2013 National Trophy Champions

Once again Bude Awesome Foursome was a fitting end to our 2013 National Trophy Series, which has been made up of 6 races, unfortunately West Wight Quad had to be cancelled so Trophy Points were taken from the 5 races below.

◾The Brigg Bomber

◾Box End Quadrathlon

◾Shrewsbury Quadrathlon

◾Fabian4 Dyffryn Conwy Mountain Triathlon

◾The Awesome Foursome

This season 92 males and 16 female athletes took part in the series. It was great to see plenty of first timers and some of them doing really well, special mention to John Kavanagh in his first year of Quadrathlon, and to Adam Norfolk and Phil Holden who both started last year and have very well in their first full season! We hope everyone enjoyed their quad season and will be back for more next year!

We have been a little low on athletes joining the BQA this season, with only 18 members, but we do have 8 Race Organizers/Clubs affiliated to us, which we are very grateful to for their support, they provide us with the opportunity to race and enjoy our sport. All 5 of our Quad Races this year have been superbly organized by enthusiastic ‘Teams’ of like minded people and athletes, all enjoyed by the competitors with the aim to Keep our Small Friendly Sport ALIVE!

The BQA help to promote their races and supply the Race insurance so its vital we have YOUR support and memberships to keep these races going. So a Big THANK-YOU to all our 2013 members!

Trophies are awarded each year, provided each winner has done 3 races in the series, and must be a current BQA Member. Congratulations to the 2013 Winners

Overall Winners Perpetual Trophy Male Ian Smith (First BQA Member)

Overall Winners Perpetual Trophy Female Sharon Colley

Vet 40 Male Nigel Unwin

Vet 50 Male John Kavanagh (role down as Ian Smith won Overall Trophy)

Mark Pryor has been presented with the Eric Hatliff Memorial Trophy awarded each year ‘For Endeavor’ given to an athlete showing his enthusiasm and commitment to the sport of Quadrathlon. Mark has been our Chairman for 3 years, he has raced, and organizes a Winter Quad Series and the Boxend Quadrathlon each year the BQA have been very grateful for all his hard work and commitment to the sport and he has more than earned ‘Eric’s Trophy’

A BIG THANK-YOU MARK …. and I hope your going to still help me out next year!

2013 Final Trophy Results