spoke to has been blow away by how much effort had been made by Lincsquad, along with the support from the sponsors and the town ‘Brigg’. Believe me it was a very wonderful World Championships, every single athlete was made to feel so special! There were so many positive comments, the atmosphere was brilliant, everyone loved it Great Britain couldn’t of done it without you!
BE PROUD LINCSQUAD, you have certainly given the BQA and British Quadrathlon the best BOOST we have ever had!!

Male Winners World Champ Steve King
Female Winners World Champ Sharon Colley







The standard of racing was World Class, with strong male and female athletes coming from Czech and Germany to defend their titles. Team GB (BQA members) took advantage of the championships being on home turf and had their strongest and biggest Team ever, a huge thank-you to all 36 of you racing for our GB Quad Team! Without your support (your BQA memberships), we would have no BQA (Governing Body) and so we wouldn’t be able to affiliate to the World Quadrathlon Federation, who allow us to host these amazing Championship Races.

As in true BQA style our GB Team is made up of BQA Members, who are at the top of British Quadrathlon, but just as important to us, it is also made up from members who want to share their passion, and spread the word for our sport! The BQA wish to thank every single member of the Team, for giving your very best and flying the flag for us, you have put British Quadrathlon back on the World Map!

We’ve had some amazing Results, Congratulations to Steve King and Sharon Colley who are the 2014 World Champions! We also hold a host of Age Group World Champions … A Brilliant Effort from Team GB ….  Thank you all so much!

A Friendship in the making Lisa and Jean

World Champion – Steve King + Vet 40 GB
2nd -Tom Stead + Junior under 23 GB
3rd – Leous Rousavy CZECH
4th – Adam Norfolk GB
5th – Mike Mason British
Vet 40 World Champion – Steve King GB
Vet 50 World Champion – Nigel Unwin GB
Vet 60 World Champion – Paul Belcher GB

World Champion – Sharon Colley + Vet 40 GB
2nd – Lisa Hirschfelder GER
3rd – Claire Moran GB
Vet 40 World Champion – Sharon Colley GB
Vet 50 World Champion – Jean Ashley GB
Vet 60 World Champion – Mary White GB

A special mention to 3 family members that raced, John Kavanagh (7th Vet 50) and his 2 twin sisters both competing in their first ever Quadrathlon, Mary White and Margaret Huyton coming 1st and 2nd in Vet 60 age group, it was a very special moment when Margaret crossed the finish line, she may of been last, but in many eyes she was ‘first’ truely inspirational! Also Jack Garner lead by Peter Chappill finishing his first full distance Quadrathlon … another winner!

These are the main results, but I am sure every single one of you are very pleased at what you have achieved. I know you have all put in plenty of training, which isn’t easy over four disciplines especially through the colder months. Many of you may have had moments of doubt, but I hope your all very proud and you can reflect on your ‘World Championships’ … And now Bask in Your Glory’ and look forward to planning your next race!

Keep moving Forwards … Jean, and Ian (Smith) GB Team Coordinator

See Full Results Brigg World Championship Results

TV Highlights –

GB TEAM (BQA Members) Role of Honour 

MALE World Champion + Vet 40 Champion – Steve King
2nd + World Champion U23 – Tom Stead
4th Adam Norfolk
6th Steve Clark
3rd Vet 40 – Mat Stephenson
World Champion Vet 50 – Nigel Unwin
2nd Vet 50 – Ian Smith
13th Best Newcomer – Dr Bryce Dyer
3rd Vet 50 – Nigel Crowe
19th Best Vet Newcomer 4th Vet 50 – Nick Dallimore
4th Vet 40 – Andy Childs
8th Vet 40 – Phil Holden
5th Vet 50 – Duncan Pearson
World Champion Vet 60 – Paul Belcher
7th Vet 50 – John Kavanagh
10th Vet 50 – Russell Breyer
11th Vet 50 – Adam Younger
12th Vet 50 – Edward Roberts
12th Vet 40 – Steven Dolby
14th Vet 50 – Nicholas Price
16th Vet 50 –  Tim Deykin
4th U23 –  Adam Ingleton
16th Vet 40 – Lance Ball
17th Vet 50 – John Redmond
18th Vet 50 – Stephen Cannings
19th Vet 50 – Tim Down
18th Vet 40 – Mike Waters
2nd Vet 60 – Ian Hipkins

FEMALE World Champion + Vet 40 Champion Sharon Colley
3rd – Claire Moran
World Champion Vet 50 -Jean Ashley
World Champion Vet 60 -Mary White
2nd Vet 50 Caroline Dallimore
4th Vet 40 – Vicki Watson
3rd 30 – 39  – Deb May
2nd Vet 60 – Margaret Huyton

Race Report

By what some would call typical British weather-Brigg North Lincolnshire put on a wonderful World championships (middle distance). Quality field of Top athletes and hardened masters!

After a false start – where the whole field was brought back, saw the nervous field start and a group of three form with Favorites Steve King, Tom Stead and German Stefan Teichert who strung the field out with a one minute lead at the end of this river swim.

Adam and Michael

After a very quick transition we saw King take the lead and with one of the fastest kayak splits to build a lead going into the bike. Teichert positioned himself well in second, but then had to let Mike Masson go into second place. 4th saw fastest paddle Adam Norfolk (GB) and the 5th Leoš Roušavý and youngster Stead in 6th.

On The bike King was steaming along and only built on his lead. Tom Stead On the bike was just a Machine and rode himself into a chance of a top placing with a bike time four minutes faster than anybody else. Behind saw Teichert, Rousavy, Norfolk, Masson and Steve Clark (local man) fighting out for the Podium.

In the run we saw King cruising and enjoying the win-although Tom Stead chased hard and showed he is the talent for the future finishing only 14 seconds down. Roušavý completed a good race to finish third.

The ladies race saw Favourite Lisa Hirschfelder come out of the water two minutes ahead. But then in the kayak we saw Sharon Colley paddle an incredible time that only five men could top. Also British lady Claire Moran put in a top paddle performance to move in to second place.

On the bike Hirschfelder caught Moran and cut the lead down from Colley. Colley pushed on hard in the run and kept her lead. Lisa (GER) put in a great performance to finish 2nd and GB finished on the podium again with Claire Moran’s top performance. Veteran athlete Jean Ashley gained on Claire Moran on the bike, but they both had similar run splits so Jean came home in 4th, but 1st Vet 50. With Sarah Allars having a superb run coming home in 5th.

In the Mens Vet categories we had Mat Stephenson (V40) being chased down by Nigel Unwin (V50) and Ian Smith (V50) all fighting for places. Mat came home 3rd Vet 40, with Nigel 1st Vet 50, just holding off Ian Smith. It was great to see 2 of our original Quadrathletes in the Over 60’s catagory. Ian Hipkins and Paul Belcher both have been racing Quads since they originated. Paul won the Vet 60’s and finished a very creditable 21st overall.

Some excellent racing by all age groups, Lincsquad did a sterling job to make a fantastic race and will deserved the title world championships. All good for the future of the great sport.